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  1. Panna Lal says

    Please make video on direct and indirect

  2. Panna Lal says

    Since it is very confusing

  3. Anil Pal says

    आप जैसा नियमित कोइ नही है सर

  4. Amir Syed says


  5. Rahul Kumar says

    Within the herd we are more friendly to each other than are many species of animal.
    Yha pe than ke baad are aa gya hai
    Jiska matalab samjhaye. Ho sake to comment me hi samgha de

  6. Vikash Chauhan says

    Please Sir aap daily basis pe editorial dijiye…..

  7. Ishu raaj says

    thanks a lot sir

  8. Law Education says

    You are great

  9. PAWAN HURRIA says

    Sir "set" ke usage krwa do

  10. Manish Singh says

    Kitna baja video dal ta ho sir ji
    Timing batau please

  11. Krishna Gawande says

    1 no. sir

  12. Ajay Kumar says

    Sir. She called me and said she was the branch manager. Sir and said ke bad that kyoun nahi laga. Please tell about it.

  13. Pinky Singh says

    Thanks u very much sir

  14. Pinky Singh says

    Sir agar possible ho to 4 pm to 5 pm tak upload kar diya kijiye

  15. jeetendra kumar says

    thanku so much sir……..

  16. jeetendra kumar says

    sir editorial ka v news dijiye plz………. kabhi kabhi

  17. Anubhav Yadav says

    Headline passive में है तो was/were का use क्यों नहीं किया गया ?

  18. noman john says

    Sir kindly make a video on followed by

  19. DEENI BATEIN says

    Sir we inspired with you very much but you did not upload vedeos frequently as we want more and more.we are watching your vedios regularly.could you tell us your contact no so that we conversate with you to solve our problem.
    we are waiting your reply sir.


    Thanks sir

  21. basit k says

    sir thank you very much for all these videos ; sir my little request to you .translate this sentence corectly.woh hastaay howaye pouchnay lage .

  22. Niranjan Jena says

    sir i learnt english by watching your video.i am from bhubaneswar.plese send me some story telling to my notification.

  23. Manoj Solanki says

    I m inspired very much …

  24. gagan sharma - Develop Yourself says

    Make video on "following that" which you have read in the newspaper.

  25. Vikas Kumar says

    Fabulous sir
    I'm also learning your channal
    Ager ho ske to roj the hindu ko define kya kro

  26. Vikas Kumar says

    Your teaching method so impressive

  27. new updated updates says

    Nice sir

  28. GPS says

    Plz sir, make a video on "of + wh word" family.

  29. pankaj kumar says

    Hello Sir, I request you to make Delhi's Hindu Editorial

  30. pankaj kumar says

    The Hindu Editorial daily


    Thank you sir
    Please sir makes a video– was/were + to have+ v3

  32. Pritam Kumar says

    20 July Ka khan h sir

  33. Vandana Arya says

    Sir please make a video on '"to -too"
    Thank you sir

  34. Suraj Passi says

    Thaks sir to tell this news paoer.

  35. Anurag Kumar says

    thank u sir aap ka video dek kar bahut kuchh shikh ne ko mila

  36. Dhramendra Singh says

    sir story telling, poltics , and editorial ko respectively video banaye daily iske liye i am request to you

  37. Dhramendra Singh says

    please ignore na kare

  38. Chandresh Joshi says

    superb…news paper story ke more video banaiye

  39. md hasmat says

    sir do you teach spoken? may i join your class.

  40. Rinku techx says

    Thank you sir for providing such a nice video.
    Plz choose a topic which is beneficial for current affairs.

  41. Fateh Singh says

    I am fateh singh from faizabad 'now i am doing a job in nepal .

  42. Fateh Singh says

    How i can write crrect an speak. Pls suggest.

  43. Shailendra Gwale says

    Your teaching skill awesome, but please avoid following words which spoken by you during lesson.
    बस खत्म होने को है, मै ज्यादा बोर नही करूंगा, जब आप पढाते है तो ऐसा लगता है कि आपको सुनते ही रहे ।

  44. sanjiv kumar says

    Thanks sir

  45. zohyaan Ansari says

    Superb sir
    Sir what does it mean by "fair share of "
    E.g he has more than his fair share of problems.
    Plz explain me

  46. sadia masood says

    sir please explain all there transitions and essay writing .

  47. Azhar Riyasatullah says

    Congratulation for successfully completing your 50 videos

  48. sachin sharma says

    Chandan sir, I would like to say this your teaching style is beyond comparison. Whenever, I watch your storytelling videos that inspire me alot to learn something new by watching these videos. I have learnt lots of grammar rules that irritate me alot whenever I try to learn them through book. So it a very sweet of you… U r doing really a great job, it will help many of us… To learn grammar rules by just watching ur videos.

  49. Sunil Sonkar says

    Sir my self sunil im your big followers i belong from raniganj. How to use awful pls tell me rule

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