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CAMERA // Daniel Chang, Hannah Van Armsdale
Producer / Hannah Van Arsdale
MUSIC // Origami Beats ( RickyFlarez ( Birocratic Beats

  1. GarudaLegends says

    Why do you need to add female. Why could you not say sneakerhead and then show the females in the video. Enough with this feminist politics. Facepalm

  2. TheGreg991 says


  3. ANDI CORDERO says

    Love this! I love it when you can bring different perspectives all together to talk about what people are passionate about.

  4. Jeremy Flores says

    Amazing video 🙌🏻

  5. Papi DeRozan says

    you say aimé sooo wrong 😂 its a french word

  6. Rashaun Henry says

    Big up gt 🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾

  7. Yimoney says

    I remember its called, "shoehead", not sneakerhead. And if you don't know how iconic the Penny's 2 are, then that is just disrespectful to the history and the culture.

  8. Kinglazor says

    Love the new format😃

  9. Angel Ge says

    Hey Fung Bros, can you and your crew do a big collaboration with Wong Fu Productions, Off the Great Wall, IISuperwomanII, and Ryan Higa and his crew? It'll be like… an Asian Collaboration…

  10. Tony Samsenthai Xaychareun Xayagouman says

    I was doing better back then a few years back huh???!!! =| all love though bros very much appreciated LOL Shiiiet We Asian so I DONT THINK ASIAN PEOPLE ARE EVER GONNA CHANGE!!! =( LOL SIGHS………… ●○•°¤▪.☆ BINTHAW YAO SEK HO FAHN?????? ~_♡ NGAW HAI LIEUW TAI GOK YAN Tony-Hengdai bingaw ngaw Dí. Ngaw Ho liang ma??? Lol =D BINGAW JONGYI???? ~_^ HEEEH EHHH? LEI MINGBAK MAAA LMAO LOLLOL HEHAAAAHAHA

  11. Tony Samsenthai Xaychareun Xayagouman says

    Anyways sighs leta see here I haven't even looked closely at the girls yet so here i go NO BRIDAL SEARCHING HERE 100. SEEING WHATS UP WITH THE TWO BEST BROS MY BROS TOO! ♡ 100

  12. Fritz Alcindor Jr. says

    She mentioned the LA Gears. I sure had The Regulators when my mom couldn't afford the Reebok Pumps.

  13. Iain Ronald says

    I wish I could be a sneakerhead lmao. I'm size 16.5 Wide which basically means if I want casual Sneaks then I get Nike Blanks (someone out there's gonna tell me the name I'm sure, but they're just solid colour with no flourishes and a Nike logo). If I want a formal shoe I either rock Supra High Tops in a solid colour (don't sleep on Supra High tops they're actually super comfortable) or putting my name on a six-month waiting list for the one company that makes Oxfords that size. When everyone was into Yeezy360's I was down and wanted to start rocking them, so I went online and for size 16.5 the price was 4555.00$ and I was like "HELL NO!"

  14. Mai says

    The kicks yall have on are some of my favorites! I love sneakers so much.

  15. TomeiARC says

    U lost me at asian

  16. Mayra Reyes says

    Love this video makes me want to go to back to school and study business marketing and go into the sneaker world

  17. Christopher Buck says

    Pet peeve, diry chucks

  18. Zabuza Momochi says

    Both them bitches can't dress 4 shit

  19. Scootergodnation 101 says

    Please pin love all your vids great conntint

  20. Jordyn Lane says

    I dont see why theres so many dislikes! Great video!

  21. Lukas Latvys says

    What up Andrew

  22. Brittany Clottey says

    Can you guys talk about the group of people that influenced and popularized and created the whole sneaker head aesthetic? Black people have been very influential in fashion, and it would be great if you made a video about where the streetwear culture came from and how it has influenced other demographics.

  23. thomas pyo says

    girls that be into sneakers all look these 2 girls right here😔😓

  24. Zach Parker says

    Can you guys do more basketball videos 👍

  25. S-wo says

    Thought the woman in the middle was black.

  26. Hebbie Jebbies says

    Oh god she’s wearing high tops with shorts

  27. NOBA TECH says

    What backdrop and stands are you guys using for this video?

  28. collin huey says

    love you guys have you ever work with dan szeto He is what you will be doing 40 years from now.

  29. WaveLord says

    That part where she shitted on people working at Foot Locker was tight

  30. Just Souled Out says

    GET IT VICTORIA! Loved your commentary and them acronyms ayy

  31. pb3 says

    Is that a Japanese baseball league jersey ?

  32. tomii eames says

    super interesting! love this video, it was super helpful! 🙂

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