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Alaska Cruise Watch Outs. 8 Things Brochures Don’t Tell You!


Discover the 8 Alaska cruise watch-outs that the brochures do not tell! You need to know these before you go. Cruising to Alaska is fantastic, but there are some things that you need to know about so you can prepare for, and avoid making some Alaskan trip mistakes. In this video I discuss things ranging from weather, the ports, costs, souvenirs, wi-fi and more. Find out the things you need to be ready for. Do not let them put you off this incredible experience – just be ready and have a better time.

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  1. jnjtiger says

    Brilliant, as always. Answered and addressed some great points/questions. Here are two others. Always hear that on-shore excursions more expensive with the cruise line. Travellers encouraged to book with on-shore excursion companies. Same trips, less expense. Your expert view? Second point. Ship shown look enormous. Love Holland-America, but are their smaller ships? We recently took Columbia – Snake River Cruise, following Lewis & Clark trail, with UnCruise. Small ship and really loved it. Told they also go to Alaska. Again, your expert opinion on these. Thank you so much for a great travel service! You're the best!

  2. Eva H says

    Good advice

  3. topper18x says

    I enjoy your videos very much. They're packed with great information! My husband and I are planning a June 2020 cruisetour to Alaska (probably on one of the Princess ships). Thanks for all your tips.

  4. Sharon at Sea says

    This is so true!!!. Alaska's weather can be very unpredictable. We went prepared for rain in May & ended up with sunny warm weather.

  5. Petr Frizen says

    Wonderful tips! Who could have imagined that Wi-Fi internet is so poor in that part of USA… Gary: more and more I contemplate over your trip to Wales and come to the conclusion, that the castles are the number one for me… Because of the Inspector Barnaby! Because of the Inspector Barnaby!!!

  6. Jo W84it says

    Great tips – thanks! I would not have considered the immigration queues and would ordinarily board as early as possible. I’m planning a 2020 cruisetour so your Alaska videos are a welcome resource.

  7. Carolyn Burelbach says

    So leave from Seattle?

  8. Cym says

    Any thoughts on the Ruby Princess ship out of Seattle? Yay or Nay?

  9. Julia Smith says

    Our excursion guide in Totem Bight state park told us most shops along the main streets where you get off the ships are owned by the cruise lines (unless there is a sign specifically stating 'locally owned'.) She told us if we wanted to do more local shopping it's best to go in a few streets. That was certainly our experience in Ketchikan. Thanks for the tip about looking for the bear and hand logos – I'll keep an eye out for them if I go again.

  10. Nick Barshay says

    As an Alaska resident and a frequent Alaska cruiser (HAL), one thing I recommend inJuneau for souvenir is art work by local artist Rie Muñoz, who is no longer with us. Whimsical scenes of Alaska life are available in all price ranges.

  11. Todd Stafford says

    Well done. So many Alaska travel videos are full of bad information, but yours is right on.

  12. Robert Ferreiro says

    thank you…… have you been to THE MARA in Africa

  13. VeRoxSadie says

    One of the main problems with souvenirs is those dang people coming from out of state to make buck selling their own stuff. They only come up for the summer and rent the building spaces in downtown Juneau. All the locals know they are BS and a glaringly obvious tourist trap. Also, advice for tourists: for @#$!% sake, stay out of the road! And if you do need to cross, don't go at a snail's pace please. These ports are working towns and people who live there need to commute. One time a wild flock of about 20 tourists just stood in front of my car chatting, I had to start revving the engine just to get them to move along. Middle of the freaking intersection!

  14. J Schroeder says

    I was on an Alaska cruise last year (HAL). We were the last ship of the season. Port shops were getting ready to shut down for the season. Good prices on everything. Rained everyday. By a stroke of luck, our visit the Glacier Bay it was clear and sunny. Fantastic experience.

  15. Maria Noble says

    Always nice to get good advice from Mr. Beverage.

  16. alan swensen says

    Saying you’ve seen Alaska after a cruise is like saying like saying I’ve seen Europe because I’ve visited Gibraltar for two days. As a lifelong Alaskan, may I point out that your focus is only on southeast Alaska.

  17. HateGovernment says

    Go out of Seattle. Duh.

  18. Mike Harms says

    Yes flaska does rain a lot in the summer and you should never be put off from doing Alaska cruise because of rain you should be put off Alaskan cruise because you're nothing but a bunch of trump supporters and if you do not support dictators and evil people then you should not take Alaska cruise

  19. Mike Harms says

    also in Alaska 99 percent of all Alaskan are armed is one of those State that are very Pro gun and in some areas it's against law not to have a gun in Alaska. Have a great day

  20. Mike Harms says

    If you want to bring those prices down for this High excursions the thing about it is people should not go to Alaska for 2 years and force all the prices down have a great day

  21. John Curran says

    We just came back in early July from a two week cruise in these waters. Our ship did not go into Glacier Bay, for the reasons she states, but we did visit two other fjords to see the Dawes Glacier & Hubbard. We've been to Kenai Fjords so we have seen other glaciers. Dawes was OK but only calved a little. The ride in and out was gorgeous. But the visit to Hubbard Glacier was fantastic. The ship turned so the port side was facing the glacier from about 1.5 miles. For nearly an hour the glacier calved in spectacular episodes. Lots of cracking & booming with big waves coming towards us as huge chunks fell into the water. Several of them appeared to be the size of buildings. The captain said he'd been at this glacier a dozen or more times & had never see it spawn so much ice.

    He is right about Vancouver and immigration. One tip: since we were staying in Vancouver at the end of the trip, we did not have to go through Customs & Immigration when we got back. We walked right through to the taxi/limo area. We had been warned about the long taxi line so we had arranged for a car & driver. If you can afford that, it will get you out of the terminal in a few minutes and not an hour or longer in the cab line.

    Our car driver said that Vancouver does not have enough taxis to cover the demand and Sundays around the cruise terminal heading to the airport are insane.

  22. William Guenthner says

    It's cold, wet, very crowded and very expensive. But don't let that put you off.

  23. Monica Craig says

    Great information!!!! Thank you. Crazy question… my husband wants a wallet like the one you showed during the souvenir section, can you share where you got it? Lol Thanks💗

  24. Eric L says

    Thank you. We are planning an Alaskan cruise next year. These are awesome tips!

  25. SheFlungDung says

    I've heard left side and right side are better, is one side of the ship better? Also, the train upgrade can't be done if you have kids.

  26. Blasko xx says

    Been working in Alaska in various places for 3 years now and it is really hard to be impress with scenery anywhere else.

  27. Samuel Arnold says

    Why not just tour Alaska by rental car? Then there's money to spare for a few small boat trips and a helicopter ride to places inaccessible by car.

  28. Blau Bayou says

    The Last Frontier

  29. Barbara Lynch says

    I just came off of Nieuw Amsterdam–Alaska Cuise. Glacier Bay was beautiful. It didn't rain at all… encountered a little bit of fog during at sea times, but clear and Sunny for the most part. Temps at the ports were in the mid to upper 70s–the locals thought it was hot while this AZ girl was enjoying the "cool" weather..

  30. Barry Lyndon says

    Floating buffet.

  31. Patrick T. says

    Thanks for the advice!!!

  32. Road trip Mutt Naboo says

    Thank you for the tips.

  33. Joe H says

    If all you do is ride a boat to Alaska and then goof off on the coast you haven't been to Alaska. If u only spend a day or two inland you haven't experienced Alaska. If u want to see Alaska learn how to survive in the wilderness and the hike it. Live it. See what the tour guides don't take you to. The best way to see Alaska is on the plane ride to get dropped off in the wilderness for a week

  34. Andrea Thomas says

    Great video!

  35. Tamera Shields says

    The pool will be closed

  36. Jind Mahi says

    Most of Alaskan cruise don't go to Vancouver they go to Victoria ( capital of British Columbia) is one of the most beautiful place of Alaska cruise.
    DO NOT TAKE ANY EXCURSIONS OR SHUTTLES BUS BECAUSE TAXIS ARE CHEAPER THAN BUS ( Shuttle bus charges per person) and taxi is cheaper when you not traveling by yourself.

    For example Shuttle bus charge you 13 dollars for downtown round trip.
    And taxi is 10 dollars for whole taxi one way to downtown.
    Based on group of 4 you will pay 13×4= 48 in Shuttle bus
    And 10 each way total 20 in taxi for 4 people.
    Same applies for gardens and city tours.

  37. Deb Lankford says

    We are looking at booking a one way cruise from Vancouver to Seward…which side of the ship is better for our balcony room?

  38. puk says

    Thanks for Your hints !!!

  39. Troy T says

    It makes me laugh to see these tourists wearing baffled down jackets in the mid of the Alaskan summer. Even in late September, the panhandle's weather is still nice for T-shirts.

  40. SsiolisP says

    In other words tourism industry has ruined tourism.

    This video made me feel claustrophobic seeing how people are herded like sheep off and on onto ships, boats, trains helicopters, dog sleds and funnelled into the small streets riddled with Chinese souvenir shops!

    I am pretty sure that NO! This is definitely not all that Alaska has to offer!

  41. Tammie Broggins says

    I want to move to Alaska so bad

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