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AMAZING Go Pro Hero 6 GIMBAL! | Feiyutech G6


I tested and put together this review of the Feiyu Tech G6 GoPro Gimbal to see if you can use it for travel vlogging. Let me know if you would like us to do a comparison between the GoPro Karma Grip or the EVO?

Buy Feiyu Tech G6:

Can You Use the GoPro Hero 6 For vlogging?

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Hi, we are Stephen & Jess, Australian vloggers documenting our first year of leaving home and travelling around the globe. We want to inspire others to venture out, explore, take risks and go on our own adventure!!

We also run a travel, tech and lifestyle blog over at if you want to see personal recounts, photography, tips & wanderlust inspiration from Flying the Nest.


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  1. Delightful Travellers says

    Really digging these tech reviews Steve. This gimbal looks like something we could really use. I like that it's so light and small as we only travel with carryons. Great stuff! – Trevor

  2. jaytoo says

    just bought the G5, didnt know they released the G6 :’)

  3. sizzlemann says

    Can you mount a GP Session camera on this gimbal?

  4. Johnny J says

    Nice! Just got my G6 …..what settings do you use on gopro hero 6?protune?4k60? etc…..thx

  5. Heather M says

    Great product review! The end shows just how big a difference that makes!!!

  6. Matias Fútbol - Goalkeeping says


  7. A says

    Hi Stephen, I'm new to your channel. Kinda a random question but what products do you put in your hair to get it like that? I'm a guy and I have similar hair to yours but mine seems to always get frizzy and puffy in the hot summer. Thanks for any tips!

  8. Amazing Cambodia says

    I'm a new one and already subscribe …. Nice explanation and show…

  9. Vladimir Alifanov says

    How it can be amazing gimbal for vlogging if u can't shoot with sound because of motor noise. And I can't understand if they make it for GoPro why can't they not to lock the power button

  10. vicky handika says

    Bali… 😍😍😍😍😍

  11. Mircea Costiniuc says

    Thank you for lovely upload,

  12. Kat Arabella says

    I saw this singer at Fairbridge Festival and his stage name was Kid Dingo.. You look quite similar but maybe it's just me.

  13. Subs3v3n says

    Pls do a comparison with the karma grip 🙂

  14. dante' williams says

    Wonder why he didn't mention the female singer? That is a really good song who ever she is.

  15. Tanya M K says

    Thanks for the information! By any chance does this fit a GoPro hero 5 session?

  16. Mike Lao says

    Epic video!! Would you like to review our gopro accessories for free? we have many amazing action camera accessories for you. — Sincerely Mike

  17. Wong Anson says

    Thank you for your video, have you try to use G6 and using gopro6 to frame 4K video? since the gopro stabilize does not support 4K video, without Gimbal the 4K video can not use, I want to know if use g6, will it be much more better?

  18. The Girl Backstage says

    Will my go pro fit in if I have the waterproof housing on it?

  19. Marxton Dutton says

    So, I actually picked up the previous vlogging set per your recommendation, the rhode videomicro (which I didn't see you using on this setup), the aluminum case and the dome from another video. I got the g6 gimbal in the mail yesterday (purchased a couple weeks ago) and I was also impressed. I'm disapointed that you can't put that aluminum case in the housing because I bought a bunch of lenses for it too. I am also disapointed that you didn't test out how "waterproof" it was haha. You had the perfect opportunity @5:00 in the video!! I really want to know the limits as I will be in the ocean in 3 weeks. I think there are a couple features you left out but I like the gear and appreciate your videos!

  20. Kingsley Aisthorpe says

    What settings on gopro did you have?

  21. Alex De Leon says

    Comparison please

  22. David Linley says

    Would be good to see how you attach a external mic as the GoPro sound isn’t that good.

  23. whatever nevermind says

    There is absolutely no point showing example footage of a gimbal when the end footage is played in slow motion as this hides all the bumps and shakes and makes us unable to judge the performance of the gimbal itself,

  24. Obligatory Traveler says

    Great information. Wouldn't mind seeing a comparison video between the two gimbals. I'm going to get the GoPro6 next month (thanks to your original video when you first got it helping make that decision) I don't have a gimbal yet so would like to see more so I can decide which would be best for me.

  25. JessChillinAbout says

    Ohh I want one of those!

  26. Luca Piga says

    hi, thanks for the review, do you think is better the G6 or the WG2? I have to take a gimbal asap

  27. Fernando Rudge Leite Neto says

    A perfect review! Thanks a lot!

  28. nc leung says

    have you tested its waterproofness? can it be submerged?

  29. CZECK FunnyCrazyVids says

    Great review, now i really see how bad it is

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