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A Tale of Three Cities: Washington DC, New York City and Pattaya


Cheap Charlie regales his experiences living in Washington DC and New York City and relates them to Pattaya. In all three places he lived a cheap and minimalist lifestyle and in New York he even resorted to sleeping in subway trains and coffee shops at times as he often lacked hotel rooms to stay at…
Cheap Charlie has always had a passion for exploring cities and seeking new adventure. Some people love the country side and nature, Cheap Charlie loves cities….
As an amateur sociologist, cities are also the physical representation of cultures and subcultures, where lifestyles come together and give a a place not just it’s character but it’s actual physical shape. The lifestyles of people in a place like Manhattan is very different from that of Washington DC, which is very different again from a place like Wyoming. Even within cities the lifestyle and culture of one neighborhood can be very different from the next…
Cheap Charlie believes people should be allowed to pursue their own version of happiness and live the lifestyle they prefer without being judged and criticized by others. For example Pattaya is a city that is often criticized by both Thais and farangs, often times people who have little knowledge or direct experience with the city, when really Pattaya is an expression of freedom and the lifestyle choices of the people who choose to live there, travel there and work there. Likewise in America we often hear “blue state” city people criticizing and judging “red state” rural and small town Americans and vice versa. While criticism other people’s lifestyle choices can seem harmless on the surface, it can have a real and devastating impact. Pattaya for example has for a long time been under attack by moralists who do not approve of the lifestyle choices of the people who reside in that city and this can lead to real consequences in laws and urban clearance which could and would change the face of the city and prevent the people from living the lifestyle they choose. But this is not just a Pattaya problem, it is a problem that has existed in all countries throughout human history, the cultural clash between cities and countryside and one trying to get the upper hand against the other and this struggle continues in countries throughout the world, not just the US and Thailand but in places like the Turkey, Iran, India, China, France, Brazil etc. Thailand has historically been a good model of live and let live and this observer hopes that continues and that other countries can learn by this.

  1. Littlemisspiss says

    Hey dude some advice, you thought about streaming on ever? You can make a LOT of money there doing what you do. Literally just sitting somewhere and filming the streets and talking to your chatroom you'd make bank $$$$

  2. Willie B Hardigan says

    I totally hear you man. I lived homeless off and on for years. Travelled up and down the east coast but mainly Florida. Had a portable parachute hammock and would just post up wherever I wanted every night. I worked here and there and stole and scammed from stores. Partied all the time, did a bunch of drugs and fucked like a rabbit. It wasn't the most glamorous or healthy life but damn I've never felt so free. I've been trying to play by the rules the past few years but I fucking hate it. I'm bored out of my mind. I have a decent job on a coastal cruise ship but my contract is almost up. I plan on cashing out some of my crypto when I'm done and b lining it straight to pattaya lmao. Hope to see you there. Let's grab a beer or 6

  3. Iamthenakedape says

    Interesting story CCC hope to see you around on my next trip. Going home tomorrow

  4. Rodolfo Lua says

    Gracias charlie por compartir tu historia siempre miro tus videos espero que te la estes pasado bie n en pataya..saludos from los Angeles cal.usa…

  5. Wail fmh11 says

    Good video

  6. Lhasa Thailand says

    Its funny how materialistic people in the comment section are. This ratrace thing in the west is nothing but modern day slavery. Get out and build your own future even if you just barely manage to scrape by. This Western/American dream thing is well and truly dead. Working 2 or 3 jobs for 60 hours a week to be able to barely get by, this is the dream? Really? Fuck that, i've packed my shit and now traveling Asia and yes. I can also barely get by. But atleast i decide when and where i go while being in the most beautifull region on earth. And there is no way in hell i am ever going back to this 9 to 5 bullshit.

    The less stuff you own, the happier you become.

  7. MysticTruffle says

    Bullshit. You were a grocery bagger, and came to pattaya for that girl you met online lol

  8. mrsavoy66 says

    the song remains the same….

  9. mrsavoy66 says

    you say free and open…. open to what?yo brooklyn in the house cirica 1966 you buy it you own it… come now

  10. Dave says

    That's a bit different I enjoyed it

  11. mralfiebob says

    … nothing much has changed then lol.

  12. Savage Traveling says

    Keep it weird Charlie!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  13. TLO1357 Bardon says

    Good Video Triple C, sometimes its good to get things off your chest. it relives preasure, and makes it easier to think. Good Luck Triple C, hang in there…

  14. grantcivyt says

    Thanks for sharing, Charlie. Greenwich is actually pronounced "gren-itch".

  15. Zeitgeist says

    CC – You say you used to work online, what happened to that? Surely you can pick up some extra work and not be forced to live a $400 month life. Even you have to admit you'd feel more comfortable with a bit of a safety net. Might even be able to afford to take some nice ladies out while you're at it.

  16. Jgrant138 Grant says

    It only be 10 mins long if you stop repeating yourself

  17. Norrie Muir says

    …thanks , Charlie , very well articulated , in true Pattaya fashion….love the freedom , too…….. (note to self) , get back there in Autumn/Fall……

  18. Jimmy Thomas Jr. says

    Great Video

  19. Jimmy Thomas Jr. says

    This video should win an Emmy.

  20. edeter2260 says

    I was a little distracted by this video; which is probably why I watch it in its entirety. The same scene looped every 48 seconds. Chick drinking a Coke or something out of a can, then same two people in lower left show up 10 seconds later then a child walks by, then two other women walk in front of them and it starts over again and again and again. Otherwise your words provide great insight and quite thought provoking.

  21. Eddie Manning says

    Hi CC, Good story. Interesting perspective. It's your life. So long as you are enjoying what you are doing and not harming others then that's good. I've only been to Pattaya once properly – a night out in walking street – but much prefer to stay here in Bangkok. OK it's more expensive here but that's my situation. With regards to life in different cities and "civilizations" I stayed in downtown San Francisco in 2010. It was absolutely shocking the number of homeless living on the streets there. NEVER ever seen anything like that anywhere in Thailand. I hope that you never get busted for your visa situation and wish you luck while continuing to enjoy your films. Come back to BKK sometime soon!

  22. Kurt Shanor says

    Great insights, Charlie living outside the box.

  23. Stefan Scoon says

    Do more of these. Well done 👍🏾

  24. massive951 says

    Hey CC, your videos make me want to visit Pattaya. Seems like a really fun place. It's a long way from where I live, but I'll make it out there eventually. In the meantime, I'll keep watching your videos. Keep up the good work!

  25. stealthbomber10 says

    What about your parents? Where were they?

  26. Derwin says

    I remembered going to Pattaya when Scobys Pizza was right near the Roo bar. That was back in 2003 for me.

  27. James Palaiologos says

    100 thumbs up Charlie great video. I too have lived in Greenwich. There culture there is amazing, but I've gotta say it's the last place on earth I'd ever be with no money. You didn't mention what think tank you worked at but the work must have been very interesting being there around 9/11. I did some work with AEI, and I'll just say I was a little surprised how much the "conspiracy theories" understate what these guys are up to in their work related to the Middle East. Got away from that quick.

  28. Denton says

    Awesome video, I enjoy videos which you share your views and life

  29. Jeff Peabody says

    Dear Charlie, I feel like I've known you all my life. Your voice and manner of speaking are exactly like my friend Mark, who I grew up with. And like Mark, you seem very kind hearted and genuine as well. Mark is also a "Cheap Charlie" in the US who has learned to live pretty much off the grid.

    I have been to Pattaya many times in the passed starting in the early 90's up until my last trip in 2000. Much as changed but a lot looks the same. BTW, thank you for the footage of the old Marine Disco. I remember back in 1992 when my friend and I escorted two Ladyboys up that staircase because they were not allowed in the disco without dates. Once inside, they disappeared into a massive crowd and were never seen again. Where are they today one wonders.

    Anyway, thank you for all the fun and informative videos, they have helped influence me with my decision to move to Thailand from frozen Minnesota in the very near future. I hope we can meet in Pattaya sometime so I can buy you a drink for all your great work.

  30. S P says

    Thank you CCC for the insight.

  31. Clye Torius says

    Great vid man – really enjoyed

  32. IKnowYouKnow says

    Fair enough that you don't need a lot of money to enjoy life but doors start closing as a guy gets older. He had better have a solid pile accumulated by then. If he doesn't he'll likely be in deep shit due the aforementioned closed-doors. Every company likes to hire guys when they are young and cheap. A guy must earn substantially earlier in life if he is to avoid being destitute later in life.

  33. Nick Lopes says

    Great insight into your life CC. I too lived in a rooming house for about 17 years, and only live on $900 / month.

  34. Wayne Tran says

    Great insight about yourself. Love the format of you narrating and talking about yourself. Keep up the good work Charlie. I hope you can find ways to make money to continuing doing what you do best.

  35. Nick Lopes says

    Hey Charlie? You said one time that you would tell us why you don't show yourself on your videos. Now would be a good time to do that. Thanks CC.

  36. Steven Monash 62 says

    A shit load of money may not make one happy.. but it sure provides a nice standard of misery

  37. Chris Bosh says

    when is the best time to come to pattya charle you never replied man!

  38. blades Ultra lock laces says

    I think you've got a real talents for story telling …and video making.
    The $10 suit. .😅😅😅 wish you had a photo …lol
    Not to mock but you but just to see how you looked at that time…
    great story..

  39. esther hoang says

    More Sean vids pls

  40. MrMarsMissVenus says

    Honestly man, these are you best videos. I hope you produce more of this type of content, instead of the random walking street vlogs with no talking. Your awkwardness while vlogging is actually why I watch you, it shows you're just a regular guy living a simple life doing what you want. It's a nice change from the over-the-top extroverted YT vloggers out there. I started watching you since "Billy Blue Balls" and we need a Part 2! C'monnnn make it happen!

  41. Phil D says

    Interesting chat CC.

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