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10 fun and free things to do in Las Vegas


When the Mirage put a regularly erupting volcano in front of its main entrance, an era of fun and free curb-side shows on the Strip took off. Some of those original shows are still entertaining the crowds in front of the hotels, like the Mirage Volcano and the Fountains of Bellagio.

Read up on the rest of the best free things to do in Las Vegas here:

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  1. 123 456 says

    Vas Legas

  2. Smug Smugly says

    "Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!" – Clark W. Griswold

  3. Marina Chavez says


  4. DoctoR FeeLGooD says

    I miss Vegas

  5. Castiel Winchester says

    1. Get free ice in the hotel but hotels cost money so it's not free
    2. Walk around but you will need water and food but they aren't free
    3. Sit with the homeless but I'm sure they want money so not free
    4. Go swimming oh wait you need to get a hotel room to go swimming not free
    5. Tbh Idek nothing is free in Vegas

  6. Karen Salinas O says

    If you have a question ask me because I live in Las Vegas

  7. Amber Stone says

    That hot weather was good in Vegas

  8. ACE7O2 says

    These aren't things to do. These are things to see

  9. VideoDiscJockey says

    I Wish My Local GIRL Here In Ohio Would Go To Las Vegas With Me When I Get Some Money

  10. starfox2795 says

    200 max

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