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9 Important Things to Know Before Working in London | Living in London Series


If you’re moving to London from abroad and plan to get a job, here are some important things to know about the working culture in London and the UK. These tips will help you get to know some cultural career norms in London (like how often you’ll get paid) and some tips to make getting your first job in London a little easier to navigate.

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  1. Leo Howard says

    I love your videos your sparky new Yorker Personality is awesome

  2. Susan Fluck says

    20 days is awesome! Especially if you still celebrate holidays like 4th of July and Memorial Day weekend, etc. But getting paid monthly is something I would have to get use to.

  3. Flxcker Xx says

    Really interesting! But whats with a driving license? I make my licence in an european country and can I use it in the UK too? Because I don't know if I can use it because of the Brexit.

  4. evancortez2 says

    Thanks for the info Jess! My niece is toying with the idea of moving to London to work, she's about to graduate high school so it's about that time where she has to decide what to do with her life – I'll pass this video along to her 🙂

  5. Maria Moore says

    Hi Jess! Great videos on living in London. 🙂 Could you do a vlog on the differences & similarities on grocery stores in London? Like 5 items in Waitroise vs the same 5 items in Tesco & price differences & quality. Moreover, Foods that you miss from the US that you cannot find in London and or foods that you've discovered living in London that you cannot purchase in the U.S. I know Whole Foods has a couple of stores in London…is the inventory the same in the US or more European due to being in London & Whole Foods catering to a different clientele? Thank you!

  6. Marcelo Miguel Bazan says

    Hi Jess:

    Quite similar to Argentina.
    1. Here there's also a monthly payment.
    2. It depends. To work in downtown may be expensive, but not as much as in London so you can afford to live & work in the same area.
    3. We also have contracts here. In fact, there's a special 3-months contract used to see if you fit in that job.
    4. Here vacations are normally 2 weeks/year, but you can accumulate them if you are, let's say, planning a long trip around the world.
    5. Diverse may not be the case here, but all depends on the job.
    6. Here you don't have to stay after you resign, but your employer may ask you to if you have something to finish first, or if you're kind enough to stay until the end of the month to give time to find a replacement if needed.
    7. No NI number is needed here, though you have to have a DNI (ID for Americans), not just for work, but for legal reasons.
    8. Here we have a basic salary (which is very far from basic needs). Some jobs are paid hourly (housemaids, sitters, private teachers), but most have a salary that can be bigger with additional payments (young kids, assistance, seniority, etc.)
    9. Working times depend on the job. Normally, for an office work, you work 8 to 9 hs a day Monday to Friday & 4 to 5 on Saturdays.

    Thanks & greets from Argentina (Hope it is from England someday)

  7. Leo Howard says

    Love your adorable personality Jess

  8. Cinthia Carvalho says

    Hi, Jess!!! In Brasil, we have 30 days of holiday! I can sell 10 days to the company if we want…

  9. Alessandra Spinelli says

    Hi, in Italy a clerk has usually 33 days holiday and works 40 hours a week

  10. Utku Karadağ says

    How can I get into the Tube network from Gatwick Airport without using Gatwick Express? Or do you know any other options to get to the Central London?

  11. Thai Hung Nguyen says

    In New Zealand and Australia too, I think. We get a least 20 days of annual leave. If you’re a part time, you can get holiday pay which is 8% of your total pay.

  12. Thehairspray01 says

    4 weeks paid annual leave for Australia 🇦🇺

  13. Ms. C. says

    I’ll be moving within the next 3 months and I’m still learning a lot . thanks a million

  14. Holly Thomas says

    Love your hair pulled back like that ❤️ also great video as always!

  15. Andrea Picón says

    Hi Jess. Thanks for this helpful video! I'm glad to hear that I'll have at least 20 days of vacations when I move to London next month. In Argentina, where I'm from, the minimun is 14 days. You need to work for the same company for 5 years to get 21 days, and 10 years for 1 month.

  16. Asmah2095 says

    22 days of paid annual leave in Mauritius

  17. Rida Choubai says

    Hey! Thanks for all this information, helped a lot!
    I'm from Paris, France, here we have 5 weeks of compulsory paid vacations for a normal hourly paid job 😄

  18. Ashish Xanathis Nangia says

    …and all thaere

  19. Kresna Mukti P says


  20. GMAT CHILD says

    UAE 30 days paid leave with flight ticket

  21. LucAbroad says

    I have been living in London for 9 years now and what you said is absolutely true.

  22. ilkcan özkan says

    14 days of vacation time in Turkey. It increases after 5 years of experience in the same company.

  23. Oreste Luci says

    In Chile the minimum legal paid holidays are 15 days. It always surprises me when people from the USA are surprised when they learn that other countries have a minimum amount of paid days off stipulated by law.

  24. Joe Johnson says

    Notice period? When I quit, I decide when I leave and not the boss. Nobody can make me stay for a month. Thanks for the info.

  25. Helen Trope says

    The NI number also means your NI contributions will go towards a pension for you. Even if you leave London and the UK many years before you retire, you might still be entitled to some pension from the UK if you paid national insurance contributions here and NI contributions can count towards other things like sick pay, maternity pay and unemployment benefit but you have to pay them for a certain length of time before you become eligible for any benefits.

  26. Stella Starr says

    In Greece where i live it's 25 days paid annual leave in most jobs but some times depending on the employer it is 15 days paid annual leave. Whether it's a f/t or p/t job an employee needs to sign a contract. Standard working hours for an office job is 9-5 but with overtime you can't tell anymore. People who work in retail and restaurants/bars work more than 8 hrs on a daily basis. I have lived and worked in London a long time ago and as far as i can see nothing's changed regarding employment. Great video Jess! Xxx

  27. Jonard Tirol says

    She sounded like Summer in Rick and Morty 😋 thanks for the info!! Thinking if this would be a better choice than Spain 🙂

  28. Heavenguy Heavenguy says

  29. Agadiro 33 says

    Is there any blood test to live and work in london like UAE????

  30. Ganky G says

    Meow kitty

  31. hoherspatz says

    I’m from Germany and I have 28 days holiday time

  32. Cartoonman154 says

    Get a stab vest

  33. Stale NFS says

    there’s only one thing you need to know, eventually you WILL get stabbed

  34. anastasia46 says

    so where do you go to apply for the NI number ??

  35. Aurora Mian says

    Hi jess, I don’t know if you can help me but I’m Italian and I studied English literature at university and I’d like to know if I can teach it at some schools in Great Britain or if it’s impossible😥

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