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Best Employment Lawyers NYC – Top Employment Lawyers NYC Services


Are you searching for a top labor relations lawyer to handle the problem you have with a union?
Whether your issue is the union you presently have, a union that is trying to unionize your company, or a union election pending. We can help. We are a labor relations consulting firm with over 15 years in the labor industry we can handle the problem you have in a cost effective and educational way. We bridge the communication gap between you and your employees. Remember the only people talking to your employees now is probably the union. Let your employees hear about the laws and what a union can and cannot do. We work onsite with your employees. A lawyer can only talk to your management not your other employees. Our firm can talk to everybody in your organization and we are a lot more cost effective than hiring a labor relations attorney.
Avoid costly mistakes for my information please contact Proficient Advisors a subsidiary of Creative Solutions & Visions @ 1-212-739-0174

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