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BEST FOOD OF TAIWAN – TAIPEI EATS STREET FOOD TOUR | Taiwan Travel Vlog 116, 2018 | Taipei Eats


Eating the best street food of Taiwan with Taipei Eats and their food tour! Top food, amazing guide & tour, a great way to see Taipei in 2018 via food ❤️ ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ to expand ⬇

We HIGHLY recommend Taipei Eats – this was THE best food tour we’ve ever done.

Food in Taiwan go together perfectly; Taipei is actually known as a street food heaven in Asia – so we had to hunt out the best food and a tour. Taipei Eats are based in Taipei and easily the best company in 2018 to try the top foods of Taiwan! Trying food with a guide was amazing, the extra information we learnt a long the way from Jean our guide was perfect.

The tour was ridiculously long, so much food we couldn’t put it all in this vlog, we walked the streets as well and got to see a lot of Taipei. Learning the history behind the food and Taiwan as a whole was the best balance and made for an awesome vlog!

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We’re Dane & Stacey and we travel full time. Unlike most travel vloggers we move to a country for a few months and rent a villa or apartment. Our channel shows what it’s like to immerse into cultures by exploring, eating traditional cuisine and living a life similar to locals while still hunting out our western wants and needs!

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  1. Daneger and Stacey says

    ►Take a look at if you're heading to Taiwan and want to take an AMAZING tour!
    ► If you're new here be sure to catch all our Taiwan vlogs here:

  2. Young Tang says

    A potato gone nuts. That’s what it is.😀

  3. Here,s Harv says

    Now I know why all the Burmese working in Thailand have red teeth. I would love to do these food tours. A big thumbs up guys 🙂

  4. Jorgeniza Tamsi says

    Taiwanese called that gua bao in Filipino we pronounce it kwapao.hen hao chi 😄 eat and explore pa more😄😄Chaiyu chaiyu

  5. sheentheexplorer says

    I want to try the sticky tofu and the wintermelon tea

  6. jun villanueva says

    Wow, I love all the food, great video guys.

  7. Tasho Castro says

    Wow. I laud you for trying stinky tofu. We were in taipei last november and could not even get near one store without puking from the nasty smell. I think it is an acquired taste.

  8. Alan Halse says

    Great vlog guys. I didn’t know Taipei could be so interesting!!

  9. Zar Francisco says

    Yeah you're right Daneger. You ate all the nasty stuff. Hehe..

  10. komentarista says

    Noooo!!! You guys are making me hungry!!! 😀 LOLs!

    Seasoned guava is normal in Asia 🙂 Love that during the summer months. We pick sun-ripened guavas right off the tree, add salt and chill it in the fridge. <3

  11. Joshua Chad says

    Pre- show running comment… sliding down the railing… So good! Bravo! Takes some serious skills to do that… and a smooth bum…
    Main event… The Nom Nom Show with Daneger and Stacey featuring Cookie Monster as our commentator and food finisher…Bat nuts! .. nomnomnom… Scallion bread!.. nomnomnom.. Guava! ..nomnomnom..burp!..Girl bao!.. nomnomnom.. more!.. nomnomnom..Betel nut!..bite..ptooi!..chewchew.. ptooi!.. nomnomnom… Stinky tofu! .. nomnomnom ………. ptooi! bleughhh!… winter melon drink!.. glupglugglug… ahhhhh.. Bubble tea!… slurpslurpslurp… urp! …Crème brûle pie!.. nomnomnom..
    Hainanese rice cake!.. nomnomnom… burp! Burp! Zzzzzz…. skynxxx!!

    Footnote: This must be the stupidest comment I have ever done to date.. well, no turning back now…

  12. Bing Maniquis says

    You guys are so cool for trying all kinds of food in Taiwan. Thank you for educating us!

  13. Alain de Leon says

    Good job with the food tour and it is very interesting to see what is out there. May i suggest try the Guava juice too.

  14. Stuffed With Plush ToysTM says

    Great blog as always. Keep smiling 🙂

  15. Emma C says

    Taiwan seems so clean and quiet, and delicious!

  16. Bob Saget says

    It looks like you had the steamed stinky tofu, which is extra rancid (compared to fried)

  17. Design Departure says

    this vlog is W-O-W!!! i intentional forgo the stinky tofu the first time i was there..but this time i am gonna give it a go…:) since taiwan is so close to the philippines, some of those you tried are already available here…but i would love to try that bread stop (with that scallions thingy), milk shop, the one with the egg tart (that tasted like creme brulee) and of course that fruit sorbet shop….:) that creative center looked interesting as well, will definitely go there too….more vlogs please!..:) and im itching for my taiwan trip to start already ha ha

  18. Dream331 says

    You guys are so great! Absolutely loved this adventure though I’ll pass on the stinky tofu and that thing that made Daneger’s mouth numb Hahaha… eeew! 😁

  19. amateurranconteur says

    betel nuts are cancer causing… same as heroin addiction…

  20. Kimberly Hunt says

    ♡ you guys!!

  21. Jamie Banks says

    I love your food videos! I feel like I'm right there with you!

  22. amateurranconteur says

    go to yong kang street in the Da'an district where across the smoothie house is a stall with a huge lineup where they offer basil egg pancake much like an omlette but better lol.

  23. ConUrNin #mabuhaysquad says

    OMG!! D' vlog ive been waiting..
    Yey!! 😱😁
    wise for Stacey to pass d tofu test to Daneger! Lol! 😉👍
    Did u finish ol of it? Haha.. Brave Daneger! 💙 Bring home some of dt stuff! Hehe 😂😂
    Food!.. Super Nice addition to ur vlogs! Another 1 of my fave vlogs so far!😂👌

  24. Aaron Costello says

    Another rocking vlog… how long was the tour… half day or whole…. keep it up… awesome stuff guys.

  25. Andy Kuo says

    There are couple great places near where you got the sorbet, if you walk to 216 Lane, at the intersection there is Eastern Ice Store, 東區粉圓, and if you head north from that place, look for Mei Lee Shi Lu Way, 美力斯滷味, it's a tiny place next to a water crystal store with green sign, they have good taiwanese style braised food

  26. Reykjavik says

    The Taiwanese burger is so popular in London now. They called it, "Bao."

  27. Francesca Algie says

    Love your videos! Taiwan definitely being added to the travel list…

  28. Travellers Relish says

    I laughed out loud when Daneger said we are not food bloggers coz I was about to comment how you became food bloggers in Taipei. I would have trouble keeping weight off while there 😂

  29. Top Travel Vlog VIII says

    Very beautiful street food video.

  30. Meea Navi says

    When i watch their vlogs i always get hungry hahaha XD

  31. Theo Velentzas says

    It's good to try some new dishes, I enjoyed your vlog, although it seemed the food May of not gone down well with some lol

  32. noxid777 says

    The Taiwanese burger looks like a Chinese pork bun (or siopao in the Philippines) sliced open…that really looks appetizing…

  33. Edward Victors says

    😍😋😋😋😘😘😘👌👌👌!!!! beettle nut?? Lol, my mom used to chew and i also tried it with all the concoctions, man it sucks!!??

  34. Chesca is Lost says

    This was such a great video. You should do this for every place you visit. You guys might like Traveling Spoon, they offer private, locally run cooking classes around the world. Really cool company (not paid by them or anything haha just genuinely think you'd like them!)

  35. Christa Danica Joven says

    Nice vlog guys. Keeping pointers on what to do and what to eat once I visit Taipei and this video is very useful and informative ☺ I am so curious to try the stinky tofu, Stacey should have taken a bite! Hahaha. Where you guys heading next after Taiwan? Anways, stay safe guys and happy travels ❤

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