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10 Best Free Things to Do in London


London is an expensive city, but being a tourist doesn’t have to break your wallet. Here are 10 free or really cheap attractions in London! The first is the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace. It’s the quintessential London Experience — make sure you get there an hour early, and wait until at least 1134 when the main gates open!
2. Royal Parks
– London has tons of parks that used to only be open to the royal family, but now you can enjoy them just like the kings and queens did!
3. Sky Garden Observatory
– Get a birds eye view of London from this free Observatory on top of the “Walkie Talkie” building. Make a reservation in advance!
4. Walk along the South Bank of the Thames
– Known as the Queen’s Walk, walking along the South Bank is one of my favorite things to do in London.
5. Watch Street Performers at Covent Garden Market
– Out in front of Covent Garden Market there always seems to be some street performers, and when one is done, another one comes out!
6. Picadilly Circus
– London’s equivalent of Times Square, bright lights and big signs!
7. Tate Modern Museum
– Another great view of London, and some very “interesting” art
8. Go Window Shopping at London’s Department Stores
– Particularly on Oxford Street, and at Harrod’s, London’s department stores always have really neat window displays
9. Rent a Santander Bicycle
– Ok, so it costs 2 GBP, but it’s almost free!
10. Ride a Double Decker Bus
– Skip the really expensive hop on hop off busses, and go up to the 2nd deck at the front and see another neat perspective on London. Only 1.50 GBP


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  1. evancortez2 says

    I did most of these when I was in London 2 weeks ago, and I'd like to add Camden Town to this list, it's a great eclectic area with lots of great shops and cafes

  2. Mermaid Cleo says

    Where is toppher ?

  3. Cookies Bald Greasy Head says

    When I was walking around Hyde park there was a guy standing on a crate box shouting about how the queen and royal family are secretly Lizard People haha

  4. Richard McCarley says

    The skyline certainly has changed since 1983!

  5. Captain Steven Markovich says

    Thanks Chris. Headed to London first time in 3 weeks.

  6. Dennis Daniels says

    Chris, this is your first time in London, England?

  7. Maria C says

    Great tips! I live near London but hadn't heard about the Sky Garden Observatory before. Will definitely check it out next time I'm showing friends or family round London!

  8. XXLaffinGravyXX says

    Please warn people of the lawlessness of the utter scum and vermin that roam the streets on moped bikes.I despise this Sh*thole of a city…its now become the knife crime capital of the world. There are NO and i mean NO Cockney cheeky chappys who live there the same as there are NO police to stop all of this crime. Its an utter cesspit of the flotsum and jetsum of filth who come to prey on the venerable, those not street wise to understand a chalk mark on the back and the fool carrying his Iphone in public. Go elsewhere England has more history to explore in a safe and cheap way…York…Cambridge..Oxford..Northumberland has more castles and the birth place of Christianity.

  9. Momoka_be says

    I didn't know about the Sky Garden Observatory! It seems gorgeous, I'll definitely go there next time I go to London! 🙂
    I would personally have added the British Museum and the National Gallery to this top, they're both great and free!

  10. tribequest9 says

    London is my favorite city in the world, love your videos Chris!

  11. Scottman895 Travel says

    Great list! I never heard of the Sky Garden Observatory. As I love great overlooks, I will definitely have to check that out on a future trip. I think someone else mentioned it in the comments, but I also recommend checking out the British Museum. There is so much to see inside the museum (I spent 1-2 hours there during my last trip to London but you could spend even more time in there), and it is absolutely free!

  12. Aroop Bose says

    You explain things really very well. Enjoyed the video.

  13. Steven Cassidy says

    Piccadilly Circus is far far older then Times Square…and alot more elegant

  14. ian clark says

    why is it that Americans can't say Buckingham correctly??

  15. james bamford says

    nice video, one question how do you afford to travel all the time

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