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18-05 Seattle: I-5 With a Twist (16-23 Remix)


This video is a remix of 16-23 which was taken down. It has a little extra, new footage on the front and back ends of the video along with a 100% new soundtrack as it follows I-405 South from Renton to I-5 North with a detour to the West Seattle Bridge and back to I-5 North through Downtown and back though southbound. All music and equipment FAQ’s are in the closing credits.

  1. STEPHEN Wylie Sears says

    Amazing scenery! Also first!

  2. Parker Lemmon says

    Eastern Washington next ? Lol such quality in your videos

  3. gtmkm 98 says

    I love these remixes!

  4. MineCookie says

    Nice landscape! But where is your next destination for driving?

  5. Josh Mathis III says

    Are you gonna remix the twin cities video?

  6. Coaster says

    I´ve never been to Seattle, I´ve never been to America (i´m from Germany) and I would like to go to Washington. These videos from Snoqualmie Pass and Seattle were very informative and exciting. I discover new songs by seeing your videos.

  7. John H says

    You are so very right, Jim!! Seattle is just a gorgeous city to see and drive through! Your video quality is superb, and it was like being there again! On a different note, we toured World of Coke, Mercedes Benz Stadium, and Suntrust for a game last week……..really enjoyed Atlanta for 1 hectic day!!! Take care!

  8. 1armedgal says

    One of your finest videos! Combination of a beautiful city and excellent song! Have driven through Seattle on many occasions jamming to Boz and Jojo, Lido, etc. Lol

  9. TheOnlyPerfect 283 says

    I'm 11 years old and I'm addicted to maps. Do I have a disability

  10. Ken Nicholas says

    Nicely done! Yeah there's been some kinda big changes since you all were here. I-90's express lanes are all chopped up for the new light rail and subsequently the bridge and tunnels now have HOV lanes in both directions (IDK how but they managed to cram a 4th lane onto both decks…. it's pretty tight through there now!). Oh, and I-5 North through downtown got some fresh pavement and we're getting ready to switch Alaskan Way to the tunnel later this year. Woot! Fun freeway times around here lately…. 🙂

  11. Red Knight 2014 says

    The US freeways seem to have far more character than those in Europe (seen a few of these videos) – the variation is scenery and the mix is awesome – love the dense interaction downtown of trees, flyovers and tunnels in Seattle – awesome.

  12. San Francisco Giants Productions SF Giants says

    Seattle is a big city

  13. tharedthunder says

    Hey Freewayjim could you do Lubbock, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Lawton, Wichita Falls, Fort Worth (I-35W) and San Antonio

  14. Del Amorim says

    Eu viajo muito com belas cidades paisagem muito bonitas e boas rodovias e músicas só com. Freewayjim. Abraços Del Amorim. Muritiba,Bahia Brasil

  15. James Yates says

    Beautiful video, scenery and soundtrack! I love this video!

  16. J & J Across the USA says

    Bravo! Loved the music choices, added an upbeat feel to the footage.

  17. Slava Brodovskiy says

    The Downtown of Seattle is one of the most beautiful business centers in the United States cities. Thanks for the video!

  18. John Trussell says

    These videos let you travel to places you've never been or visit places you once knew. I like the music and the "fun facts".

  19. ShuttleCrossing says

    Greetings from Seattle! The 'excellent view of the skyline' is right at the start of my commute. Thanks for uploading this!

  20. Kaydrah Communications Wanderlust says

    Great city. Great music (which may drive me to the iTunes store later tonight). A great re-mix! I've been to Seattle only once, and that was in a truck. I missed everything! 😄

  21. Mahoot says

    I miss your 2016 series, it was my favorite of yours by far. What’s in store for this year’s series?

  22. Dan True says

    My favorite city! I love the views of downtown Seattle from I-5!

  23. TheRonster7 says

    Hi Jim from me in the UK. Love your channel and the content. Envious of the sights and destinations you have in your wonderful country. Our roads here in UK are very boring and monotonous. Keep the brilliant content coming buddy and safe travelling to you and your family. 👍

  24. Edward Kollin says

    I appreciate anything you put out during this trying time. Seattle was a great city to remix.

  25. Michael Morehouse says

    Did you mean to put the Tundra at the end of the video? Because I believe you used the TL on this trip. Otherwise, great video!

  26. CarlosTheGamingDude2003 - Main Account says

    Nice scenery, Jim. It's been a while since I commented, but very nice masterpiece.

  27. Z Z says

    Proud to call that place home.

  28. Jeffrey Honafius says

    New season coming soon. Nice video thanks jim

  29. Luke Jackson Jackson says

    enjoyed the trip. enjoyed the songs tremendously. until the next one thanks freewayjim.

  30. Daniel Westfall says

    Great ride along remix. Loved the drive along I-5. Would love to see this in person. I can imagine what it looked like about an hour later after sunset and the buildings are lit up.

  31. tall32guy says

    Ah my home city! Love it

  32. (MrSniper)+ From Mars! says

    The northwest, specifically Seattle, is on my bucketlist. Great presentation!

  33. Akko is my Daughter says

    Your videos make me want to get a car and drive all across the U.S. while listening to driving music 🎶 keep up the good work

  34. Kyle Nicholas says

    Ooh, new bucket list item: I want to drive I-5 from the Canadian border all the way to Mexico.

  35. johnhendrik says

    Very, very, very nice. Thanks for posting.

  36. nathan cook says

    Like the Video! Exploring Seattle Freeways was one of your best road trips from 2016.

  37. Chris Christian says

    What do you think is the best GPS?

  38. jpgm2015 says

    Seattle and Chicago have to be two of the best built cities in the country

  39. joed596 says

    Very nice as always, Jim 🙂 Thanks and thumbs up, Joe

  40. Almir Velovic says

    Nice view of Seattle, and great video.

  41. YORAMRW II says

    Hi Freewayjim, in case you were to take a vacation to the Netherlands one day, I've got some travel recommendations of very beautiful/impressive motorway routes:

    – A1 near Muiden with Muiderberg interchange, Aqueduct Vechtzicht [5+2+5 lanes] and the Betlem bridge crossing the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal (built: 2013-2017).
    – A6 through Almere, between
    Muiderberg interchange and "Knooppunt Almere" (first part [4+2+4 lanes] starting at Muiderberg was widened in 2013-2017, second part is under construction and expected to be fully finished and widened to 2+2+2+2 lanes in 2019 or 2020.
    – A9 through Amsterdam-Southeast between the A1 Betlem bridge and A2 Holendrecht interchange, with the "Gaasperdammertunnel" [3+2+1+2+3 lanes] which will open in 2019 or 2020.
    – A2 Amsterdam-Utrecht, mostly 2×5 with reservation for at least 2×7 which was widened around 2008-2010.
    – A2 King Willem Alexander tunnel under Maastricht, Limburg (opened: late 2016).
    – "Knooppunt Prins Clausplein" stack interchange (built: 1985) where the A4 and A12 cross, near The Hague.

  42. Michael Dürlich says

    Very nice Ride.Love to watch 😀 A Big Hello from Germany

  43. meteorologist4life says

    I'm so looking forward to being able to see the beautiful views everyday when I move back to the Seattle area in the fall! Man have I missed living there, some of the happiest years of my life!

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