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Bus Life NZ – Live stream Q&A about RV living full time


Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoy this Live Q&A. Sorry we got cut off at the end – we ran out of Data! End of the month problems!

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  1. KO-Doc48 says

    Wait .. What did you say? All I could hear in the first 46 seconds was something like "the Christian throw-away? Wait … What? Did I misunderstand somehow there? I've been following you, but … What??
    Okay, I'm still listening to this video, But I think I'm done … you two are so obviously anti-Christ … is my perception wrong? That's pretty disturbing, not because you're not Christian, MORE because you're so obviously condescending to Christians! Why? Wow… it's crazy prejudice! Ate you just coming to America to travel in the Westcoast that the political elitists are so RICO CORRUPT? It's no longer "America"! But if you find "Christians" (or really any other religious conviction, heinous) … The US isn't"comfortable" with your indoctrinated attitude presently! You're sweet … But we don't need MORE uninformed Nimrods who are mainstreamed media "trained"! Com'on … You can't even be bothered with watching "un-paid-for" TRUE Information! You two are truly NOT informed in the "WORLD"! Stay in "It's all about you're bubble" … you're sweet/have that down!

  2. Susanne Jensen says

    In us there is a thing called k -12 but homeschooling is such a cool option for kids…so if u guys come to the NY State there are some amazing gorges and falls and nature trails and such

  3. Rita Broils says

    So I missed the Live Stream. Being in a Care Facility rehabbing physical and occupational therapy throws me off schedule. The Good family has 7 kids and another on the way, you can do it!!!! Do a roof raise to accommodate tall people.

  4. James Greaves says

    Come to Texas xx

  5. Pamala Peterson says

    Missed the live feed…but enjoy your Q and A ! God bless you all and keep you safe! Thank you for sharing your family!

  6. wilelowman says

    Another great video. I tuned in last night about five minutes before the crash. Hope you have some time in the states for a National or State Park. See some redwoods or the Grand Canyon. I have never own or needed a firearm, shootings are just over reported. keep up the good work we enjoy your channel.

  7. Maple Leaf says

    "… because the jobs I do are gross." LOL

  8. Britters World says

    You should come to Idaho when you're in America! We have great white water rafting or kayaking on the Payette River, people come from all over to do it😊

  9. Jeffery Higdon says

    Hello from Northern Illinois. Been watching you and your family since the beginning of May. I find your travels absolutely facinating. I especially like seeing your home country of New Zealand and all the beauty associated with it. All my best on your travels. 😎

  10. Diana Holub says

    @Keepyourdaydream and @lessjunkmorejourney are my favorites too!! Aside from you guys of course. 🙂

  11. darrellxp says

    Andy, grown men around the world winced as you did your Edward Scissorhand impression while Amber answered the "more children" question. Ouch!

  12. Leah Gratiot says

    SO COOL! Let me know if you come to Seattle! It's so gorgeous here!

  13. Lifechanger says

    You guys are awesome just be happy……x

  14. Roslyn Monahan says

    How do you organise postage to come to you while travelling?

  15. Wayne Blackman says

    Two great folks but cheap.Ha! Ha!

  16. Wayne Blackman says

    What about Daisy education?

  17. One Wild Ride says

    Cool idea to do a live Q & A. We don't get nearly as many questions so our video would only be like 3 minutes 😂

  18. Tani Livengood says

    I love Audible been a member for years

  19. blonddali says

    Hey…. you survived an earthquake..everything else is a piece of cake…keep on traveling….enjoying your life that you have chosen.

  20. David R says

    Andy mentions wanting to spruce up the exterior, perhaps a kiwi-ana themed paint job? Some sort of barter or cross- promotional YouTube deal with a local street artist could be an interesting option. Any way I just wanted to share one of the most unique bus paint jobs I have seen! Don't click through if you have a reptile aversion!

  21. William Bays says

    Looking forward to see what you think of the States. I'm sure it's going to be a bit of a culture shock. I was kidding a bit about the driving over here but speaking for myself after driving for 40 plus years here I'm not to sure I'd be able to drive in NZ. I cringe a bit every time Andy drives I keep expecting a car to be heading at him head on. So when you are driving over here keep saying right lane, right lane, right lane to yourself. Grand canyon is awesome, so is yellow stone, Mammoth Cave is fantastic( it may be a little much for the kids). If you drive from the west coast to the east coast with KIDS it will take about at least a full week if you drive only 400 to 500 miles a day ( that's non stop no sight seeing along the way). Every day. put your psychiatrist on speed dial you'll need them with the kids going stir crazy and taking you with them.

  22. David R says

    Hey guys, if you will be driving a van/bus while on your visit to the US, you might want to look over this list for north American rv'ers:

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