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  1. Maccabean Revolt says


  2. IDontAnswer questions says

    Way too much ugly bush in one place

  3. Speaking My Mind says

    Only word that comes to mind is HELL

  4. Dmg Control says

    I heard many liberals acting as kids screaming at street as though they were fighting and cussing their friends they think it's funny.

  5. Dmg Control says

    Please molest the homeless drug addicts in the streets who acts like they can violently attack any regular people anytime. Be useful.

  6. A a says

    Lady in red 🙂

  7. Sierra Night Tide says

    Congratulations on another year! We are many and full of love.

  8. yvan willard says

    It's the motorcycle contingent and hasn't been called the dykes on bikes in years. Smdh.

  9. Veritas vos liberabit says

    Our corrupt government has empowered the sexually insane to war against society, literally subjugating the masses, spreading filth and choking out everything good and decent. We must respond or resolve to live as animals.

  10. nicktesla45 says

    The FREAK SHOW STARTS AGAIN in San Fran-Psycho !! The New SODOM AND GOMMORAH !!!

  11. Theresa P says

    Beautiful women, all of them. ❤️💛💚💙💜

  12. djguapo says

    I had fun with dikes OF bikes!

  13. Sophie Louis says

    LGBT Massacres are the UK Fugitives Transgenders William Buckley jr.aka(Carol Middleton/Betsy Davos),Catherine Middleton Alias(David Hogg),Decoy Prince William Alias(Stephen Miller),Jusmine Phathouvong Alias(Dr. Judy Ho/Lisa Page),Her Mother Bou Kantaphone Alias(Baroness Warsi),Angela Hernandez alias(Premila Jayapal),Miri Regev,Ian Cameron-Susan Rice Ex..

  14. Jungleland33 says

    About the only time those women will have something hot and throbbing between their legs.

  15. Eric Smith says

    Disobedience repentance is a must

  16. Eric Smith says

    So much ungodly stuff going on in the world

  17. Mystery Man says

    Let them be Gay that means they won't fucking breed and have offspring.

  18. SavannahsDad23 says

    So is “Dike” PC now?

  19. Rolanda Jones says

    Thank you

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