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Abandoned Interstate Tulsa OK


Abandoned Interstate Tulsa OK. Exploring abandoned places in Oklahoma isn’t hard if you know where to look. Right in here in Tulsa, OK we have a handful! This stretch of abandoned Oklahoma interstate is roughly 1.5 miles long and is easily accessible to the public.

A link of google maps will be found at the bottom of the description!

My friend Jose from JRT productions and his cohort Natalie joined me on an adventure with our drones, DJI Phantom 4 and DJI Spark to get some great footage of this abandoned stretch of interstate 44. This is one of the coolest abandoned places in Oklahoma you’ll find because it’s easy to get to and also a piece of history. There are still signs and markers up in places as if the road were still used.

Where some things have changed over the years (the pine street bridge was removed) for the most part, the road is just as it was when it was decommissioned after a new turnpike was constructed to take traffic around the south side of Tulsa.

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All footage captured with a Samsung S8+ and DJI Phantom 4

Edited with Adobe Premier Plus CC 2018



Don’t Hold Back by Great Scott
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

Music provided by Music for Creators


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  1. BiggestRayRay says

    Thanks for checking out this video guys!! Tell me if you've ever seen this stretch of road…………….. OR if you were around when we could still DRIVE on it!!! I remember almost 20 years ago driving on this before it was cut off!! WOOT!

  2. Robert Mayo says

    We live right by this but ddnt know how to get on the highway itself. Thanks for the video!

  3. Dillon Parks says

    Listen to your dad kids. Dabbing is cringey.

  4. Yo-go zeg proactive says

    I never knew about this place! this is truly is mind blowing, especially learning about a bridge called crybaby bridge.

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