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A Trip to The Bronx, New York City


I get daily requests from viewers to visit the Bronx.
In this video I visited Mott Haven, a neighborhood in the Bronx that is super close to Manhattan.
Many parts of the Bronx have flourished over the past few years due to the low property prices, and Mott Haven has been particularly attractive for its fantastic location.
I wanted to show more parts of the Bronx in this video, but sadly it was raining a lot and by 4pm the sun disappeared.
More visits to the Bronx are coming soon.

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  1. Soulafied says

    I finally moved to NY! Currently living in the Bronx with a friend but I want to settle in Brooklyn.

  2. Hiliria Ramirez says


  3. George says

    Is the Bronx safe? All I know about the Bronx is that Jennifer Lopez was born and raised there.

  4. FreedomKing4568 says

    I live in the Bronx and I love NYC, but sadly this video does not highlight that it is gentrifying very fast. the snip-bit of South Bronx and its ranking along with Mott Haven being compared to Williamsburg/DUMBO, its dangerous-we have our own culture that resembles much of Brooklyn's in the 1990s and 80s. We don't want substantiates to come and take our homes that are already loosing money. Its the best place ever but its a place we call ours with all of its flaws. Thank you though for showing how nice the Bronx is an how often its just as crowed as Manhattan.

  5. Vanessa Governo says

    I want to move to NY so bad but I’m on disability and only make 790 monthly but I don’t want to live in a slum. Any suggestions??

  6. Katha Rahman says

    where is bronze school?

  7. Oliver John says

    Very interesting video. You have put tremendous effort in ONLY showing the "good side of the BX."

  8. Sudhir Raghu says

    2:182:26 looks like a scene out of Seinfeld.! Those lovely row houses at Mott Haven 1:021:06! Wow! Glad they survived the 70s/80s. Would definitely live in one of those.

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