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  1. ksarn7 says

    thank you so much for this!!

  2. Sarah T says


  3. fairfieldct gal says

    Go see this show! check out ALTOHEADS:Fans of Christy Altomerr(facebook page and like it,

  4. Cat Kubick says

    Their faces during "totally illegal lovely getaway" are so cute 😂

  5. Kayley Luczywo says

    I'm still waiting for the bootleg…. come on…. being patient…..

  6. phantom4evr101 says

    Just out of curiosity how packed was the store? The stage door was crazy insane when I saw the show a month ago.

  7. Alex S. says

    Bless you SuperHappy Dad!! This is iconic

  8. Carlos Alejandro Alvarenga says

    Where the heck is this Barned and Noble???

  9. Bailey Bieganek says

    If I sound half as good as Mary does when I'm old I'll have lived a good life

  10. jaida skye says

    I didn't dare recording it when I was there haha, didn't want to get in any trouble yanno

  11. akronkeith says

    I hit thumbs up before I even hit play!

  12. Tineke Gay says

    <3 Derek for saying "throwing up" at 1:21.

  13. Rachael Levitan says

    derek kleenex is so beautiful

  14. Isobel Duncan says

    I'll probably get Hell for this, but I'm glad they cut Rasputin out of the musical.
    Hear me out. As much as I like the song In The Dark of The Night, Rasputin's character in the film was kind of silly.

  15. claddagh182 says

    so i don't think christy altomare has a good voice, john bolton has waaaaaaaay to much vibrato, and close the door is terribly boring . . . . yet i want to see the show so bad! i do not understand myself. it may be partly because i have fallen in love with derek klena's voice, though.

  16. shaylen sanders says

    The grand dutchess's performance was so moving!

    I hope someone decided to record the actual play 🙊 I wish I could see it so badly!! I'm in California though.

  17. Nashelie Sanchez says


  18. Nashelie Sanchez says

    Thank you for this!😄

  19. stephanie competente says

    Mrs Florrick SPOTTED!

  20. Cameron Walker says

    He sounds so good omg goals

  21. kitkatnad says

    I'm not an emotional person, but when I see this, it will destroy me

  22. Riley Hunter says

    For those who want to see the Anastasia bootleg and view many other bootlegs, go to Honestly amazing.

  23. Kristin Loewen says

    Mary Beth has such a beautiful voice!

  24. Isabella Sandore says

    Who's the first guy

  25. Jess Bohin says

    0:00 My Petersburg
    4:25 Close the door
    9:35 We'll go from there

  26. Katha Dornbach says

    Is it just me or would Derek make a really good JD

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