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Beautiful Hong Kong Skyline Smothered By Smog | National Geographic


Thick smog choked Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, hiding what on other days is an impressive spectacle of sea, hills, and skyline. Every monitoring station in Hong Kong reported dangerously bad air. Winter often brings heavy air pollution to this specially governed metropolis of southern China, but particulate matter levels on January 22 hit eight times the acceptable maximum. Officials warned children, elderly, and those with heart or lung problems to stay inside. Recent government efforts have made progress against air quality problems, but risk factors like motor vehicle traffic continue to pose a challenge.
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Beautiful Hong Kong Skyline Smothered By Smog | National Geographic

National Geographic

  1. Erick Alvarez says

    Hahaha Mass Effect 2 music 😄 Proving Uranus?

  2. Joe Satchton says

    I live in HK, currently in Tung Chung. 22 January was the worst I have ever experienced firsthand since late 80's L.A. Absolutely intolerable for a first-world country.

    NatGeo: You mention a few reasons for this phenomenon, but absolutely failed to mention the main cause which every single HK person knows is most to blame: factory over-production and still inadequate environmental regulations IN CHINA.

    Factory over-production is due to the upcoming Chinese New Year period – factories massively ramp up everything in the weeks leading up to CNY.

    That, combined with local weather conditions and China's improving but still abysmal environmental efforts results in what we saw 22 January. And it ain't a once a year phenomenon.

  3. β Aquarii says

    Beautiful !Thanks

  4. Duy Ly Hoang says

    They deserve it !

  5. Серафим Пропускайте says

    Беда с экологией по всему миру

  6. 황규진 says

    if the westerlies blow korea is similar to that. China needs to think about pollution policy again

  7. Deon Van der Westhuizen says

    Must be Donald Trump's fault.

  8. Zach Layman says

    Have someone read the text so I can look at the pictures.

  9. Cardinali says

    Basically the best way to change this is by replacing gas vehicles with electric vehicles.

    Gas is overrated anyways, it should have been left a long time ago.

  10. Zubin Bal says

    This also happen in New Delhi ,India….very alarming situation the earth is facing and the terrifying fact is it will only increase😓😓

  11. Coby Yuen says

    Thanks for China!

  12. Documentary Life says

    #wow national geographic ✌

  13. Khannea Sun Tzu says

    Looks like trump is in charge there too.

  14. Amit Ram Tudu says

    It became the Delhi of China.

  15. Tom ThePlayer says

    I hate China.

  16. Martin Belcher says

    Reminds me of UK, poisonous winter air

  17. Ching FUNG says

    In Hong Kong, PM2.5 is really really high, thanks god.

  18. Lima Hotel Mike says

    Stay inside? That's your solution pmsl

  19. SimonGun says

    Yes, Monday went I was outside the sky was dirty as hell😵

  20. Feder Giard says


  21. TRD jojo says

    Lol everyone is going to say 2 things.
    1)Mass effect music
    2)the area is surrounded by hills and the pollution is trapped due to slow winds…

  22. thisaccountisfake says

    The main cause is China not how many cars in HK for sure

  23. National Geographic says

    Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour boasts one of the most beautiful skylines in the world, but is now barely visible. What do you think residents and visitors can do to reduce the air pollution?

  24. BeeFriendlyApiary says

    Indoor air quality is just as bad when outside air is like this!!!

  25. Jack Reacher says

    Same thing happened in Delhi, India last month

  26. Winnie Wong says


  27. Jane Lin says

    Slow winds is fine with me. Otherwise that stuff would be blowing all the way over to California where I live.

  28. David says

    I think Kong Hong looks very busy, I like more relax place 🙂

  29. May Chen says

    funny part is I was too busy stressing over schoolwork to even notice the smog on Monday… sigh

  30. Joakim says

    They deserve it…

  31. * * says

    It looks exactly like capital of India (Delhi)

  32. Discduderules on PS3 says

    Looks like a Godzilla film

  33. scampily says

    Public awarenesson smog in Hong Kong are pretty low, I mean almost no one cares. Even People in China could noticed that and do some protection measure, while citizen in Hong Kong can't notice it since the air pollution index in there are outdated, hence I rarely saw anyone on mask that day

  34. Catchup Or Ketchup says

    A gift from CHINA

  35. hs2211 01 says

    3:45 dojte skopje pa ke viis

  36. RIOTMAKER 09 says

    So Bad…….

    Hong Kong Won't have A Fresh Air in 2018.

  37. MrThedirtyduo says

    No cars fault , unclean coal

  38. Angel Gil-Onken says

    Reports that slow winds helped cause pollution… i think the major pollution caused the pollution.

  39. Rares Finatan says

    Just visited HK and several air quality alerts like the ones in this video were issued. Also, awesome Mass Effect music <3

  40. Xizhe Cheng says

    I'm living in Shanghai and this level of pollution is a ROUTINE in the past decade. Especially in winter time since tens of millions of people are burning raw coral for indoor warm in north China. Feel sad for HK. 可以说普天之下仅是党土,并无桃源可避秦. (CCP: this is for you, HK!

  41. Evans Pratama says

    Lol Mass Effect music

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