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  1. Tony DeTuna says

    We ran out of food and only had limited amounts of water.
    It was worse than being on the Titanic! !!!!
    We could have lost heat if the heater broke,,, people were throwing anything not nailed down overboard to reduce the weight and help move the boat. nothing worked….
    I remember the lights diming and we lost our Internet connections for about 30 seconds.. suddenly chaos broke out and people started screaming. . We all thought we were going to die and made phone calls to our loves ones back on dry land.
    Vessels surrounded us but couldn't reach us.
    Medications were running low and people were getting very weak from lack of food and Starbucks Skinny latte mocha double chocolate grande double cupped.
    I hear Mario Pulzo is writing the possibility of a movie is already in the works.
    The Great Sandbar of 2017.
    Counselors were on hand for the mentally anguished and will be made available for years to come.

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