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All You Can Eat THAI Hot Pot Buffet! New York Hot Pot Tour Part 3!


Get ready for AYCE Hot Pot Part 3! In this round I went to more NYC locations as well as a Thai style hot pot buffet! Enjoy!
**LOOK OUT for my HOMEMADE Hot Pot recipe on our cooking channel!
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  1. j w says

    I have a feeling that the second restaurant had to tone down the herb flavour in their broth BC new Yorkers found it to be too much

  2. imNumber1995 says

    Wow it's so hard to choose now:/ i want to go everywhere now://// :)))

  3. Cindy Yee says

    I was there last night!

  4. Ziper Point says

    What about Hotpot in OC CA

  5. classical7 says

    Watching this on an empty stomach a little after midnight…not a good idea 😭😭😭

  6. Jimin's Jams Are Not Got. says

    "today we are going to try three different hotpot places at three drastically different price- wait a minute "

  7. GoofyGufz says

    you should make video when you don't like the food i mean bad food , i really want to see that, your funny face and comment like ehm… ehmmm…. ehmmmm…. that's gross lol

  8. HCP Endz Ang says

    that song on 24:16
    can you tell me the title of that song xD

  9. Samantha Sams says

    This man has 3 stomachs! How does he eat so much lol love the vids

  10. greeneyedsam07 says

    Hey mike. You should come to Sydney Australia for some Chinese, you wouldn't regret it. BTW I just had my first Chinese hot pot, used your tips on hotpots and made your sauce it was great.

  11. Swivelhips 44 says

    When you watch Mike eat hot pot cause you have the flu! I'm living through you buddy!!

  12. Liara says

    Sukiyaki Sauce is my Favorite 😀 I am actually from Thailand (Born There) and my mom makes the Absolute best Food ever! She is not a Professional Cook but she knows what she is doing and she's been everywhere in Thailand and knows almost every Recipe(New, and Old School) 😀 if you want i could ask her to Cook you something and send it to you ;P

  13. Alyssa Russell says

    Nice Mickey Mouse t shirt dicknose.

  14. Jaimie Wood says

    didn't bib up…xD also looking forward to the hot pot recipe!! ive subbed so ill know when it gets put up..

  15. Dazzlings says

    Hot pot on on a cold day is perfect!

  16. Jonathan To says

    idk why people dislike broccoli…it doesn't taste horrible or anything…they're probably just not cooking it right to make it delicious.

  17. Reynolds Colton says

    How the hell do you find so many good Asian food places?!?!?!?!? You must pass on your knowledge!!!!!!!!

  18. Gino French says

    He used the same music as LA Beast in the second restaurant STAY WOKE

  19. Xavier Colon says

    You got a new subscriber in me love your videos

  20. Игорь Синицкий says

    Well youl have money for a couple of extra pancreas at least

  21. zhou roger says

    Haha I am eating while watching i win btw love u vids

  22. Lemuel kirby victoria says

    This dude makin money by eating different foods from different country haha awesome!

  23. The Legendary Ravioli says

    I'm watching this vid while being on a diet…

  24. Sophie Jackson says

    Do more of these!

  25. Rocky H. says

    Mike how do I get the 3rd Stomach going? Already got 2 need the 3rd one.

  26. Natsu Dragneel says

    lol the server was taking care of you telling you to put some vegetables on your plate

  27. mark egbuna says

    char siu again

  28. Sauceguy says

    Halal meat (Muslim squad where u at?)

  29. Nicholaos Banakos says

    “A little dill, a little pork, a little love, a little happiness.”
    – Mike Chen

  30. Jason Huang says

    Won’t you put saliva in the broth?

  31. Nghi Van Gia Chau says

    aight if you notice Mike always wears shirts with a city that is different from where he is at. this makes him look like a tourist — less awkward when filming by himself as well. take notes kids.

  32. Flood 152 says

    I wish Indiana had anything food

  33. Soubhik Das says

    I'm eating Ghugni right now. Mike find out whats a ghugni. 😉

  34. Claire lewx says

    You should come to Malaysia, you think Singapore food is great ? Come to the land of food heaven 😂

  35. Maryrose Tinao says

    Hi sir mikey.. im the BIG fan of yours from philippines.. sir i have request if its okay.. sir could you please film a video while trying filipino cuisine specially sinigang and adobo.. please sir take care and God bless.. 😍😍

  36. paul mei says

    Nice vancouver shirt

  37. Tony says

    im 17:59 min through the vid and he still has a 3rd stop!?! wtf! I almost pulling a Walter Bishop and dropping acid to understand how this dudes stomach works…i tell you its nothing like Kevin Harts fictional bank account for sure! lol

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