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  1. 阿奇旅行人 says


  2. Leilani Lee says

    Love, love Dan but Casey your editing style, music selection and particularly your story telling skills are still the absolute best!! It truly is a gift. I'm so happy you share it with the rest us.

  3. christy lynn says

    Ok, I'm new and I find this addicting!

  4. Ball Gamer125 says

    Anybody else realise the Lonzo Ball song near the end of the vid?

  5. Zachvision says

    gabs needs to be in the vlog now

  6. aet9rat6 says

    Is she really pregnant? OMG Casey, are you being serious

  7. Brittany de Brentani says

    " I'm not sure what they're doing today" they haven't seen each other in two months, I think we all know LOL

  8. Chris says

    1,000 dislikes were wildly unqualified

  9. Mace Jr says

    I'm mace oof

  10. Pato Swag says


  11. 2k says

    this guy said 'nice to meet u nigga' in the first encounter

  12. YuseiYgopro says

    u didn't see u girlfriend in 2 months i not sure what he doing ( i can think of a couple things ) lol😉

  13. PremiiTube says

    Why is it a bummer that a higher percentage of males applied for the position instead of female? Doesn't career choices have more to do with individual interests than gender? Asking for a friend.

  14. Eric Christian says

    Of course the cops would show up to rain on a sunny day🙄

  15. Alex Tan says

    Try to purchase the electric bike unfortunately it is only available in US and Canada while my location is in Indonesia. Hope there will be an opportunity to purchase it in the future

  16. THE ABAIM HD says

    ♕Thanks who Really Works♕
    🚫 don't read my name 🚫

  17. Zoe Young says

    Display deck doctrine dignity west buyer during revenue sauce surely.

  18. Rodrigo Blum says

    I like de "I'm thankful for…" Part in the end. It's nice to see how diversified is the people in NY.

  19. J Incredible says

    Dan girl looks good okay bro i see you

  20. Fat Paramotor Guy says

    Holy shot bro. I'm 51 and ready to be tired, but now I have to visit New York.

  21. ßøi • says

    Every time Casey updates or shows the 368 progress all I can think about is it sounding just like the step brothers scene:
    “So much room for activities!”

  22. ßøi • says

    Casey: *says dan won’t be in vlog*
    Dan: appears in vlog like three times lol

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