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ARRIVING IN THE PHILIPPINES – Couchsurfing in Manila – Travel Vlog Ep1


Flying to the Philippines for the first time and I’m SO EXCITED!

I’ll be traveling around this beautiful country for two months and I’m taking you with me πŸ™‚ If you have any suggestions for where to go and what to do, please let me know!

In this episode, I travel from New York to Manila and meet up with my Couchsurfing host, James and two other Couchsurfers, Patrick and Daniel.

Join me in the next episode when I travel from Manila to Coron, Palawan by ferry and meet up with my friend Eleana, who I’ll be traveling with for my two months in the Philippines.

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  1. Blood Demon says

    Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines!!

  2. Jam Ping says

    The Philippines is the best country to boost your subscriber count. Subscribed!
    Enjoy the Philippines!

  3. skippy says

    Backpacker 101.

  4. Allan Odchimar says

    I like your inthusiasm about your trip in my our country, enjoy and be Careful.

  5. ms_Grace Arot Traveller says


  6. Wet Dream says

    you are full of stamina! such a cool guy!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Rich mae Cabansay says

    come to bohol.the best beaches around the world..

  8. Y&S FOOD! says

    Outstanding video footage! Here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to catch such type of contents. We create Travel & Food shows too, across the world, so we are habitually interested in inspirations and perhaps good ideas. Thank You.

  9. jan michael dela cruz says

    will follow you and up tune with your travel to our country. Enjoy! you’ll love it here.

  10. Melinda Raglem says

    Hello! New subscriber here. Thanks for loving my country Philippines. We love you back. enjoy travel. enjoy your summer.

  11. Melinda Raglem says

    Welcome to the Philippines!

  12. Su San says


  13. WasayEntertainment WE says

    6k subs? if you make vlogs in ph, deymmm in 1month you will surprise 😎!!
    It will boost your subs really fast 😎😊! Just like hungryassyrianvlogs and many more πŸ˜—πŸ˜†. Btw new subscribers here

  14. Pusong Pinoy Dreams says

    There is no other country more Beautiful than the Philippines and the People..Mabuhay!!!

  15. christopher rosario says

    welcome to the Philippines!

  16. Pinay Pie says

    Hello steve new sub from the philippines… Take care and god bless your journey in our country…πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  17. KaDora D'Explorer says

    welcome to the Philippines

  18. KaDora D'Explorer says

    video shots are amazing

  19. the doc. says

    This is such a great video steve

  20. Elaine Calaunan says

    welcome to philippines..
    new subscriber her.

  21. Art John Sobremisana says

    try to visit coron & el nido palawan, isla gigantes in iloilo, oslob in cebu, chocolate hills in bohol, ruins in bacolod, batanes and vigan πŸ™‚

  22. rlen perrera says

    New subs here watching in Middle East Jordan /Philippines

  23. Regina Marquez says

    Omg so handsome

  24. JConz.Net says

    Bro what Gimbal are you using?

  25. d landis says

    Off to Philippines next month looking forward to manila and palawan for week. Live and teach in Kuwait. Looking forward to your vlogs

  26. Alan Tan says

    Mabuhay and welcome to the Philippines. β™‘β™‘β™‘

  27. Ernalyn Reducto says

    new subscriberπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ welcome to the phils.

  28. ed lippiett says

    you said you had a one way ticket how did you get into the phillipines as you need a ticket out

  29. rose y says

    Steve, you should explore Taiwan…you'll love it there for sure!!!😁😁😁😁take care

  30. Anna Rhoella Bie says

    i am a couchsurfer too!

  31. romulo belleza says

    Your thumbnail caught my attention! Now I’m your new subs😊enjoy Phil😊

  32. iwant that says

    Hey Bro – where is this all you can eat pizza place? Sounds like my place for chow.

  33. Chris Coronel says

    Hi Bro….New subscriber here…welcome ka sa pilipinas bro…

  34. Chris Coronel says

    Filipinos are Lovely People…God bless bro…enjoy…

  35. Justin Davis says

    youre really cool and chill man

  36. Taga_Asa Ka says

    Welcome bro. do make more fun in the philippines.

  37. Ramir Lopez says

    You take care. Enjoy your stay in the Philippines!

  38. melissa dequin says

    OMG! You're the guy who ate at the eatery in Sibulan port just this lunch.. I can't believe I've unknowingly met u. I was the one who served you guys by the way. I think you're on the way to Cebu right now.. Happy trip here in the Philippines! Godbless.

  39. Estifanos Tsegaye says

    Go back to thailand

  40. Abbie Lane says

    New SUBS here, please, bring sun lotion, mosquito off lotion, sunglass, hat. U gonna burn there cuz it's summer time. The best month is Jan, Feb. Always ask Q to locals , make a deal when RENTING motorbike or anything. Good luck

  41. Edward Jon Manongdo says

    DUDE!! I saw you in Taipei!! I'm the dude at 5:32 that gave you a shout out for vlogging! Awesome!! I hope you enjoyed the Philippines!

  42. bb89670 says

    How was your visit to the Philippines?

  43. wheres joanne says

    I'm a new subscriber, looking forward to your Ph trips. It's getting hotter now. 🌴

  44. Daraadz 2ne1adz says

    Hi new subscriber here πŸ€—

  45. Funny Kids Playtime with Jade & James - ToysReview says

    Thanks for visiting our country . Hope you enjoyed. Do you have a niagar falls vlog?


    6:40 I stopped watching when he made fun of the "Philippine accent" which doesnt actually apply to every Filipino, just so you know.

  47. Maru Ursua says

    Go to Amanpulo, Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, Benguet (where you can find the Rice Terraces)

  48. Ian Dave Manguira says

    CRT TV ~ welcome to cheap beers

  49. Joemar Pausal says

    foreigners should be taxed large if they've gone in my country.they always shouting cheap vacation.haha

  50. Crisanto Sy says

    welcome home.

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