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  1. Tjfreak says

    Anyone else delivering the Buffalo Evening News or worse the Courier Express(the dreaded sunday paper) 4 pounds of inserts & 1 pound of news per paper during this disaster in the E. Amherst area ?

  2. Jeremy Bradigan says

    I was 6 years old. We lived in Elma. I got swallowed up in a huge snow drift, and my dad ran outside in just his bell-bottom jeans & saved me from suffocating! Thanks Dad!

  3. James Hartman Jr says

    I was living in Machias when this hit!! I just turned 10. Amazing snowdrifts surrounded our milk barn!!

  4. Jacob Roth says

    I was 11 then and northern MN got hit hard I remember drifts 6ft+ last real blizzard I remember

  5. Kevin Harris says

    that's the worst I ever seen

  6. Shannon Prouty says

    I survived this. I was born and raised there. I now reside in the south ☺ but do visit there as my family is there.

  7. AnthonyB's Channel says

    Omg that's incredible, horrible on how many people lost there lives because of this but great video. Lol on half way through one of the broadcasts they started to play dancing queen. "You can't dance you can scream no you having the worst time of your life."

  8. Eric Lindal says

    Worst blizzard I have experienced, I was 10 and saw actual lighting during the blizzard as I walked to my friend's house. Unbelievable!

  9. S. Austin Vincoski says

    I was giving birth to my first child. He turned 40 today. Happy birthday, Ben.

  10. Sue Smith says

    just got home in time from ecc…. didn't go out for four days

  11. Richard Walters says

    The radio broadcast is pretty awesome too..

  12. Killmo U. says

    My Dad has a chapter in the book. He was one of many that Erno Rossi interviewed. I was a young therapist at the VA at the time and watched that black wall come in from my clinic window. Got home six days later only because as a healthcare worker I had driving privileges once the streets became somewhat passable. My cousin volunteered with his snowmobile delivering food and medicine.

  13. 2016 2017 says

    There was a blizzard in Moncton N.B. in 1992 that was so bad they had to close the liquor stores.

  14. SnowTiger45 says

    I remember a few winters/storms like this from the 70's. I have had to dig down to find cars a few times. Once I had to climb out my parents bedroom window, walk onto the porch roof, and dig down to the front door and a tunnel to where I thought the driveway should be (until the plow came).
    Yup those were the days … when it was worth the investment in a snow machine …. unlike any decade since.

  15. RID COMICS says

    That storm was the worse thing I ever saw happen never been one as bad since then.
    I remember all the cars just stopped on the roadways completely covered over it looked like something from a movie.
    The windows in our house were so frozen over that we had 2 of them crack from the ice build up.
    The wind was horrific you could not walk outside for more then a few minutes it was so cold you could hardly breath.

    We don't have snow like that anymore that's for sure, and when I see all these red screen weather warnings today I laugh at them, because its just a few cm of snow with some wind gusts lol.

    That 1977 storm was one for the books in Southern Ontario and even worse if you lived by Lake Ontario brutally cold.

  16. Michael Wilson says

    I turned four years old that day.We moved to Dundee N.Y. in the summer of 1977.We had some bad winters there but this was a killer storm.Dundee is located where Seneca lake is.

  17. ostacruiser says

    Is it wrong that all I can think about while watching this is BRAAAP!!!

  18. Ron Perla says

    During the height of the blizzard, I strapped on a pair of small plastic children's skis and slid from Amherst to Kensington-Bailey to my girlfriend's house! Those were the days!

  19. De R says

    Had to be picked up by my uncle on a snowmobile from school in Newfane. Didn't make it home to my house on 104 for about 3 days if I remember correctly. Good times. Lol

  20. Mark Daigler says

    I remember I was almost 8 years old and being in 2nd grade at Clarence Center Elementary school and all of us students were told to report to the gymnasium with our coats and we were going to start boarding the buses to go back home. This was probably late morning on Friday Jan. 28th, 1977. Our bus made it as far as Shimerville and Roll Roads in Clarence Ctr. We were stuck in a snow drift until about 8:00 that night. A plow had finally come along and was able to get us out. I lived on Clarence Ctr. Rd. just a few miles from where we were stuck. As the next couple of days went on though roads became impassable for everyone including plows.

  21. John Simon says

    Me and my sister sledded out of our bedroom window on the second floor.

  22. A E S T H E T I C Nasim says

    More people than the population of Buffalo watched this video

  23. Karl Hutson says

    i was 16 ,and lived in ohio. we had 3 other familys that took refuge in our house becuase we had a firplace.

  24. Lilydaleswans says

    I was there, too. I worked at a hospital and we HAD to come in. So, one person somehow got a car out and we all loaded in. You can't close a hospital. The houses were covered, many people were stranded all over the place. I made banana breads and brought them to nearby churches (I walked through all that snow, but they needed food). It was pretty amazing. Buffalo always gets lots of snow, but this fell so quickly and so much, that they couldn't keep up with it. It's called "Lake Effect" snow. Eventually, they had no other places to put the snow, so the National Guard was called in and they carried snow in railroad cars to down south for it to melt. It was pretty amazing. Once in a lifetime event.

  25. 5SOSonedirection Fangirl says

    My mom survived the blizzard of '77!!!!

  26. Janet O'Connor says

    No you or anybody would NOT love or want to live though a Blizzard like this because I did. Our furnace shut down and it got down to -25 so my hands were severely chapped Had to wear Vaseline gloves. Had to wear outdoor gear INSIDE the HOUSE. So no it is not a nice fun picnic. You did not know what it was like in a situation like that so please can it.

  27. Erika Kilborn says

    I was there too. It was my second semester of college at SUNY/Buffalo and I lived at the Amherst campus. Crazy. Snow over the 4th floor of my dorm. We were snowed in at the dorm for 9 days. The National Guard did air drops of food to the quads. It was insane.

  28. Robert Young says

    I was a High School Junior at Tonawanda High School,all of 16

  29. JudyLou917 says

    I lived in Niagara Falls and went to college at ECC when this happened. What memories! Thanks for posting. Especially enjoyed the WKBW news. I've recently moved from WNY/Finger Lakes area to Tennessee. Schools were closed here 2 weeks ago because we had 1" (that's one inch…not one foot) of snow…wimps! I told my neighbor the other day that we are enjoying the mild Tennessee winter. He said "Mild?, this is the worst winter we've had in a long time!". It has snowed here 2 times this winter, one inch each time. If that is bad for this area, it was worth moving here just for that reason

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