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7 Things to Do on a Summer Day in London | Ad


If you’re in London in the summer, these are the best things to do to take advantage of the sunshine and warm weather (and also to help keep you cool while exploring London.) Did you know there are some public pools in London you can swim in? 😀

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  1. Abinash Satapathy says

    Cycling is one thing we can do. 🙈🙈

  2. Raymond F says

    Once more you made a amazing video … each time I see one of your videos it just makes me miss London so so much … your videos just make me so happy ..and just tack me back to all the fun I had whan I was in London … keep up the great great job

  3. Sanskar Wagley says

    I’d love to see another collab with Joel and Lia

  4. martin shelton says

    Again Thank you for the information.

  5. Nisha Davdra says

    Beautifully presented Jess!

  6. Matthew Is A Youtuber says

    What airline do you recommend ?

  7. Wouter says

    Wow Jess, this was the most beautiful video you have ever made. It was great!

  8. Being British: Joel & Lia says

    Loved this! Such a cool idea for a video (especially during this sweltering heatwave!!!)

  9. KazcoNGaming says

    L O N D O N= love oxford
    nice outdoor of cause nice L O N D O N <3

  10. KazcoNGaming says

    L O N D O N = love Oxford nice days outdor of cause noce L o N O n <3 LOVE LONDON " MUCH

  11. Read This says

    Hang out in the award winning parks of Romford in east London. Plenty of shade and refreshments, plenty to see and do.

  12. Natalie Chua says

    Am travelling to London next week and have just read up about the protests that will be happening. Would appreciate any advice or tips on how to stay safe! 🙂

  13. Raj Jangam says

    All of your videos are worth appreciation. They helped me alot to plan my visit in coming August. Will be glad to meet and greet you ( around 11-20th August) cheers.
    Great Job👍

  14. Mick James Charles 'Moody' Monsoon says

    So cool! You know London so well. Really cool Jess D!

  15. Marcelo Miguel Bazan says

    Hi Jess:

    Well, I didn't go to a rooftop, but I could see the majesty of London from the top of The Monument (check the videos in my channel). I filmed it with a spy pen attached to the pocket of my shirt but, unfortunately, I didn't change its position to properly film the view.

    Thanks & greets from Argentina (Hope it is from England someday)

  16. kevin garcia says

    Loved this video!

  17. Raziel Gutierrez says

    Hello Jess! And hello everyone reading this comment. This is nothing related with the topic of the video, but with some advice about the idea of moving to the UK as an american teacher.

    I'm about to study a course to get the teacher certification, I want to be a Spanish and Theatre teacher, and I'm triying to find the way to get a job somewhere in England. The problem is nos just that is very hard to get sponsored but the type of comments and information I have read so far. Is it true that teachers are not paid well and also work more than fifty hours a week? And, can we make a good living as a secondary teacher? I mean, in the future, after a few years,
    can I afford to buy a house outside London, start a family and travel at least once a year to visit my family abroad?
    Sorry if i sound so negative but for the past few weeks I have been searching about this and I only read and hear bad comments about living in the UK as a teacher.

    I will travel to London this september and I'm so excited. For years I thought I could live there and have the possubility to work in the theatre industry, then my dreams were shattered when I found out that it would be impossible to get a work visa in something like that. Now that I will probably become a teacher I hear that is a profession were a lot of people are quiting.

    It would be fine to live in the US, but the idea of living in a country I love so much because of the culture, history, landscapes, cities, accent, health system and the theatre offer, is just amazing.

    I really hope someone help me with this. Thank you all!

  18. Stephanie Yip says

    love all your London video, so informative. I will visit London end Aug for 1 week by myself. I'm a vegan and love to visit food and flea market. Are there any interesting place you could recommend? Thank you for all the tips

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