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  1. Dave Dunnigan says

    Who's the mayor ?

  2. Hail Trump says

    What NO NAME? And where’s the info, you must know more than that, well here’s so bio he’s Middle Eastern & Muslim! Like I instant due to the nature of the crime, not to mention the fact there’s media spreading it like wildfire.

  3. Del Evans says

    That filthy traitor Trudeau needs to shut his muzzie loving mouth

  4. _ _ says

    White people are the best breed

  5. Gill Gji says

    It seems like they hire these people to get the fear up and remind the people they are still supposed to be afraid of Muslims (oh sorry white people I mean "terrorists") and after they do what they are hired to do they think they are gunna get payed but tje cops take em out that way there are no loose ends.

  6. Kundan Layal says

    i saw my sister looking at this on her computer weird i feel bad for these people

  7. Robert James Chinnery says

    of course he is a member of a terror organization …that is ISIS and ISIS was mentioned on papers in the the truck

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