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Best places where to eat in Brno? We got you covered! We absolutely loved these places but there are actually more so if you’re coming to Brno (and you should) check out their food guide here:
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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš

  1. Matyáš Thér says

    Mozna udelat playlisty s jednotlivymi mesty a pak odkazovat na ne?

  2. Tim says

    díky Janek (and camera man) for the tips. Going to Prague tommorow fit a couple of days. And might even go here since mate lives there!
    Hope your tips come in handy!
    dobrý den

  3. Aaron Sim says

    Do some video caughing pickpocket in europe

  4. Letolas007 says

    Díky za další super video z Brna, i pro mě jako brňáka je spousta míst neznámých, škoda že jste nebyli v kavárně mého spolužáka ze střední, která je hned vedle toho mexického bistra či jak to nazvat, i když od oka vypadá, že se tam schází jen určitý typ lidí, tak je to kavárna pro všechny s velmi dobrými produkty :-).
    I díky vám sem rok od roku zamíří víc a víc turistů a to je dobře. Brno a Jižní Morava je krásná část naší země :-).

  5. Vojťas says

    Kolik jste s Honzikem pribrali behem nataceni Honest Guide? 😀

  6. Roger de Brantes says

    shittier and shittier

  7. continuous HUNGRY says

    Best luxurious foods in Czech?

  8. konstantina parastatidou says

    Why don't you film in Olomouc one episode? It's really nice and beautiful!!!

  9. IlIx says

    15 Pražáks dislike this video 😉

  10. Liz SL says

    omg omg I stayed six months in Brno like four years ago, I miss it so much. it was already changing and developing so fast back then, and judging from this video, seems like it's even more amazing now <333

  11. Gustavo Juhal says

    You got me with your "Salud, mi amigo!" Great Spanish!!! Greetings from Argentina!

  12. ahmed raza says

    pls pls video on Where to eat Halal in CZ or Prague.

  13. Rancho The Dog says

    We have to try those place out!

  14. bumbumfx says

    a kde sou ty restaurace typku?

  15. Kenneth Forsman says

    I used to live in Brno 😀 it was awesome working for IBM 😛 but there are even better places than these 😀 but the donut shop was awesome

  16. Saurabh Agrawal says

    Plz do some videos about Croatia / Amsterdam and other European places…. your video's helped a lot on Our last EuroTrip. Hoping to see you travel other parts of Europe soon

  17. d'Estraye says

    There's also a shared taxi shuttle service with good service that gets you downtown for 5,50€, but they have fake copycats with clone web sites who charge waay more as well.

  18. Bety S says

    As a person who was born and raised in Brno I feel an obligation to tell you that noone will understand you if you say 'gábl' unless he or she is a KKRD boys' superfan. Try 'chálka' instead.

  19. Rodrigo J. Da Silva says

    Gourmet is pronounced 'Gour-may' 🙂

  20. HD VLOGR says

    Plz im Prague I’m in Prague plz plz make a video there

  21. HD VLOGR says

    Mi velký fanoušek💞❤️🇮🇹

  22. mrkv4k says

    Zelný trh je od zeleniny, ne od zelí. Tj. žádný cabbage market…

  23. littlepond says

    Na Pražáky dobrý! 🙂

  24. njnjnjnj says

    my mom is from brno ,i come as often as i can because brno is one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen!! Vaňkovka is the place i spend most of my time,being a girl, but also
    Brněnská přehrada or maybe Špilberk definitely are worth a visit !! milujeme brno a cz <3

  25. Razzak Ges says

    He is so fluent in english

  26. Cringe Lord says



  27. wkyken says

    Janek and Honza, how about a day trip to Česky Krumlov?

  28. Ethan Orange says

    You guys are great!

  29. Nina English says

    Love your work, love your style, love that you come to my city and make episodes here too. And yes, all the places you mentioned freaking rule. And there are soooooo many more. Please, come back! I have a fun English school where we learn without coursebooks and go to tons of places for some of our lessons, we´d be happy to give you a tour or do something in English together!!! I also went to your talk at Mendel uni earlier this year in the spring and shared it with my crowd. Same as this video. Awesome stuff, I am a big fan.

  30. Micha H. says

    Hey, I'll go to Brno from September 2018 to February 2019 for my ERASMUS Semester and after your video, I'm just more excited than before :D. Thanks a lot!

  31. Andy G says

    Looks like Prague tbh

  32. illiano gennaro says

    You appeal in the pillow video

  33. BlueValliere says

    My sister lives there! I always enjoyed Brno! Expecially in the Xmas period! The markets are awesome! And Donuts there are amazing!!!!!! **
    There is also a little restaurant that brings your orders by a toy train, and their burgers are awesome!! **
    And as an Italian, those bike things make a really good coffee!!

  34. Michaela Černochová says

    Na Zelňáku byla nutnost ukázat Bucheck! 🤷‍♀️😩😁 (I když asi není v te knižečce)


    Jo… pro cajzla zvyklýho na donuty a mexický srance asi dobrý. Brňáci chodí na špicovéší place….

  36. Pavel Adamek says

    Řemeslně to nemá chybu, ale dost velký kiks je "best restaurants", když pak ukazujete jen bistra a kavárny. La Donuteria fakt není "best restaurant".

  37. BXL BXL says

    Will be visiting your country in a few days, really exited and will probably returning home afterwards only to be able to confirm what millions of tourist already have found so mesmerizing.
    I do have to say though that I'm slightly puzzled I wasn't able to find a dedicated video, amongst all those videos you made before, on the Art Nouveau/Jugendstil architecture in your city which it is also world famous for. The Art Nouveau/Jugendstil movement (originating from Belgium in the period 1898-1914), was highly influencial on the tremendous builders in the city of Prague who gave it their own twist. These icons of beauty deserve a video 🙂 Really loving this channel, great info, handy tips/advice and great vibe. You guys are exemplary, chapeau!

    or in short…

    Can you please make a video about the Art Nouveau architecture/style in Prague? 🙂

    Cheers from The Netherlands

  38. WhereWhatHuh says

    Another Janek and Honza masterpiece.

  39. Darina D says

    This video made me hungry!:D

  40. Oware Prince says

    Awesome city

  41. ataman329 says

    if donuts, then mlsná holka.

  42. ViSH says

    Hey was wondering if you guys, can make a video on best local supermarkets in Czech Republic. Many Thanks

  43. Tabitha Rodriguez says

    Thank you for sharing your information..Do u think u can show really fancy restaurant's in Prague, and surrounding areas…Also maybe haunted places,,like tours at night…. Maybe also like each town describing the history, and show more things that are made by your country souvenirs type things so we can be well informed , to support the community when visiting.

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