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  1. Wicked Tony says

    Them police worry more about them kids doing wheelies on bikes with a group of there boys than stuff that accurately need to be taken care of ya know no cap

  2. CHICHI816 says

    Dumb asses now all Dominicans are gonna get kicked out of America smh great job

  3. The Keys321 says

    NYPD step it up? Why don't the people step it up instead of waiting for the cops to arrive after someone ends up dead? Why don't the people start taking back their streets and quit allowing gang violence to happen in front of them.

  4. Shaqweefa latifa jackson says

    Thank BET. Blacks think its cool to act out what their disciples do in their faggy rap songs.

  5. moreCuriousThanACat says

    it's only fd up in the black Latino communities cuz parents don't watch their kids. it's really that simple.

  6. d7ven says

    Cracking down on graffiti won’t do much. Graffiti writers are not the ones to worry about on the east coast..Police need to develop strong respectful relationships with the youth and motivate them to help the people in their community. This community failed this poor kid. No one even tried to help him..It’s a damn shame what children have to deal with nowadays.

  7. arnola88gt says

    This news was brought to you by LEFT EAR. BECAUSE WE DONT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING RIGHT!

  8. RoseFucken Mad says

    This is not Bronx problem this is a authority problem the police have fail the city

  9. ftwbk says

    Why do poor people have so many kids and then complain that their life is hard?

  10. Moonie Gambini says

    Rest Easy Young Prince
    "Okay Papii"

  11. Maco Breed says

    They don't want Trump to comment. Those gang members would shit themselves.

  12. Betsy Vas says

    Damn my aunt lives by there smh

  13. jo s says

    Graffiti in new york goes way way back. Its part of the landscape

  14. Smoke Official says

    Where's blacks lives matter now?? Explain. This 😡

  15. D Patanduk says

    Damn. The kid wanted to be a policeman to make his neighbourhood safer and probably get rid of gangs like the one that killed him. Sad he never got a chance to follow his dreams.

  16. Hijo De Duarte says

    anybody from NYC know that's not gang graffiti

  17. El diablo da Costa says

    These Trinitarios pussies make me SICK! This story angers me so much. Fuck you!

  18. ChocolateBunny Dba UrbanEssence says

    The Irish formed gangs causing the Tammany Hall crisis; the Italians formed gangs with the 5 families, the blacks formed gangs with the blood and crips, Puerto Rican’s did with Latin Kings, El Salvadorans did with MS-13, Chinese did with ghost shadow in which all members are living in impoverished conditions. Point I’m making is that criminal activity has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. But rather, living in an impoverished conditions fueled by lack of jobs, unable to meet the bare necessities

  19. rogerio maria says

    More like pussytorios

  20. LS forever says


  21. BIG PAPI CHEEK says

    It's a fucked up situation I'm telling y'all that lil thot bitch is the reason her brother and his niggas killed that boy in the first place and she lied and set junior up

  22. William Digregorio says

    A gang called trinny-trannies??? A homo queer wannabe gang…and by the way, why i see nothing but NuyokRikans are being interviewed and seen talking for these ilegal immagrant refugee dumb in a cans??? This has NOTHING to do with with PUERTO Ricans these dumb in a can bums never helped PUERTO Ricans out in no struggles or cause…its the other way around its PUERTO Ricans who speaks and help them out then they talk shit about PUERTO Ricans backs a bunch of haters Puertoricans needs to stop sticking up and getting involved in all these other ilegales immagrant refugees coming from all these spanish speaking countries who dont contribute not one thing in this country dont enlist into the MILITARY dont pay taxes and taking a free ride off the Puertoricans im italian and i know this history these bum bastards how they do….deport these lazy bums and end of story its over see how they like and they so proud of their country when they get their asses kicked back over there. My advice to Puerto Ricans stop giving these people a free ride stop speaking for them stop talking for them let them fight their own fucking battles Puerto Ricans don't have the problems they do it and they don't have the problems Puerto Ricans do stop speaking for these illegal immigrants that are taking a free ride and then on the other side of the coin they turn the weapon on the PUERTO Ricans. Mind your business Boricuas this is just my thought and advice. They envy and talk shit on PUERTO Ricans after PUERTO Ricans have open many doors for these illegal immigrants refugees BASTARDS. Stop helping them out. Its their battle. And I'm not referring to the case of this kid cuz that's in Justice and it doesn't matter if you're from any country anybody could see that this was inhumane the way they killed his kid so it doesn't matter the race whether it be white black people still come together but I'm talking about helping out all these illegal immigrants try to cross the border from Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua El Salvador to Mexico see what happens to you you lucky you make it alive try to cross the border from Haiti to Dominican Republic see how the Dominicans treat the Haitians so it's true that Trump has to draw the line somewhere this is out of hand with these people walking and prancing around here like they've been here forever and they just came in the yesterday's taking a free ride and stealing other people's names this is what y'all get for allowing these people to come here they steal your names your Social Security your date of birth they take cars houses credit cards out under your name being an American citizen you get fucked at the end and if they commit a crime your name might pop up and be accused for Crime you didn't commit because you helped and you supported these bastards get it open your eyes people especially Puerto Ricans don't support none of these illegal immigrants their problem is their problems not yours

  23. JDM Toys says

    Platanos back to the banana boats coming soon

  24. Jennifer Martinez says

    NYPD should drive around every neighborhood as part of their DUTIES!!!
    If they was driving around at all times, they could of saved JUNIOR’S LIFE 😡

  25. kl316 says

    Didn't douchebag Deblasio say that New York is the safest big city in the U.S? As soon as the cops do something about these young thugs, you know the people in this God forsaken community will cry racism, police brutality and injustice. We all know what the problem is, these people don't take care of their God forsaken kids. So these mostly single mother kids grow up to be thugs and gang members.

  26. A J says

    Hello America you are a third world country. It’s only going to get worse. USA USA USA

  27. Peterson Remolien says

    NYPD needs to do a clean up. Innocent getting hurts or dying by the nonsense wickhead mother fucker,.

  28. RED DOG says

    I dont give a fuck , Spanish folks issues not the blks

  29. heyheyhe0011 says

    Call police. Oh wait, residents of bronx hate the police and voted in communist as Congresswoman who advocate abolishment of ICE.

  30. Maria Gonzalez says

    Since nineteen seventies there has been gangs in that side of the Bronx, nothing new, it has t change.

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