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  1. mac10guy says

    oh i down in westchester over in lewisboro


    cool, o.k. my n.y. neighbor

  3. mac10guy says

    well just keep in mind we aitn all city folks


    very interesting question!!! something was wrong with my camera, if i turned it a certain way it would make those noises.'very anoying' i did get it fixed,but have since bought a new camera.

  5. Danny C says

    i was home at the time of the tornado in 06, normal summer day, just came home from summer school, and i live in sleepy hollow, not far from the touch down point in westchester county, and saw it got very windy and dark outside, in a dark brown way, out side my bedroom window, and my mom said she was on a friends laptop doing some work, when she saw the tornado itself, the aftermath, wasn't pretty either.

  6. Danny C says

    a transformer right outside our house almost blew, if it wasn't for the porcelain/glass caps on it, and the traffic near our town was backed up for ages, many residents had to park their cars and walk to town, and during the tornado, a truck driver basically ran and left his truck right on the road, so that helped clog up traffic even more,

  7. Danny C says

    lost power, when a power line near the local 2nd and 3rd grade school collapsed, but soon got power back in no time. there definitely was plenty of damage, but no one got killed, as most everyone was out and about.

  8. Stink ling says

    wow i never new there was a tornadoe there o_o
    i shouldve known i live very close frm there
    i guess my friend was right cause he was at summer camp wen the tornadoe struk and i was comming home frm summer camp
    all i got was the bad storm part where i live o.o


    Glad your all ok.

  10. PaleoBirdman says

    i'm surprised you didn't get footage of the funniest thing i saw after the tornado (i'm in tarrytown, it went right through town after it formed in the river, then up the hill past the reservoir, then down those steep hills to the saw mill) – right across the road from california closet, in the area between 9A and saw mill, there was this one complete prebuilt showroom closet, perfectly intact, that had been picked up and tossed in a clump of bushes – didn't even hit the ground

  11. YOBABYBUBBA says

    Cool…thx 4 the comment

  12. adam lurie says

    I was there on that same day.

    I didn't know the storm was comming, then my glass window blew out I ran down stairs. The power was out. After the storm ended all my trees were down in my yard.

  13. Spark the Gremlin says

    i live in Yonkers and i knew about this the day after!

  14. Joseph De Vito says

    Great video:) I five starred it and am your lifetime friend and subsciber.

    be happy NOW

  15. YOBABYBUBBA says


  16. YOBABYBUBBA says

    Well im glad you were not in the storm.

  17. YOBABYBUBBA says

    Im from Bklyn myself.

  18. YOBABYBUBBA says


  19. DCML says


  20. Bryan Doe says

    I took photos of all that you videotaped a few days later. I live in southern Westchester. I know someone who was "right in front of" the tornado, maybe a few yards away from the State Police officer whose car got picked up with him in it.

  21. YOBABYBUBBA says

    @misterdoe Wow, awseome!

  22. mmcckkgg says

    @misterdoe was on the 1st MNRR train allowed to go north of White Plains. When we got to Stevens Ave crossing the south-bound track was still blocked by trees and we crawled through.. I saw the traffic lights on the Bronx River Pky on the ground and trees down all over. We could see the crews cutting up the trees as we passed at like 5 mph. I worked in WP at that time and my windows faced North. I saw the Dark sky and heard the distant thunder and then the sun came out. Freak storm.

  23. YOBABYBUBBA says

    @mmcckkgg thats awesome .

  24. YOBABYBUBBA says

    @yanksfan21325 glad you made it.

  25. siculari says

    This is Saw Mill Parkway right? You were driving north east then exit 25. I was half a mile a way stuck in traffic, I did not know what happened then, but wind was rough and it was very dark, but I didn't see the tornado itself due to the hills. Took me 4 hrs to get home since 684 and Taconic were both closed.

  26. Ronnie Martinez says

    What's the name of the song?

  27. Ronnie Martinez says

    the second one

  28. Ronnie Martinez says

    I like the second one

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