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BOMBSHELL REPORT: Look Who Approved Russian Operatives U.S. VISAS To ‘Interfere’ With Election!


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BOMBSHELL REPORT: Look Who Approved Russian Operatives U.S. VISAS To ‘Interfere’ With Election!

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► BOMBSHELL REPORT: Look Who Approved Russian Operatives U.S. VISAS To ‘Interfere’ With Election!

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► watch this Report again – BOMBSHELL REPORT: Look Who Approved Russian Operatives U.S. VISAS To ‘Interfere’ With Election!

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  1. Top Stories Today says

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    Beloved Actor Bill Murray Has A Few Things To Say About Democrats The Left Is Fuming. :
    Every US Olympian Just Hit With NASTY News From Officials Overnight – It’s OVER!
    Trump Tweets Out Real Reason He Refused To Release Democrats’ Rebuttal Memo :
    Lindsey Vonn Just Revealed Her Olympic Ski Suit Leaves Every American In Total DISGUST!
    Democrats Think They Already Have The 2018 Midterms In The Bag :
    Former Secret Service Agent Drops Truth Bomb On Adam Schiff With 2 Brutal Words:
    US Olympian Just Stabbed Every American In The Back With What He Just Did At Games:

  2. Alohoa Lole says

    John Kelly belongs at gitmo 🤥

  3. Vanilla Ice says

    They picked the wrong president if they wanted America to fall!

  4. quilt queen says

    I so confused!!!

  5. Bill Swinney says

    Kerry the idiot

  6. Grace Bertrand says

    Ewwwwww…I bet it was Obama….Trumpanzee always blame Obama's guys…

  7. Art Grovér says

    This is just the way for Mueller to bail out he made some good money ripping off the taxpayer

  8. mike Kelly says

    Trump's in charge. The buck stops there. Clean up your act and fix the economy – without adding to the debt you bankrupt scammer..

  9. tim lewis says

    Mueller is a nothing burger. Hang him for treason, and watch him piss himself when its time.

  10. S C says

    Mueller stop wasting the taxpayers dollars prosecute the ones you know you should be prosecuting ! ! ! !

  11. Blazing light says

    Well that eliminates his bid for POTUS in 2020!!!

  12. Scipio Africanus says

    That would be John "Put a Band-Aid on my self inflicted scratch, and gimmee a 3rd Purple Heart, so I can check out of this war, and begin rabble rousing, demostrating, and testifying lies and BS, to traitorously damage the war effort" Kerry. The excuse for a man (like John McCain) has no honour.

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