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An Indian in Egypt Trains: Useful apps | Type of trains | 1, 2 & 3 Class


Like Indian Railways, Egyptian trains can also be the cheapest way to travel in Egypt. They are also the most authentic way to experience Egypt. This video covers various topics like – type of trains in Egpyt like ordinary trains, VIP trains, Spanish trains and Ordinary trains. I have also shared information on Egypt train apps which may be useful to understand the train system of Egypt. Besides this, you will also see a glimpse of Cairo train station which is also called Ramses railway station, Cairo.
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    Its nice to see your train journey video. The most important factor i have noticed in your video is Credit Note of EP 50 for you. This is totally new & strange experience and i never experienced it in my all international/domestic journeys. This clearly shows that humanity and kind heart are always there and every where. And hats off to you bro for passing the credit in favour of needy. You have raised the level of Indian generosity. Keep going and i wish you happy journey……………….


    It’s really amazing series … I think this channel is on of the best traveling channel in the world … ❤️

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    Varun bhai I have seen some very negative comments about Egypt from some of the viewers in your Egypt series. Please tell your viewers that Egypt is a very nice country and Indians should help the Egyptian economy by visiting them. Please like and pin this message Varun Bhai.

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    You are amazing sir, agar ye comment aapke har ek video mei bhi likhoon na to aapke liye bahut hi kam hai, again thanks for duniya ghumane ke liye.

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    please visit turkey, thanks, awesome country!!

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    Uskaa asani se ptaa chl jaa ye ki
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  42. Asmaa Ayman says

    I'm from Egypt 🇪🇬

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    Really u r awesome… आपकी आंखों से हमलोग पुरी दुनिया की सैर कर रहे हैं। धन्यवाद! वरुण भैया

  44. knight on horse says

    Hi VARUN,
    U can easily translate on google translation audio. You will have no problem communicating either thru your cell data plan or alternatively there other are special devices too. Egyptian Or Russian or Thailand to English and vice versa. I hope you follow it.

  45. mushtaq hussain says

    U make nice videos on travelling…and I appericiate that….honestly speaking helps me alot thank you….and one thing ….I am from Ladakh India ….pls do visit Ladakh also…I ll help u if u needed…stay blessed …

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