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The pros and cons of being self-employed and being your own boss.

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Pros & Cons of being a Entrepreneur;
Con 1 Never not working
Con 2 No benefits
Con 3 No steady income

Pro 1 Make your own hours
Pro 2 Work & Travel
Pro 3 Satisfaction

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  1. Christopher Terrazas says

    You're great at what you do and the storytelling capabilities you have are phenomenal!! I'm visiting NYC for the first time tomorrow!! So excited!

  2. Jill Leflour says

    Brett I think you messed up the framerate while editing some of the clips ! They end up with a bad motion blur.

  3. Ozum Oben Sendil says

    Very inspiring, loved it ! πŸ™‚

  4. Shannon Jamison says

    Brett you truly inspire me. Im only 13, and you made me want to move to NYC to pursue my passion! Keep it up homie!

  5. Shimmer says

    Great video Brett! Needed this!

  6. J.Olliee Mann says

    Heeleys are back! Hahah.

  7. Adventure Vic says

    This is straight πŸ”₯! Thanks for the constant motivation!

  8. Newbtuber says

    As a small business owner in metro Detroit, the best way to get a job, is to make a job. It’s not all fun and games. Work hours 60+ a week, and you need to be able to deal with rejection, also learn from your mistakes.

  9. Sam Alexis says

    I love the clip of you distracting your own self.

  10. Jose Luis Cardenas says


  11. Nils Smith says

    Pros > Cons

  12. Shadow says

    Why does it look fuzzy other than that it’s amazing or is it an editing effect?

  13. Stone 86 says

    Hi Brett.. #askbrett will you consider riding that hand rail again? And your intern can film you πŸ™‚
    Have a Awesome Day Guys!
    -Stone πŸ€™

  14. Dillon Collins says

    No worries Brett. I'll be your boss.

  15. Dan Newman Vlogs says

    I'm considering full time freelancing (again). I have a throwaway job so I'm itching for some real work. I make food review videos for a side hustle, but I wanna do more and be my own boss (again).

  16. Surya Coapy says

    Great video. It's a good and interesting description of the ups and downs.

  17. Abigail Osuna says

    You and bobby are the best

  18. Abigail Osuna says


  19. CharliMarieTV says

    Loved this!! You’re killing it with Fortune. What you’re doing is so cool. Keep it up Brett! Looking forward to hanging in NYC soon πŸ™‚

  20. William Knelsen says

    My favourite thing about being self-employed is being able to say no to projects I am not passionate about. Also, being able to work wherever and whenever I want. Thanks Brett!

  21. I say shotgun, you say wedding says

    I'm sure you're doing okay, homie πŸ˜‰ lol

  22. Henry Gouvea says

    You really have a gift for videos logs. Keep up the outstanding work!

  23. Bryan Mariani says

    17 years old, self employed, aspiring photographer / videographer
    , and the founder of @loftnewyork. A clothing brand not only for your active BMX rider or street wear enthusiast, but a brand that gives back to the plethora of homeless people here in NYC. Hope to link & build soon! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ Keep crushing I️t Brett!

  24. Cole Belt says

    Awesome awesome! Great skating footage and nice touch with the Heelie’s !! I had a pair of those back in the day. Would love to see come Heelie-skateboarding combos!

  25. Caleb stowe says

    date the photographer

  26. Nic says

    I plan on starting my own clothing brand within the next year! Thanks for the video!

  27. Finding Laura says

    Love the heelys hahaha

  28. Ariel Roberson says

    Such a gooood vid. Who’s that chick

  29. Mar L says

    Ayyy TD is my bank too!

  30. Joshua Esparza says

    I aspire to be self employed!

  31. Chris Rein Videos says

    Love your videos, I am also a youtuber… sort of πŸ˜‚. Keep up the great work!

  32. Rabbit says

    When I grow up, I want to become a professional Brett πŸ˜‚

  33. Josh Harrison says

    You are one of my favorite people to watch on youtube and you are very inspiring thank you

  34. Ahmed Ahmed says

    Great video like always πŸ’―

  35. Tom Smith 46 says

    I own a brand called Vision Worldwide, Based in the UK but would love to get it in stores in America someday

  36. Logan Ruiz says

    Airel tryna smash

  37. Jared Fleischer says

    The grind is real dude…

  38. Zeke says

    i didn't realise how good you are a skating. I thought you were just a video guy but your technical skills on the deck are insane. wtf.

  39. Joseph White says

    Take them fucking Heelys off, boy πŸ˜‚

  40. subscriber says

    I’m just unemployed aspiring for self employment

  41. Phil Schultz says

    A heads up to any entrepreneur who is nervous about needing health insurance:

    File for medicare. Even if you don't get approved for it, you'll be denied and should still receive considerably lower rates in the health insurance industry. It's a tip my mom helped me out with since she works for the county she lives in.

  42. MoonbearDiedHere says

    Lol. I still want a pair of Heelys. I never had any when I was a kid…also the quality of this video is sharp af but I'm gonna stick with Panasonic gang .

  43. amays86 says

    How does this guy not have a ton of kids littered throughout NYC and cities/countries across the world? He's so god damn smooth I can't even….he must be a strict proponent of wrapping it up EVERY time….

  44. Amara C says

    Great video Brett! HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE FUTURE ENTREPRENEURS AND LEADERS IN THE BUSINESS, LEGAL, TECH, AND MEDIA WORLDS !! follow @the.specifics on Instagram to network, connect, and discuss with other like-minded Indiviuals! The more followers on the account, the more connections to be made!

  45. Josep Servat says

    Hopefullly you will reach 40k followers soon. Keep doing your videos !!

  46. Dj Tek 1 says

    this very inspiring motivating but breaks down what u need to know im a dj from westchester ny and im half way self employed with a part time job i think im keep doing what i love as well as im also a mechanic too

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