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Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over ‘Defective’ Keyboards


If you own a 2016 or newer MacBook Pro, chances are you have probably experienced some issues with your laptop. In this video, we discuss a little more about the lawsuit that’s plaguing Apple and it’s keyboards.

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  1. kervin r says

    I have an issue with my keys! I have a 2016 version and when I hit the "X" key, it types twice or three times! It's really bugging me.

  2. Stanley Yung says

    I extended my apple care just because of the keyboard issue!!!!! Old Apple products when Steve was in charge would never have this kind of problem.

  3. Joshua Castillo says

    … the keyboard is soldered in the body and the battery.

  4. Tech DEEM says

    Does anyone feel problem in macbook keyword ? 🤔

  5. Teo Sim says

    Ive had an issue where a key started malfunctioning. I took it in and got the entire keyboard replaced, but only because it was still under warranty. I wouldn't know what to do if they want me to pay 300 bucks to fix a key (thats how much the entire keyboard costs)

  6. Kevin Go says

    Apple is going downhill.

  7. Goal Den says

    Apple should just be a customer service company

  8. Bojangles says

    Good thing I stick to my mid 2015 macbook pro

  9. boxertest says

    Built to fail, so you buy more

  10. Olmo C says

    I’ve been using the new MacBook Pro for a week and I like the new keyboard waayyy better

  11. Team 974 says

    My MacBook Pro 2016pops all the time. Apple acts like I’m the only one

  12. ihsan gene says

    I don’t know if popping keys are with this video, but I have gotten AppleCare in my Mac 13 inch TouchBar, and they make you wait 2 FUCKING WEEKS TO FIX JUST 3 key plastics…

  13. Blunty says

    Within a week of purchasing my MacBook Pro 2017 model the M key got stuck, fortunately I was able to return it and get a new one

  14. Richest Man In The Universe says

    "If it breaks, it breaks." – Apple

  15. Hanro50 says

    Maybe not riveting the keyboard to the frame would help.

  16. Rama Mishra says

    Apple is arrogant.. I hate that company with passion!

  17. Eden Roth says

    the company is moving backward

  18. Ayan CEO says

    Apple = Garbage

  19. LucienSabre says

    Never had keyboard issues….because I wasn’t dumb and went with an iMac and a MacBook Air 13”.

  20. Kristoffer Chong says

    I'm glad to own a MacBook Air

  21. Siem Reap says

    Mean while ThinkPad keyboard gives its user fingasm on a regular basis.

  22. sjcongo says

    Bullshit :)))) no problem here with over 14 macbook pros 😉 2014-2017

  23. TNT says

    I dn't knw, a key ppping ff sunds like an issue that might alarm anyne writing smething imprtant…

  24. Darren Isaacs says

    Only my ENTER key is affected. It just happened suddenly and is definitely noticeable. The travel of the key is definitely less compared to others. I own a 2017 MPB 13'

  25. Elite falcon Gaming says

    People need to stop being pussies and just ask  to fix the isssue and see if they can recall the product instead of trying to get money off them it’s like saying that I need to sue Microsoft because my Xbox crashed when I was in the middle of a game

  26. Al Arqrez says

    Of course you'll get replacement quickly, you're an Apple fanboy website, I was quoted $300 to repair the keyboard.

    I'm waiting for class action lawsuit against Apple for faulty/defective Macbook screens. My screen started flickering after the 1 year warranty was over, sent to Apple for inspection and was quoted $500 to repair it. I refused to pay for it and they returned me the Macbook in even worse condition after that.

    Needless to say, I have stopped buying Apple devices after this and will never support such a bad company.

  27. jojomascalero says

    my $3000 2016 MacBook pro keyboard started acting up. took it to Apple Store, they told me that the warrany ran out last month and I'd have to pay $450 for the repair! darn you apple.

  28. Kim Jong Skill says

    A defective Macbook? Whaaat, I would have never expected that! /s

  29. Kento De Napoli says

    my shift button is messed up and thought it was only me, lol

  30. Adrian Caban says

    This video has got it all wrong! To clarify, there are only two generations of butterfly keyboards. The ONLY product that came with the first generation was the 2015 MACBOOK. Every single other product has a second generation.

  31. Matt Garcya says

    bruh i was planning on getting a macbook but all these problems people having making me get a custom PC

  32. Brennan Martin says

    My brother had to have his macbook pro with this keyboard replaced like 3 times. Apple's Hardware has become trash. What terrible quality assurance they must have.

  33. Hassan Khan says

    I have the same issue with my 2016 13' MacBook Pro

  34. durden02 says

    Apple knows there is an issue, but if you're out of warranty it's your problem. So that's the great service people are talking about?

  35. Jeremy Deel says

    Love the new keys have had the 2016 MacBook Pro since shortly after it released and have had zero issues with it! I can type so much faster on it than any other keyboard especially in short bursts.

  36. Jose Guzman says

    Where can i sue em ive had many issues w my keyboard

  37. Amelia C. says

    It's quite simple, stop trying to make everything paper thin.

  38. tobi6277 says

    I have a 2016 MBP and I have experienced numerous flaws with my computer, not only with my keyboard, but also with a manufacturing flaw (to bulges on the exterior of the hinge). I was in contact with them for 4 months until they finally gave up and repaired it all under warranty. The keyboard was also replaced, but only a few weeks later, it had another defect. The defects on the 2nd gen keyboard are not as extensive, however.

  39. tom phillips says

    my MacBook Pro if fine, oh sorry, forgot its been sent off for having 8 problems simultaneously

  40. pavy415 says

    I habe one of the broken key boards and im hoping to get it fixed

  41. likespike says

    I must say that the keyboard is kinda rubbish. It happens to me a lot that for example keys j and f sometimes produces two characters instead of just one. It does not happen too often, however it super annoying to be corrected about typos that were caused by faulty keyboard.

  42. TheFELIX251 says

    I have a 2017 MBP and my left arrow button is feeling broken. Will this mean I get a free repair?

  43. bumtree says

    Apple eats class action lawsuits over their defective ameteur enginereing all the time. So long as their loyal fans continue trundling along with their defective critical faculties they will have no reason to put function over form.

  44. Diamond Xtracts says

    My mid 2015 keyboard died within a year

  45. Taylor Anderson says

    Imao I have the 2017 MacBook Pro and I had to have the whole keyboard replaced because some of the keys were stuck but luckily I have the Apple protection plan

  46. Imran51408s says

    i have a 2016 macbook pro and my n and b keys are fucked to shit. It either won't register a click or click 3-4 times, which are both fuckin annoying. My warranty ran out and I wont pay whatever exorbitant sum Apple will charge me to fix it since their motto is planned obsolescence. About time they got their asses sued. Srsly, no real innovation has come out of Apple since Steve Jobs died.

  47. Lord Lew says

    I’ll stick with my 2011 macbook pro

  48. mifster says

    Same problem

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