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  1. Oliver Bose says

    I’m missing auxiliary ports.

  2. Shamar Coke says

    I still don’t like the idea of having to keep the HomePod plugged in to work

  3. Mark Progano says

    Hi Dan with MacRumors

  4. Ferry Gunadi says

    If Apple wants HomePod to support third party music streaming, it'd be done already. HomePod might only be 4 months old, but Siri has been around since 2011 and Spotify, 2008. Apple has all the time in the world to make Siri support Spotify control. Instead it started Apple Music in 2015 along with all the ecosystem support. Homepod is a great speaker in a tiny package. But it'll only support Apple Music if you want a standalone music player. I hope I'm wrong, but honestly, if you want Spotify control in HomePod, you need to scrap that thought. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

    AirPlay stream is great but it'll drains the battery of your audio source, considerably. Not to mention voice command with Siri playback is lagging and slow. You may say "PLAY/STOP/SKIP" but it'll respond 2 seconds later, you'll end up repeating the command and make the whole thing frustrating. With native Apple Music, it's very responsive.

    So yeah, if you want a full Spotify support and keep your iPhone, look somewhere else. Sonos 1 is a great choice, not as solid as Apple, but it'll keep you somewhat off the walled garden.

  5. Peter Otte says

    Would you really consider getting an Alexa knowing that it records and transmits private conversations to anyone in your contact list? At least Apple has the privacy aspect right. That being said, I think the Sonos model is probably the better value.

  6. Matt Garrood says

    Voice recognition

  7. Workaholic says

    Unfortunately it’s still not available in Germany…

  8. Thijs van Hilst says


  9. Sue Clarke says

    We took HomePod on 14 day approval. It sounds amazing. Can't wait to hear two of them in stereo. But, we sent it back… Too expensive (specially for two) and Siri sounds just too 'unfriendly' compared to 'happy' Alexa.

  10. Aether Mass says

    I wish the HomePod had a disk for backup in it. Give me more reasons to want one.

  11. joel richards says

    Personally I think the HomePod is the most innovative hardware Apple has released in ten years. Seriously. Dive into the science behind it and you'll realize that no one is doing what Apple is doing but I bet very soon many will be.

    Fix it. Improve it. Apple has never done well with selling chapter products and the components of the HomePod are already very innovative. How many other $350 speakers have EIGHT independent amps and drivers? The hardware is a STEAL. The software is very mixed. Apple set themselves up for failure by adding Siri (without the ability to compete against Google and Amazon) and thereby making this a "smart" speaker. Yes, they've tried really hard to position it as a speaker first, smarts second device but that's not how the market sees it and the device is getting hammered.

  12. Jhay AR DC says

    When will this be available here in Japan? Anyone?

  13. Mitchell Landen says

    Just have them give it of software update it’s not that hard

  14. Alex williams says

    I have a homepod and i live in switzerland..i have no issues with the speaker. Would be nice if it could speak german though

  15. Tigerex966 says

    it needs to give people more choice, aux in, real bluettoth with all of the latest hd codecs, digital in to use with tv's. apple tv, xbox playstation, etc.
    spotify, tidal, pandora should all work seamlessly.
    needs true stereo sound from one unit, which can be done through software.
    price reduction to $250.
    Compare to oppo sonus, Audio Pro speakers, and other same price players, or a high quality potable speaker and simply add alexa or google home to it or your home stereo and make your own much more powerful and better sounding smarter speakers.

    Make an optional battery base that will not harm furniture that will give 10-20 hours battery life so this can truly be portable with it's small size for about $50-$75, that alone would double sales as it would allow the speaker to be used everywhere it cannot be used now.
    on trips, outdoors, hotels, camping, etc.

  16. Tigerex966 says

    Wheres the battery, it should "really" be portable.

  17. Murchy Murch says

    "only" 600k sold. Never mind that every HomePod sale is 300 plus dollars. 6% of the market is a empty statistic. Marketshare only matters when you can show category leading profit coming from the marketshare. LOL how are you going to wax the narrative of the HomePod expense and show a Google Max priced at 50 more. Maybe making YT videos isn't your thing. Just saying

  18. jerome cassata says

    SIRI needs a complete rebuild. To protect our Security Apple will not open the Home Pod to a third party.
    This product will die on the vine if Apple doesn’t act quickly. Why did Apple release such an inferior product?
    I’m very happy with my current Sonos home music system to listen to my Apple Music.

  19. גיא דלריה says

    Macrumors please do an article about 2 iPhone X problems: 1. Growing reports of iPhone X Crackle speaker and issues in a call that people can't hear each other. 2. Growing reports of iPhone X "Ghost Touch" issue. I have the first issue but not the second, some of my friends with iPhone X suffer from the second issue. Please is very important because if you do it apple and the communication will pay attention and then apple will open a recall programs for all of us. So that's why this is important

  20. Frank Samet says

    I was looking to get two so that I could listen to everything in full stereo from my TV and anything else with blue tooth connectivity. But no connectivity = no purchase.

  21. Millahtime says

    “More expensive than speakers from other companies”…….(proceeds to show Google Home Max and price tag of $399)

  22. Jason Williams says

    I do have a lot of Apple products but I can’t justify buying the HomePod.

  23. Shaun H says

    Would pay current price if it wasn’t locked to Apple Music and Siri wasn’t a total dunce

  24. Kylecollins_27 says

    If it worked with Spotify I’d buy one

  25. BillyLapTop says

    It is a loser, period.

  26. NorthernStar says

    Got a Echo, a Sony phone, a Dell pc, a samsung tablet, philips lights, sonos speakers etc. etc. and it all works perfectly together. How would the homepod fit in? It wouldn't.

  27. Andronikos Zantis says

    Ive been looking for a revisit review of the homepod !!!!

  28. R l says

    Apple just makes zillions of profit on phones the rest is just a hobby. Get over it!

  29. Paul D says

    lack of features, lack of support for other services, lack of support for other bluetooth streaming, siri (it could add feet and inches, even though google could), and the price — these are all reasons I didn't bother with it.

    Has awesome sound – but I want a smart speaker, not just a speak with some extra functions tagged on.

  30. warmcozy says

    The sound quality of my two Homepods is unparalleled, really. My Sonos One, while good, relies too heavily on base which worries me because I live in a small apartment with neighbors on two sides.

  31. Pod says

    i have two homepods. WHERE IS AIRPLAY 2?!?!

  32. Cactus Tweeter says

    I purchased a HomePod. I love the sound. Apple has the expertise to improve Siri immensely. I hope they apply that expertise to improve Siri on HomePod. There's so much possibility. I don't need a cheaper price. I just want Siri to work better on HomePod.

  33. Richard Crossley says

    I own all of the home assistants and Sonos. Big problem for me is HomePod only works with Apple Music. I like iTunes Match part (which you can pay only for) but on the whole as a user of both Spotify and Apple Music the playlist choice and length on Apple Music is garbage. I get both as a student for £5 a month so not too bad. HomePod without Apple Music is not good but Apple Music is rubbish vs Spotify connect. In terms of smart home Echo and google home are miles in front too.

  34. Glenn Barn says

    When the product design is driven by greed and arrogance, even the fanboys think twice before buying your product.

  35. warwick clark says

    Simple: best privacy and best sound quality. Worth every penny.

  36. shadsdan says

    To many times I have gone to my phone to see what song is playing or to see what song was going to play next. But HomePod doesn’t share that information. I have to use Siri.
    If I want to change the volume, I have to talk to Siri. Not remotely with my phone – say if I’m in another room. I have to walk back into the lounge room to talk to her. And I don’t know what volume already is. Sometimes it’s a quiet song. I think it is on 30% but it was on 70% so when the next song plays it’s REALLY loud.
    And the biggest bug is I can’t change Siri’s voice volume. When I say goodnight to turn everything off and lock my door. She speaks so loud it has woken my 2 year old daughter. Why can’t we have a night time mode we can set times when she speaks softly.

  37. Richland Zee says

    I was at a Bestbuy store and saw one of these things sitting there playing music, the speaker sounds horrible! Initially I thought it was broken but it's not. The conclusion, overpriced "smart" speaker which only works with Apple products. Great job Apple. It is years behind Amazon Alexa and Google home. This half baked product should have been cancelled or sold at a discounted price like a regular speaker but that's Apple for you.

  38. John Stone says

    Open up the Apple HomePod to other streaming services and sales will take off ✈️

  39. Adam Squires says

    I need an improved Siri for smart home control, and a cheaper HomePod to put in rooms where music playing isn't the primary purpose. I have one Amazon Echo Dot currently and can see me committing to that route before the end of the year.

  40. Otto Wang says

    canada still doesnt have it either 🙁

  41. Carlos Dasilva says

    why would apple allow parasites into the home pod?

  42. Paul Rosenberg says

    I've been worried that the first HomePod's Siri shortcomings are tied to the A8 and that significant improvement of its functionality won't be physically possible because of it. I do think it's worth the price tag just for being a kickass 1-point speaker. We who care about sound quality are willing to pay for it. That said, the hobbled Siri that is dodgy even on the iPhone X with its A11X chip is a dealbreaker for me. I want Siri on HomePod to do more than control Apple Music. I want this HomePod, but I plan to wait either for the next gen with a better chip, or evidence that software updates will correct Siri's shortcomings.

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