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  1. Charles Spruill says

    To see how sick America is

  2. Charles Spruill says

    To act like someone who you’re not is a mental disorder

  3. Matt Powell OFFICIAL says

    These faggots make me sick

  4. Joseph Hancock says


  5. TomDa Potato says

    I am Trans but hey our genders are all beautiful and we should never let our pride drown

  6. Aria Norid says

    Bruh wtf is up with all the dislikes fr it’s 2018 y’all get used to it

  7. Lysol says

    Where is the "Humanity" parade? LMAO they love to shove this pride in our face, unacceptable. What is the parade actually for? Don't they have rights we all have, geesh.

  8. caldwell Case says

    People with deceased hearts wanting to spread their disease to as many people as possible. Men,women or children doesn’t matter.Im afraid that God’s punishment will come upon them when they lest expect it.Such was the punishment of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.

  9. caldwell Case says

    This is abominable behavior.I don’t think that even the people of Sodom and Gomorrah sought to Marry one another.How depraved .Are you not aware that you will return back to the Lord who created you for judgement.Look how you are poisoning and confusing the minds of these innocent children.You people care about nothing accept following your low desires and you hate that people would speak out against this morally corrupt lifestyle.Imagine a parade to flaunt immoral,sinful behavior instead of recognizing that its wrong and trying to hide it from the rest of the people as most people who may commit sin try and do.They don’t generally seek to broadcast it to the world because in their heart they know its wrong.Just be aware that their are consequences from the Lord who created us for this flagrantly bold,arrogant and obstinate behavior.I expect to receive very vulgar,nasty and filthy replies to this post however we cannot sit quiet and not speak up and speak out against this or we are giving silent approval to this abominable behavior.

  10. Logan Ratcliff says

    So gay

  11. The Flaming Pharaoh says

    The faggots get a month. Soldiers, who are braver, stronger, and probably care more for their contry get a fucking day. Mother and Fathers, get a day (The left has desperately tried to take Father’s Day away but they can suck a fat one, it’s staying). It’s inconsistent. If the fags want us to treat them normally, the they shouldn’t try and appear “special.”

  12. The Flaming Pharaoh says

    These aren’t New Yorkers. These are flamboyant little bitches. They make all of us look bad.

  13. The Flaming Pharaoh says

    This parade is so gay

  14. john doe says

    OYYYYY VEYYYY!!! Good goys!

  15. Youzomi says

    It's hilarious because straight people are the reason these parades exist today.

  16. Ahsan Hussain says


  17. Straight Busta says

    These niggas better not parade in my hood my gang don't fuck around y'all niggas don't know we capable of. L gang

  18. Ahsan Hussain says

    Since they are all in one place you could hose them down with an AR-15 really easy. I wouldn't complain if that happened… jus' sayin'…

  19. Ahsan Hussain says

    If I had a parade about how I am very sexually attracted to women, I will be seen as a pervert. Why aren't the faggots seen as perverts as well? Aren't they doing the same thing?

  20. Charles Spruill says

    Homosexuality is Demonic Spirit

  21. Charles Spruill says

    There’s no such thing as gay rights, only gay Wrong!

  22. Charles Spruill says

    I’m not hating on lgbt, it’s not love it is a perversion. Get real it affects society! And man that acts like a woman is sick!!!!

  23. Charles Spruill says

    I have family members who are gay, but I’m not going to celibate their foolishness

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