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Americans Try Japanese Cheesecake from Uncle Rikuro!


Trying Uncle Rikuro’s Famous Japanese Cheesecake in Osaka Japan! It’s a jiggly cheesecake that is simply delicious! When eating in Japan, the famous food is ACTUALLY good! So try one of Uncle Rikuro’s famous cheesecakes… it might be the best cheesecake in Japan! We recommend you also try Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake.

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  1. Leo F. says

    You guys…😂😂
    always making me hungry 😋

  2. selina wilson says

    Weird cheesecake! Would you order it again Ashley? And if Japan is in your top 5, I would love to know both of your personal top 5 countries to visit, top 5 to eat in and top 5 for where you would live if you could x

  3. Epi' Wood says

    Watch this, grap some snacks 😆😆😆
    😯 yummie food everywhere…that cheesecake 😱😱😱😱 yuummm
    Spoil for giant purchase iiiss…..💸📷📹 😄

  4. mithaweed says

    hats for kitties! hats for kitties! fluffy pound cake!! Josh you clearly stand out in a crowd there!

  5. WΔY ΔWΔY - The Way Away, travel and lifestyle says

    Don't forget to check out our Spring lineup and Limited Edition merch!

  6. Tiger's Eye says

    Ohhhhhh I slept in again….. Goooood moaninnnnnggggg!!

  7. Mark Caswell says

    The cheesecake did look more like a sponge cake, but I'm sure it tasted good. The cat hats were so cute, if I had a cat I would also want one 🙂

  8. J Tube says

    Most Japanese cakes are light and not very sweet. I grew up in Kobe and Osaka. Imagine growing up eating mild sweets and then returning to America to eat that over the top pure sugar icing on cakes. Yuck; I still scrape it off.

  9. Skye says

    My husband and I tried that cheesecake on our last trip too.
    Your first thoughts were my exact thoughts too. It’s not a cheese cake. There is no cheese in it. It’s an egg soufflé with raisins. It just tastes like egg too. Definitely won’t be in a hurry to try it again.

  10. Tiger's Eye says

    … and now I have to check your Instagram…

  11. Arif Gunawan says

    Great Series!

  12. Yve Rose says

    Not a spoiler, you released your Taiwan ad application already lol

  13. Saad Ali Khan says

    Good vlog

  14. Glenn Camp says

    You certainly capture how relaxed Osaka is. It is now on my list for my Japan trip.

  15. Heidi Turner says

    Josh looks like a French mime lol

  16. Flaming June says

    Another really fun video, guys!!!

  17. The Beanie says

    We’ve been to Osaka but didn’t have enough time to explore. What part of osaka did you go? Osaka is more chill than tokyo, at night there’s street performers.

  18. Kyle K. Chang says

    The dress shirts are not just for accidents, but the folks working in the cities in Japan don’t actually go home during the weeknights a lot, they actually go out for business dinner and drinking with co workers and bosses or clients and end up staying in capsule hotels and need a clean shirt for the next work day.

    Enjoy Taiwan, I was Made in Taiwan 😜

  19. Reza Mall says

    Hi Guys. I love your videos. In this video you mentioned that Japan was one of your top 5 favorite countries thus far. What are the other 4 countries?

  20. おーマーズ says


  21. pikochanchan says


  22. Sukanya Kalra says

    What are the odds I was thinking about Mia when u said family mart chicken, and then you took her name hahahah!!

  23. Krystlynne Muscutt says


  24. moniha0916 says

    Hi! Osaka is my home town (now I live in Italy) and I'm glad you guys enjoyed and made this video! Uncle Rikuro's Cheesecake is my favorite, too!

  25. Danny Danny says

    I would end up getting lost in that mall, and probably falling miserably into the canal 😛

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