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  1. Maggie Sobhani says

    Hi google. I'll be cleaning your rooms for about a tow years as I'll be tackling my personal problems, saving some money, getting daring and what not to start working on projects.

  2. chihwa mwana says

    if u cld jst open a google office in zimbabwe dat wld be owesome  

  3. Shawn Afshar says

    I'm not an engineering student any other departments I can work in ?

  4. kenneth wallace says

    because they are all PAID!!!!

  5. Starfish says

    I don't understand why the official Google channel has all their videos in the lowest 240p quality. Can Google not afford to buy a decent video camera?

  6. Aaron Hernandez says

    OMG google I want to work with you since I was little

  7. lele de santos de paula says

    Eu adoro fazer amigo

  8. Tracy Allen says

    Sounds like a great place to work but… what work do they do? Is there really a customer support team? Do they get to shut down early? Cause trying to actually speak to someone for help seems to not exist. I'm all for a fun place to work but, I'm more impressed with companies that handle my concerns as a customer. 🙁

  9. NDevor says

    Smart. Give them all those amenities so they never want to leave. Keep them working more!

  10. Makedonskiy Alex says

    Saxion wtf, I want to watch videos in good quality and all I get is this…

  11. 阿咔 Arcal says

    not only HTML and CSS, you have to learn more like PHP, ASP…

  12. Julia Markina says

    Great,great Company! I can't even imagine myself without "Google"! Love you,guys! Thanks!

  13. The deck to the 16th power says

    Fix the Audio

  14. Do Bo says

    google releasing 240p in 2007 lol

  15. Honeysuckle says

    2000 Pontiac Grand Prix smog pump replace

  16. Ayush Shah says

    very nice

  17. Sandra Estrada says

    tomas ocompo

  18. Four4 says

    why is the highest quality 240p

  19. Yogantara R says

    i wish i have a teacher,i need someone for learn :'( anything in computer

  20. Top official says

    I will work there one day, just gotta finish highschool get a scholarship to the US, study Computer science graduate university apply to work in google

    Long journey but possible

  21. fadhila jebnoun says

    i love google <3

  22. chander shekhar says

    Really the place, one would be lucky, google is very friendly and interactive

  23. Jayanth Manklu says

    wonder how many of them from this video are still at Google…

  24. John Paulo Santos says

    It's been 10 years :3

  25. nagini ks says


  26. Dana Frieling says

    note wisdom 666 end begin.

  27. Dana Frieling says

    one more time.

  28. Glory M says

    The business is RX drugs. thanks to these rats in there cages.

  29. Jose Francisco Medeiros says

    How cool is that!

  30. DKgamer says

    Lol 240p was the highest quality in 2007 😂😂😂

  31. Noah Brown says

    I can not login my account [email protected] can not login no way how but dont remember i try recover did not work constant me on

  32. Noah Brown says
  33. Sarah Harris says


  34. Adithya Bhat says


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