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  1. CocainaBlaze says

    I was riding with Shabazz until 7:28. The mothership talk is fictional. But I do understand Shabazz is a NOI/FOI follower & is just regurgitating what he was taught.

  2. Bronson Charles says

    OG on that loud pack

  3. J. Serpent sir says

    I feel the spirit when I listen to SHABAZZ


    stop highlighting the negative ✊

  4. Virgo Blue says

    That guy very funny 😄 dark skinned brother should be a comedian very funny brother peace ✌️ an love ❤️

  5. Godscience7 7 says

    Good build, show some more videos of driving around NYC, am home sick lol. I came through the nation of god's and earths, so Elijah Muhammad is my spiritual father, always love for him, peace

  6. Emporer Aizen says

    LMAOOO bruh said a ship a mile*mile took off in 1914………bruh😁😁😂😂😂

  7. Jameek Al-Jabbar says

    That crackhead sound like a lot of these niggas that love to debate instead of study…

  8. Jameek Al-Jabbar says

    If the Arabs stole knowledge from Egypt and made Islam, doesn't that mean Islam is OUR knowledge? Just a thought…

  9. Celeste Session says

    I love when the interrupter said… I LIKE THE TRUFF….. and I'M ABOUT TO GO STEAL FROM THESE CRACKAZZ…..priceless

  10. Mahg33 Vahmu says

    The mother plane is Intelligence-Education-High-Frequency, its mental, not so much physical, those who just have a face-value understanding of the mother plane, only see it as a physical-thing or Object, however its a state of mind, the mother-plane is Source-Energy, Your-Physical-Mother is also a form of the Mother-Plane, A Real Mentor can be considered a Mother or Father Plane, to put ,it plane and simple, the Mother-Plane is Higher-Intelligence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which is within each and every Original Being, once you raise your frequency with Correct-Thinking, eating Correctly fruits vegetables plenty of water & exercise, constant Meditation, etc. etc. development…………..9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9, 9, 12-31. 12-31, 12-31, 12-31, 12-31, 12-31, 12-31, 12-31, 12-31, 19,19,19,19,19,19,19,19,19,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,

  11. Michael Gaines says

    May Allah bless and keep you dear brother father

  12. alpha omega says

    im not sure he is right about that ufo talk. that seems to far out there. no proof of that at all other than what he was told. something that serious needs to be proven for the people since you brought it to the people.

  13. Michael Bonhomme says

    Pause @ 3:20 when Elijah got 1 million niggaz with suit and bow ties the devil was scared?? According to Isaiah 45:7 Allah created Satan and Evil !! Then allowed Satan to enslave natives all over the world, that God aka Allah is white folks God . Satan is still alive and well meanwhile that same God is still punishing people for being deceived by Satan. Religion is poison

  14. RosettaStone says

    ISLAM 101………………..YEA

  15. Digital Pitt Boss says

    The mother ship? Y'all done lost y'all mind.


    this video is 3 dimensional or 2d. this equipment is baller

  17. Master CipherSupreme says

    Keep 85%ers out of these videos. We are the Qur'an. It's not just a book but Allah is The Qur'an in the Flesh and that Flesh is Black Flesh. The 85er came with everything the slave master had to say about the Truth. Smh.

  18. Ean Muhammad says

    Dude at 17:00 sounds JUST like Anton Jackson from "In Living Color". Circa 1991.

  19. Abiola Shabazz says

    if you want to see the mothership email me @ [email protected]

  20. Myshan Amakisi says


  21. Jayarrin1 says

    They need to stop putting the microphone in just anyone's hand. It just ends up turning a learnable and teachable situation into comedy relief.

  22. Edward Bell says

    The white man took the teachings and is now making mad money putting it in movies.

  23. monster gang says

    I got to go steal something from these crackers 😂

  24. Earl Walters says

    The other old head ran that shit lol😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Sheem Universal Shabazz Allah says


  26. NeekKellz Roderick says

    Never Quit BaBa – Mo Fiyah 💕🌹💕

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