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1k GIVEAWAY! If you’re traveling, you need these! Compression Packing Cubes by TimandFin


1k GIVEAWAY DETAILS! If you’re going traveling, this is a must-have packing essential! (Disclaimer: only available to people in the USA.)

To ENTER, you must do 2 terribly difficult things:
1. Sub to Fearless Jacey (click that bell if you desire)!
2. Leave a comment saying “I want this giveaway because….”
3. Cross your fingers. (Don’t hold your breath–it’ll be a week before I reveal the winner.)

WINNER will be revealed: July 8th, 12:01AM Bangkok time (July 7th, 12:01pm EST).

More Info on THE BAGS:

See TimandFin’s Travel Channel here:

Put y’all’s questions in the comments if you have ’em!
Much love.

Thank you again to all of my subscribers and everyone who has been part of the Fearless Jacey channel over the past year!

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Here you’ll find my honest experience of traveling the world solo on a budget!

In June 2017, I quit my job to travel around the world. Without much savings, I was destined to be a backpacking budget traveler. This is my solo travel trip around the world! All I’ve got is myself, a carry-on backpack, and determination.

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Thank you for watching! πŸ™‚

  1. Fearless Jacey says

    Thanks again for 1k, you guys are all amazing. See the description for more details and a link to the bags' details on Amazon. Also, I'm sorry, but this giveaway is ONLY AVAILABLE TO US RESIDENTS because of shipping conflicts. Good luck on the Giveaway! See you again July 8th! 😁😁😁😁

  2. arif garbia says

    I want a give away because it will be helpful in travelling

  3. Aziz Ali says

    Hello from the middle east ^__^

  4. murphys world says

    hey congratulations on 1000 subs hopefully I shall get there 1 day.

  5. Fabricio Aquila De Jesus says

    I love you! I want the giveway because…well I purchased my osprey porter 30 because of you. And have always wanted your compression is it meant to be? Have a wonderful day

  6. nina wirski says

    Hey jacey! I want the giveaway because I am obsessed with travelling myself and hopefully embarking on my next adventure soon, these would be so perfect to fit in my backpack to keep everything organised!
    I'm from aus and although I've done my fair share of travelling around the world, you've inspired me to really go for it! Honestly I've watched all your asia videos and was so inspired, you really live up to your name "fearless".. it's very cool girl! The way you see a country is really something else. I mostly do all of travelling alone but always do tours as it's a little daunting to me finding my way around a place or even seeing the sights, your videos have really made me excited for more travel and too really delve in deep the way you do!
    Ok coming across a little fan girl now but honestly good on you! Love the videos and look forward to seeing more!
    Xx Nina

  7. Tastes SEOUL Good says

    Congrats on 1K β˜†β˜†β˜† I'm not in the USA, so not entering, but good luck to those who are!

  8. Carla Cervantes says

    Hi Jacey ! I love your channel and congratulations πŸŽ‰. I would like to win the giveaway because I’ve been religiously watching your channel since I found you. You’ve given me the courage to use workaway and backpack. I’ll be doing workaway in France for almost 7 weeks ! Congratulations again !!! Hope to see your channel continue to grow πŸ˜€

  9. justanotherjessica87 says

    I want this giveaway because I love your channel and your vlogs! I am hoping to one day be able to drop everything and travel the world (more/again … but this time solo!)!

  10. Sam Chan says

    Congrad. Gd start

  11. Aly and Cam says

    I remember when I first started watching you were at 300 and now look!!! Congrats:) I want the giveaway because in one and a half months I will be going on my first backpacking trip for 3 months. This is the first time in my life I’m doing exactly what I want and being fearless!! The anticipation is building and the last thing I need are packing cubes. I can’t really afford them right now so I was planning on using ziplocks. However if I had those awesome compression bags It would honestly be such a stress relief because I’m worried with out compression bags I might have to leave some camera equipment at homeπŸ˜… anyways I love your content and I hope to meet you one day!! Congratulations again!!❀️🌏🌎

  12. Carrie Enfield says

    Ok… First of all, I want to tell you, that as one of your older and more experienced 1000, you make me smile every time I see one of your videos. Soooo, I want the giveaway, because as a senior solo traveler who has been hitting the road for decades :)) , we older ladies need organized packing more than most ! Haha… Besides, how many 60+ women can still travel with just a carryon for over a months travel πŸ™‚ Woo hoo Fearless! P.S. Right now I am in the US, but that can change at any moment πŸ˜‰

  13. Student Gaming Guy says

    Hello Teacher I’m Putter

  14. Vivian Ulmen says

    I want this giveaway because I need all the help I can get when packing to travel! We are so very proud of you Jacey. We love following you and watching and learning from you… Congratulations!! We love you… XOXOXO

  15. Blanca says

    I want the giveaway because I will be traveling around Europe in August. Thank you I love your videos!

  16. Brittany Byrd says

    I want the giveaway because I’ll be long-term traveling next year!

  17. Wade Ridsdale says

    I want this giveaway because I'm in the planning stages of doing the Camino next spring. It's a big trip for me because I was the recipient of a nasty hemorrhagic stroke in late '16 and almost bought the farm. Rehabs been a bitch because things hasn't exactly fallen into place, but I have faith. I chose this walk cause I gotta clear my head and stumbled across your videos when looking up the Camino, next thing I knew this I got this message mid July 1 !!!! in my feed!!

    Buen Camino!!

  18. tlc712hec says

    I want this giveaway because I’ve never used them before and would like to try them out

  19. martin burgess says

    I want that giveaway because im going packing very soon

  20. JT and Pin says

    I want the giveaway because we will travel full time next year starting in SE Asia with only carryon Ospreys 46 and 55. The bags look awesome so we have to give it a shot with the random drawing. One of the best giveaways βœˆοΈπŸš•πŸš‡πŸšŒπŸš’

  21. Monica Padilla says

    I want the giveaway because I am going on a long-term trip to Europe and Asia. You have been a huge inspiration in my decision to travel the world!

  22. Tsinelas Boots says

    Congratulations, your fearlessness brought you to 1K. Keep sharing. Cheers

  23. Rafizol Rozali says

    I want this giveaway because it's a giveaway and I reaaally want it.

  24. JJJade2468 says

    I want the giveaway because I'm going to Japan at the end if this summer. Its my first trip out of the U.S.!

  25. Melissa Johnson says

    I want this giveaway because it would be helpful for packing when I go volunteer teach in Zambia for 6 weeks!
    Yes, they still use tripped, for their series. Used to be their YouTube name but changed it to Tim and fin. Best travel series on YouTube! Learned so much from them!

  26. Andrew G says

    I want this giveaway because I will be in Thailand for the 1st time in Aug!

  27. Wayne O. Lawler says

    I want the giveaway of compression packing cubes because:

    I am giving you a joke to tell your students!

    Patient: Doctor, I have a pain in my eye whenever I drink tea.
    Doctor: Take the spoon out of the mug before you drink.

    (You could ask for students to volunteer to tell the joke and use props to help them understand it…just an idea)

    * not my joke, I got it from

  28. Maria Covarrubias says

    I want the giveaway because I love traveling and I will be doing my first solo backpacking trip through Asia. Packing cubes sound like a great idea to stay organized and even better if they compress. I love your videos Jacey!! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  29. jace1101 says

    Hi Jacey! I want this giveaway to gift to my husband for our Italy 2.0 trip in a little under two months! It would be cool if he had his own set before our trip πŸ™‚

  30. Anthony Kane says

    I want this giveaway because I plan to travel start traveling the world in under a year!

  31. tmille777 says

    Hey Jasey! Ive been loving your content the past year. Really proud that you took that leap and are loving it.

    I want these packing cubes because I have a 2 camping trip planned for October then hopefully a month long backpacking trip in South America.

    Getting organized and prepped is going to be one of my biggest challenges!

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