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25 Worst TRAVEL MISTAKES and How to Avoid Them


Travel is fun, but can be frustrating if you make too many mistakes. Here are the top 25 travel mistakes I see travelers make these days and HOW to avoid them. Learn from my and other people’s mistakes and enjoy more stress-free relaxing travel!

1 – Having too full of an itinerary
Part of travel is exploring. You should have some slack time in your agenda

2 – Underestimating travel/train times
It’s no fun spending ALL DAY on trains/planes/automobiles and not actually seeing anything

3 – Overpacking
You don’t need your whole house!
Just weighs you down.
If you can just bring a carryon that’s the best!
Need room for stuff you buy too

4 – Underpacking
Shorts and t-shirt weather?
Might be good to have at least one pair of pants, and long sleeves

5 – Impossibly short connections
If the airline let me book it, it must be OK right????
Arriving in to LHR and departing from LGW, or (NRT, HND)

6 – Booking separate tickets as a connection
If the flights aren’t in the same PNR, you are usually out of luck

7 – Not realizing that a “direct” flight is not the same as a non-stop
Why does my “direct” flight from LA to New York take 9 hours?

8 – Not paying attention to all the fees — Booking Spirit Airlines
Up to $65 to carry-on a bag if paid at the gate

9 – Booking Afternoon departure flights
The most “on-time” flights are generally first thing in the morning. Afternoon flights have to arrive from some place, which can lead to delays.
East coast thunderstorms.

10 – Booking flights that arrive in the dead of night
Yes, the flight might be cheaper. Good luck getting transport in to the city.

11 – Not selecting a seat ahead of time
If it’s possible to select a seat, do it.
If you don’t select a seat then you might not actually be flying on that plane.
Or do you like the last row next to the toilet?

12 – Not checking visa requirements before you get to the airport
No fun to get turned away at the airline counter because of no Visa
Your passport should be valid too! Needs at least 6 months validity.

13 – Not checking in online
If the plane is weight limited, and you are last to checkin, too bad for you.

14 – Not getting money at the airport
Hunting for that perfect currency exchange place to save $10 isn’t worth it.
Just use the airport ATM and have some cash when you hit the city.
Don’t expect the taxi to take credit cards either.

15 – Taking the airport share-ride shuttle
This is the worst $20 you’ll ever save for wasting 90 minutes of your life.
Don’t save money at the expense of time. How much did you pay for those flights?

16 – Not checking hotel prices before you book your flights
Cheap flights to Tokyo in April? Because the hotels are $1,000 a night!

17 – Booking hotels in the middle of nowhere to save $10
Spending $20 extra on transportation, and 60 minutes each way to the city

18 – Not paying attention to flights across the date line, or the red eye
Make sure your hotel is booked for the actual day you arrive.
Not the day before, or after.

19 – Not signing up for rewards programs (Airlines, Hotels, Rental Cars)
You’re throwing money down the drain.

20 – Not getting an international data plan, or a foreign sim card
Then realizing you’re getting charged some exorbitant amount

21 – Not printing out your travel/reservation details
Phone battery dead? Wifi doesn’t work? Paper always does!

22 – Wearing lousy footwear
Nothing worse than a nice big blister to start your trip on the first day
Good socks too!

23 – Not paying attention to the thieves that are paying attention to you
Pickpockets love tourists. Don’t be a victim! Be sharp!
Don’t be overly trusting
Scam artists love tourists.
Random dude at the airport with a taxi might not be that honest
Offer to take you photo, and take your camera
Gypsies love to “help” you with subway ticket machines

24 – Never leaving the tourist areas

25 – Only eating familiar foods

26 – Getting bummed out over delays/cancellations/bad weather

27 – Not putting down the camera

28 – Not watching Yellow Productions Before you Go!

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  1. Yippie says

    I'm late but here now watching 🙂

  2. Jennifer Wakeman says

    Love your videos!!! Thank you for passing down your tips to us!! 🌺🌺

  3. Yippie says

    Some great advice. I'm guilty of many of these travel mistakes in the past… Best wishes for your mom. The same thing happened to my mother a couple of years ago. It takes time but it will get better.

  4. ruth macias says

    5 and 23 happened to me in the same trip… I thought 'well, american airlines is selling this ticket with such a short connection time as it is because it must be doable, I DONT THINK THEY'D DO THAT IF IM MISSING MY SECOND FLIGHT' and Oh My God I ended up completely alone and sleepless in Dallas fort worth from 9 pm to 5 am and 23 … I met a "helpful warm hearted' gypsi who "luckily" was right there to help me with my metro tickets in Paris and I ended 50 euros poorer… Scammed to the socks!

  5. oldsap says

    wonderful tips

  6. Deb Che says

    Wow, what great advice! Once my brother said he would only sleep on a 5-hour flight, no need for snacks or water. Luckily, I packed the food and water just in time when he woke up hungry!

  7. Jan Klaeui says

    True words man, great video. Subscribed !:)

  8. jaysato says

    few mistakes i personally made on my travel (on my own):

    first trip to Seoul South Korea – i wore a brand new athletic shoe which later was killing my feet half way through my trip. luckily i carried an extra pair that i always wear when i travel. so i guess the lesson is to wear a shoe you already know it is comfortable.

    first trip to hong kong, summer of last year – taking an evening flight, waiting at the airport late at night thinking i can finally sleep on the plane…no no no no….big mistake, the plane didnt turn the lights off and people did not sleep. it was noisy and people were eating. also when i got there in the morning, nothing was open. not even the transportation for me to get to my hotel. to make it worse. i got to the hotel but i could not check in. so i ended up leaving my luggage at the hotel. went to mong kok and yet nothing was open but i ended up napping at a cafe for a few hours.

  9. Stefaan Van Gijsel says

    Thanks for the tips!

  10. Chris McDonnell says

    All good advice. Thanks Chris. Regards from Central Australia (The middle bit).

  11. Yellow Productions says

    What are the biggest travel mistakes YOU'VE made?

  12. Mermaid Marina says

    Love your videos

  13. Natasha K says

    I too got sick in Amsterdam after something I ate!

  14. Scottman895 Travel says

    I am definitely guilty with travel mistake #1. I try to see a lot of cool and exciting things within a short period of time, and I definitely need to slow down a little bit. That is one thing I am trying to work on starting this year. I went to Austin during Memorial Day Weekend, and my pace was definitely slower, and I had a really great time in the city and surrounding areas. I also need to invest in those wool socks! I enjoyed hearing these great tips! I hope everything goes well with your mother's recovery!

  15. Aroop Bose says

    Travel as check marks, couldn't agree with you more. We visit a place to experience it and not to meet stiff targets.

  16. Photo Quintessence says

    Wow!! Great Video!

  17. Mermaid Marina says

    Yellow productions check out my videos

  18. Y&S FOOD! says

    Outstanding online video! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to find such type of contents. We produce Travel & Food movies too, all over the world, and also we are always looking for inspirations and so concepts. Thank You.

  19. betty chen says

    Could you please add English subtitles for your videos 😌I really like to watching your videos but my English is not good 😊

  20. Melanie Espinoza says

    I am guilty of over packing. The same LARGE suitcase I'm taking to Kauai in July is the same suitcase I took to Lake Tahoe for a 3 day trip. I'm ridiculous. My reasoning is that I need to be prepared for any and all situations that may arise. I don't travel much but I think I might need to relax a little in the packing department.

  21. Red Ape Mafia says

    Greetings from the Red Ape Mafia

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