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  1. igor stein says

    Muslims are not Human but from Satan

  2. lane paige says

    Let's ban all trucks… Trucks are killing people we got to limit the amount of trucks one person can own it's getting crazy people don't kill people trucks do.. Ban trucks!

  3. zmagri says

    This guy is a hero

  4. Sunny shah says

    Stop renting out trucks to suspicious Muslims

  5. bobby says


  6. prometheus5700 says

    DIVERSITY!!! WELCOME MIGRANTS!!! Fuck that shit

  7. Aleks Salvador says

    I'm guessing Muslims ?

  8. johnny6148 says

    terrorism bought to you for supporting israel. truck is jewish owned.

  9. johnny6148 says

    didn't see this at sandy hook or vegas

  10. johnny6148 says

    must be celebrating at AIPAC 'cause they know israel will be getting more money and the USA will be moving closer to a police state. attack in NYC 'cause its hyme town

  11. D1V1N3CR3470R says

    the truck of peace strikes again

  12. Alfonso Perez says

    You guys need to look at this there's a lot of people defending the Muslims there they go around hurting people shame on you say your name tell me where you're at and then defend

  13. Alfonso Perez says

    Fbi you guys can track these fools
    They're bashing me over here they're the terrorist

  14. Dan Jendo says

    Wow look at that actual video of the guy… wonder if paddock was just camera shy

  15. Uleysuspeter Peter says

    deport all the Muslims from USA

  16. Uleysuspeter Peter says

    Fuck you Allah akupar

  17. Noah Styles says

    Thank SJWs n liberals

  18. Tom bryan says

    Where did the bullets end up that the cops fired?

  19. Gordon Fru Fru says

    Bullshit. How can anybody believe this ? FAKE NEWS ALERT !

  20. Veater Ecosan says

    How many Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov Terrorists are there?

  21. Brianna Hudson says

    It really annoys me you can't even go outside and enjoy yourself with your loved ones this is exactly why I stay clear away from public events because every time there is a public event there's always some deranged lunatic not too far away waiting to do something stupid the fact that this man knew it was Halloween and our children were going to be trick or treat in and he had the idea there to use his car as a deadly weapon to mow people over like he's mowing the lawn is truly disturbing and people couldn't even take it seriously because they thought it was Halloween they thought it was a part of a Act this guy chose the wrong City to do that in 911 ring a bell. Barcelona same thing let's not forget the Boston Marathon bombing act with Extreme Caution on public events how sad why do you have to kill a whole bunch of people if you want to die die by yourself but you don't have to take innocent lives along with you talking about it's five Isis Isis isn't here now now you're in jail surrounded by the FBI and Isis is nowhere to be found the same thing with games they will encourage you to do something one but when you're behind get arrested you don't see them running to your rescue.

  22. Amar Zakaria says

    09/11 terrorist attacks on USA  launched by the Wahhabi terrorist group al-Qaeda,  all terrorist ware Wahhabi a Saudi creation. 
    Why Wahhabi people making world so difficult , confuse, aggressive who give them right and permission to damage, our beautiful blue planet,
    Wahhabism is just 280 years old but it’s become very powerful, aggressive, arrogant, death squad branch of Islam with the support of Saudi money and literature. 
    Save the world, crush the Wahhabis and  Wahhabism

  23. Noelia Jaime says

    Argentina is in mouring.The flag is at half mast still.

  24. Paul Malnar says

    Helpless civilians? Really? Is this how you promote your religious ideology? You are nothing more than spineless cowards who somehow believe that the rest of the world is inferior! You can't kill everyone cause there'd be no one left to hear your pathetic lies! I

  25. Zechariah Stewart says

    BAN ALL FULLY AUTOMATIC ASSAULT TRUCKS!!! no one should be able to just walk in and buy a truck

  26. Zechariah Stewart says

    and what about those auto auction loopholes!!!

  27. Chris Morence says

    No video footage….. imagine that…. Sound like another false flag like Orlando, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas… the list is endless. Never ANY video like the "plane" that flew into the Pentagon.

  28. Chris Morence says


  29. SSR Vegeta Dexter says

    4:33 I would of hit that Nigga with my car fuck out of here

  30. Luisa Costa says

    5:00 green screen

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