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BEST Ramen Noodles in New York! New York City Ramen Noodle Tour Part 2


My quest to try the BEST ramen noodles in New York continues as I visit 4 more locations to try out their ramen noodle soups.

1. MU Ramen
I LOVED this place, BEST Tonkotsu ramen in the city! Don’t forget to try their pancakes…just insane.

2. TOTTO Ramen
VERY hyped up place for a good reason. This was my first time eating here and it certainly deserves its stellar reputation.

3. Hide-Chan Ramen
This place was recommended to me by the chef-owner of MU so my expectations were high. But very mediocre broth and noodles did not really absorb the flavor.

4. Minca Ramen
Another recommendation. SUPER thick and flavorful broth. The best thing was the pork by far.

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  1. Strictly Dumpling says

    Happy Holidays Everyone!!! I will be hosting a live video stream on this channel soon(sorry don't know exact details yet) so make sure to hit that notification bell and the time will be announced in the Community tab 🙂 talk soon!

  2. BenjaminBeloved says
  3. gudetama senpai says

    why do i keep watching your videos when im hungry

  4. Christian Wilson says

    What is the name of the first place?

  5. tahsin says

    mr. ramen

  6. Damian Rhea says

    mr. chen, did your parents ever teach you how to hold chopsticks?

  7. Smam Main says

    on the chalkboard, when mikey is giving the food -/5 stars, in the corner theres a guy called kilroy. he was created during ww2 to boost morale for american soldiers. everywhere they went they would draw a kilroy and write underneath it 'kilroy was here'. you guys should google it, its pretty cool…

  8. Et Hu says

    Is it me or is he playing it up for the camera more since his trip to Peru? Im not a stranger to his mannerisms or dad jokes, but they feel a little forced to where you have to sit through them now

  9. lorraine uy says

    What did you order again at Totto?

  10. Alastair Wang says

    always go to totto ramen

  11. ninhoWorld says

    Pena q não tem isso aqui

  12. Darra Muldoon says

    Why did that chicken appetiser look raw? 😱

  13. ErnShu says

    “Learn Chinese X”, is a app that helps english speaker learn Mandarin, Cantonese, and Tawainese. The app is for iOS 11 on iPhones. Currently is updated to teach 1000 Chinese characters.

  14. DK Rumblez says

    i suggest slurp ramen at, 109 W Broadway, Port Jefferson, NY 11777, also great video, just started watching YT again.

  15. spongebracket says

    Omg I love minca I'm so jealous 😱🐖🐽🐖🐷🐷🐷 their gyoza is really good too 😍😍

  16. Bryan Roberts says

    Love me some Ramen, cannot wait to hit all these places. There is a good place out on Long Island in Port Jefferson called Slurp. I recommend it :).

  17. Paul E says

    Went to MU yesterday, didn't disappoint. We both had the tonkatsu ramens and okonomiyaki. Easily best bowl of ramen! Thanks for the review and suggestion! Try Mitsuwa in Edgewater nj for a bowl of ramen! $10 for a super rich tonkatsu bowl.

  18. scienz chic says

    Totally love your videos! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  19. HowToPro's says

    He is all eating good food while I’m eating cereal

  20. imETflego 1 says

    who just ate ramen

  21. Kayo life says

    you gotta have crazy confidence to sit and talk to a camera by yourself in a restaurant.

  22. Lαυяα Sυη says

    you should do a ramen tour if/when you go to japan again

  23. Mortox 803 says

    you should go to Miami and then go to Boca Raton and go to Ramen lab eatery and Nori they are both amazing (btw i love all of your videos and i want to grow up to be like you) and never loose your talent to make amazing videos and keep me interested and i have adhd

  24. bb forlife says

    All u can eat.. Jackie Chan vs Jet li

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