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Bill De Blasio: President Donald Trump Has Said To My Face NYC Is A Safe City | Morning Joe | MSNBC


NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio weighs in on the NFL’s ruling this week on kneeling during the national anthem, the New York gubernatorial race between Cynthia Nixon and incumbent Andrew Cuomo as well as the president’s recent comments on DACA and MS-13.
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Bill De Blasio: President Donald Trump Has Said To My Face NYC Is A Safe City | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Jahz D says


  2. Hot News USA Trump says

    The fans should boycott the NFL. This is just one more example of ppl bowing to Trumps dictatorial whims. Fight back. Make a noise America

  3. amalau2825 says

    Go DeBlasio! you tell them!

  4. Legally Resisting Tyranny says

    This guy is a joke. I can't wait for him to be voted out of office.

  5. Jerlin Vinso says

    Have to keep reminding what HRC said. " If he is elected we will all hang ". Was that. joke ?

  6. salbeik says

    hmmmmm Bill -> Trump is a straight face liar -> so whats your point?

  7. d cartier says

    omg – an actual socially conscious, thoughtful, intelligent, mentally and issue balanced politician – appearing on national television…

  8. Leonardo di parma says

    11:02 trump makes his remarks , you're very welcome

  9. Leonardo di parma says

    De blasio 2020 for president , what a brilliant mind

  10. TheTomozzo says


  11. elizabeth johnson says

    Another Trump Joke… ending chain Migration! that makes his so called wife with her Einstein Visa who didn't even finish college, who dragged her mother and father over to America via Chain Migration…

  12. christopher mukungurutse says

    Boycott NFL

  13. midge jones says

    Issuing summons is not making its legal!

  14. Goldgem1 InfinityX says

    Trump, suggesting that the protesting Players may have to lose their Citizenship, is no different from how Putin pursues his adversaries and others who stand up to Russian undemocratic policies. Many of the protesting Russians are even pursued to their death. This is just the dictatorial nature of Trump's coming through. Is that what America has come stand for? It is most un-American!

  15. Jake Mt says

    Since when is a football game a forum for political nonsense???

  16. Raymond Monk says

    Though I agree with their cause, when you work for a company, there are rules of behavior when on the clock or in uniform as you represent that company when on the job or wearing the company’s identification… so a football team is a company and also have the right to be represented in the way they want to be by paid employees….. so even though people have the right to speak out about what they feel… when on the job, everything you say and do directly affects the name or reputation of the company in which you are employed… As an employee you must follow company policy’s or give up the job…

  17. Jim Boyy says

    Boo hoo cry babies , watch hacksaw ridge , hmm maybe you'll think twice losers

  18. Dan D says

    So you’re saying a vote for trump’s republicans is a vote for russia. No you didn’t. I did.

  19. Vance L. Gilmore says

    President Trump is a fine New Yorker.

  20. Jill ! says

    I thought the wall was already being built . I couldn't support dump, I would lose my mind.

  21. Jill ! says

    I really like Mr. De Blasio. I think he could be a great president . He's very understanding of what's really happening to people in America .

  22. Greg Mccumber says

    Demon Rats! VOTE DEM OUT! (pass it on)

  23. James Ratliff says

    Is that the tired old Peggy Noonan? If yes, Why?

  24. James Ratliff says

    How can they call this liberal when they have so many republicans.

  25. Tingle Matthews says

    DeBlasio is a spinless ballless prideless mush who worships Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, Royals of Saudi Arabia, dictators of Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea. DeBlasio is an absolute embarrassment to every American with even an iota of pride.

  26. Mithril Hunt says

    Interesting I watch this and in my suggested vids are several conspiracy theory vids, coincidence?

  27. Patriot of Justice says

    "He said to my face NYC is a safe city." Considering this is De Blasio and MSNBC we're talking about here, I'm gonna out on a limb here and say that was a lie.

  28. Kimberly Thompson says

    Keep taking a knee for what you believe. It's not about the flag ppl. Kudos to Mayor DE Blasio .. Shame on the greedy NFL Committee. Owners as they call themselves.. Nobody Owns anyone or their 1st Amendment rights.

  29. Isobel Verdant says

    I love Diblasio, man. I know locals love to hate him, but he’s def on my list of Dems I’d vote for in 2020.

  30. G11713 says

    Clearly, progressive politicians, like De Blasio, are smart problem solvers and make hard things look easy. Conservatives politicians, like Trump, insight and distract and divide with conflict and scapegoating. Wow.

  31. kidcopernicus says

    Did I really hear a question about the legality of smoking blunts on the street from a strait-laced white guy in a tie talking to the Mayor on a national news talk show hosted by ex-Republicans? In a film they would have edited that out as too unrealistic. This timeline just keeps getting weirder and weirder…

  32. Curtis Jordan says

    So by acknowleging a problem you solve it and it goes away. Acknowledge the issue, take accountability, take action. However it is hard for some Americans to let go of hate, fear, bigotry and perhaps worst of all WILLFUL IGNORANCE. I understand it's uncomfortable and unnerving but America just face the truth or be destroyed by it.

  33. Robs Van Cave says

    The American People want the illegals out of the country. Maybe they can come back the right way. New York does not want this loser speaking for them. We have been hijacked by these crooked politicians!

  34. Lynn Brown says


  35. Rudy Penza says

    Sorry folks but de Blasio is a Democratic version of Trump ; corrupt, entitled, incompetent, and blind to reality. New York is not a better city under him.

  36. Jimbo San says

    That comment had a BIG question mark. Have to laugh at all these un-Godly anti-Americans posting. These liberal Democrats are worse than all terrorist groups put together and that includes their MS-13 buddies.

  37. Jane Kosola says

    Bill de Blasio for president!

  38. Traci Sims says

    Bill has aged surprisingly well. No more first jitters, he's talking like the mayor of the largest city on the continent. Yes, he has his issues, and he and NYC have had some rough times, but he is confident, literate, and intelligent. I hope he seriously considers a run for governor or the Senate in the next few years. Good job, Bill!

  39. Katusha Watkins says

    Bill De Blasio makes excellent points. Bravo.

  40. Marc St.james says

    they shouldnt even be playing the national anthem before the game period! Bloody nationalism is same as tribalism… its not about pride…its about feeling differetnt. I love this country USA but its flag is just a flag…. if people want to wear a cross.. kinda stating to the world how gullible they can be… The USA is the armory of the world nationalistic tendencies do no one any good!

  41. Devin McEachern says

    I love, respect, accept and support Mayor Bill de Blasio. de Blasio is the greatest and best Mayor in New York City History IMO.

  42. Rachel 61 says

    The owners don't want anyone disrespecting the flag?  But they don't have no problems disrespecting and violating the Constitution.

  43. Mike says

    Respect for Mayo Bill De Belasio for protecting the amendment rights of Americans!

  44. IBlewUponYourFace says

    Rudy Giuliani a Republican was the one who made NYC safe, he cleaned the City…not DeJackass or Bloowhard.

  45. terryfriend16 says

    Get the paycheck from America, respect the flag, Mayor. It's cut and dry.

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