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Another officer attacked at Riker’s. Check out the video.


RIKERS ISLAND, New York (WABC) — Authorities say a Rikers Island correction officer was slashed by a gang member Friday night.

The officer was grabbed by the inmate on his left shoulder, and in a struggle for the weapon, suffered a 3-inch slash wound across his face, officials said Saturday.

Officials with the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association said they sent a letter to the Department of Correction in June saying the “lock-in” procedure is not being followed by inmates who live in modular or dorm housing.

The union has asked that those inmates be transferred to cell areas, but say the department ignored their requests.

Union officials were expected to hold a press conference later Saturday afternoon.

  1. Fugitive Recovery PHansen says

    3 to. 6 foot rule, keeping distance will keep you safe, call for backup. Stay alert. Stay safe, great Video. Thanks.

  2. Jason Cunningham says

    I hope he recovers quickly and overcomes the challenge of coming back after an attack, and Rikers needs to review it's staffing and policies. Something is very wrong there.

  3. Jason Cunningham says

    Also from a learning perspective, it looks like the video starts with the officer attempting to intervene in a fight. Never get involved without backup. Call for help and observe until help arrives.

  4. GCF says

    This is hard to watch. Some people really do need to be locked away. It's a shame this guy is just doing a job.

  5. Roy Spaulding says

    Sorry to hear about this, but it is always something that could happen to any of us. I hope the officer didn't get hurt too badly.

  6. C Kez says

    ANTHONY!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!! I’m sooo sorry for my language but this is horrifying!! The garbage ass inmate who is out numbering the officer won’t EVEN LET HIM OUT HE DOOR!! This needs to BE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! I’m pissed!!!

  7. Kevin Charles says

    The Island is wild. For a while the Suffolk County jails were full and they were shipping out to Rikers whoever they could. Filled with weapons, dope, savages and low lives.

  8. Michael Kessler says

    The Department will defend itself by criticizing the officer for not keeping his distance while calling for assistance, which is in accordance with rules and officer training. But this rule clearly and systematically deprives peaceful and defenseless inmates of protection from violence-prone inmates. So either way the Department of Correction should be subject to cash penalties in a civil trial.

  9. Thomas House says

    This just goes to show how dangerous this job is. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  10. HeyLookIt's Smitty says

    The main thing about this that concerns me is, Where Is His Backup?
    Keep your distance, call for backup, give loud verbal commands, engage ONLY after you have enough support or feel you have no other choice. You must also KNOW YOUR SURROUNDINGS! Don't back yourself into a corner unless you have no other option.

    Let me also say, almost every single time I have used my OC, I got over spray/splash back in my face. The majority of the time, I would then also have to use physical force.

    It Is Mind Over Matter!

    That's why we spray you in the academy. After your exposed you go through your different strike stations then handcuffing and calling for assistance before you can decontaminate. This proves to yourself that you can fight through it.

    Hell, the inmates fight through it, you damn well better also!

    Sorry for the rant, these incidents bother me, as I know it bothers each of you.

  11. Badwolf75 says

    I'll echo the comments already made here. Where is his backup? It also seems like he expected or had trained with OC spray that projects in a stream and what he got was a cone . Check the label (if it's not too faded to read) on your can and make sure you know what your carrying.

  12. Chris Rosado says

    Well I can definitely say that most of it was the officer's own doing. I know that you can get a back splash from the spray but he sprayed it too wildly. Second I noticed that he was not wearing a radio or a Personal Body Alarm, so forget about packup arriving for help. It was a bad choice all around of the officer.

  13. stone cold says

    where was the A officer ,no squad I was trained in the academy never break up a inmate fight hit the alarm

  14. Wesley Shadoan says

    It looks like he deployed pepper spray of some sort in the beginning and it backfired. I personally hate pepper spray because 90% of the time it gets on you aswell.

  15. Uk prison story's says

    It's wrong doing all this channel coming on

  16. Cameron McAllister says

    I’m sorry but the officer sprayed mace and then walked right into it rendering himself useless. Then while incapacitated an inmate was able to take advantage of the situation. I start the academy in 2 weeks and already have a list of errors that Officer made. I was interested to hear what you thought about the attack but the video ended.

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