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Which one are you cheering for? And which team would you rather play for? Everyone cheers for the underdog, but who would actually want to be one?

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EDITOR // Kai Qiu
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  1. Faizal Setiawan says

    Respect greatness, Lebron no doubt already prove a lot, and the warriors I still remember watch them when they suck and when seem they can't going anywhere, and watch them now I can't complain a lot

  2. Robert Morales says

    Warriors for both questions

  3. HouseWifeKiller says

    NBA player here — I’d play for the warriors

  4. John Lloyd says

    Answer #1: Warriors to win although I primarily root for my favorite player’s team, having said that my favorite player isnt in the Finals.
    Answer #2: I would play for the warriors, even if people see them as superstars, I feel like they are just normal role players with a very good chemistry and team spirit. I say they are just normal because I compare each one of them to Lebron who is arguably the most gifted player ever (saying this even if I actually dislike his game)

  5. GoogleSucks says

    I chose the Cavs in 2K MyCareer

  6. Dennis Cheng says

    Dubs4life. Dubs fan since 1990

  7. VietNam Kicks says

    Swaggy P about to win his first championship!!!

  8. Jas Brar says

    Warriors cuz overall its the best city and system most of all u got steph lol keep getting lobs or easy points 😂😂

  9. Black Mamba says

    Hate CAVS but love Lebron

  10. Black Mamba says

    How can you hate on Lebron

  11. Catherine Peng says


  12. Rafif Muhyiddin says

    1. rooting for Warriors cause there is now way Warriors gonna be lose
    2. I would love to play neither in Cavs nor Warriors ( cause you‘re gonna be unprogressive if you stick with those guys)

  13. Nate Chen says

    I actually saw u guys at the quicken loans lol

  14. Lucario7771 says

    Superman vs. super team

  15. tommy train says

    1. The cavs are who im cheering for i love lebron

    2. Tbh id play in golden state pretty much of the reasons you said there is so much more to do there in california seems more fun then ohio

  16. Henry Vargas says

    I might have to unsubscribe because of this ! “ GO DUBS!!!”

  17. Artemist says

    1. Rooting for the Cavs
    2. Would rather play for the Warriors – everyone likes an underdog story but I doubt people would chose to be the underdog, no one wants a harder life.

    From Cleveland here and honestly, we just want them to take one damn game. A lot of people joke, rather cynically but they're not wrong, that it's LeBron vs. Golden State…or based on the first the first two games…LeBron vs. 9 others because damn his teammates wth…

    Also the organization itself…yea…

  18. robert vega says

    0-3 now 0-4 tomorrow

  19. Bruce Lye says

    It’s more like Warriors fans Vs Lebron fans ain’t no such things is Cavs fans lol 😂

  20. Danielle Detera says

    ontological at the end. ok

  21. eustagoesout says

    LeBron getting bullied by these new super teams

  22. Matthew Wong says

    the lighting makes your eyes look like an Alien ….. just sayin. Go Cav's!

  23. Hype says

    haha 0-3 now

  24. Hype says

    i would play for cavs even though i go for warriors because it would be more known for coming back from a 3-0 defecit, than a 0-3 win

  25. Rob Rusia says

    Bay Area is an amazing place to live …. Cleveland don’t got shit on us …

  26. Muhammad Afkar says

    Cavs for life , LeBron the man

  27. Jared Adhemar says

    Cavs for fuking life LeBron is the goat

  28. Ed Hsiu says

    Great video, that being said, it would be ignorant to talk about the Bay Area and only focus on San Francisco while ignoring the East Bay. Next time you guys are up here check out the food & bar scene of Oakland. Plus the South Bay cities San Jose, Milpitas, Fremont have honestly better Asian food than in SF.

  29. 2FW Gaming says

    Cavs in 7

  30. Yvens Laroche says

    I would like for the Cavs to win.

  31. Jon Menard says

    Im the third kind.. the one who don't give a shit about the NBA

  32. Giovanni D.E.O says

    Warriors since im from Oakland. I just wanna go to another parade.

  33. Fabian Flores says

    Aye i saw yall at the end of game 3 behind steven a smith at the end of the game

  34. Taft Leatherwood says


  35. Taft Leatherwood says


  36. TN MUSlC says

    The real final was Houston Vs Warriors. Houston could of beat them.

  37. Tan Kok Jian says

    1. Warriors
    2. Warriors
    Pretty simple, warriors playing fun basketball out there just like the Celtics this year and last year. Meanwhile the cavs’ role players are stressed out, doesn’t means they’re not good but the fun element wasn’t there!

  38. Tristan Liu says

    Andrew is Cleveland dude if we’re talking about thinning hair

  39. Teddy Behr says

    Warriors and California are the answers.

  40. Micka Anderson says

    I cheer for the CAVS but they lost dude. Once again, GSW won the NBA championship, suck. I fell sad for Lebron James, rumors said he might be leave and play another team like Boston or Rockets.

  41. ram anderson abarintos says


  42. Max Zhou says

    42k views only. glad to see this channel die

  43. Samson Endale says


  44. Hero Ball says

    Congrats LeBron beat Olidipo (by himself) Lowery and Derozen (chockers) and Horford and Tatum (rookie) 😂👏👏👏 #context

  45. I am Shanwein says

    GSW all the WAY ….

  46. The Finstralian says

    I was pulling for the warriors but I would probably play for the Cavs because bron needs help and it’s a small market team like you said

  47. Jackie chavez says

    Warriors all the way

  48. Filipe Figuerôa says

    I'm from Brazil and I like soccer. I love soccer, SO, I know just some SUPER STARS OF NBA of past (Jordan, Kobe, Bird, Magic Johnson, O'Neal, etc). Well, I have a question for you, americans: Do Steven Curry or L. James or someone NBA player this season is better that Michael Jordan?

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