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  1. Lucia Braithwaite says

    Only way to deal with it –

  2. jdexposure says

    And THAT is how to stop crime. One, or two dirtbags at a time.

  3. Toddster2012 says

    typicaL night n baltimore isnt it Hahahaha

  4. Toddster2012 says

    moraL to the story is DONT take a subway at night time !! ride above n streetcars n the daytime

  5. Ba A says

    This scene was the beginning of the end of New York's horrible crime spree during those times. Thanks to this film, in real life Mr. Bernie Goetz shot four muggers in the subway in December of 1984. Thereafter hoodlums started to think twice before committing more crimes. The final result was the big drop in crime rate that NYC experienced since 1990. All this was pioneered by the original but fictional character of Charles Bronson.

  6. Bonnie Young says

    I love the way he took the trash out

  7. kawika dav says

    They wanted money and got lead instead.

  8. Kevin McClintock says

    65,700 liberals triggered by this scene.

  9. Lawrence Foster says

    white privilege.

  10. Steve Hillier says

    One way to deal with the Chav culture

  11. rusty nuts says

    the good old days when you could just feed lead to punks on the subway. the democrats would be giving mouth to mouth on the scumbags.

  12. Malcolm Abram says

    Glad they did not catch him at the end. He would have been the bad guy as he had the nerve to defend himself. Tut, tut.

  13. Dale's Drum Channel Zero says

    Fuck with the bull, get the horns.

  14. Gabriel G says

    does not make sense at all, those muggers weren't black

  15. Les Kirschner says

    Don't mess with Bronson.

  16. mybluebelly says


  17. Evan Bernard says

    lol love how people are like waaaaa shoot all criminals waaa blm would hateee this when most protests are about the deaths of UNARMED people

  18. Norberto Luciano says

    A vigilant to killer all the scammers from Africa and around the world just them .

  19. Sheep Dog says

    I love Charles Bronson.

  20. Die Aboneneten says

    Yo, an old real motherfucker.

  21. Scott Sound says


  22. John R says

    Whenever you are on the subway be careful when mugger music starts playing 0:52. That is how Paul Kersey knew muggers were around.

  23. WDRowlett says

    My Dad, a retired Dallas cop, used to say "don't take a knife to a gun fight." Idiots! They got off light. Dad would have blasted with them a Colt 45 ACP.

  24. Hugo Lindum says

    Give $1000 for every armed mugger shot dead (injured don’t count), and the problem would stop in a month. Also absolute exemption from prosecution.

  25. eric wsmith says

    He must have just watched Godfather, (Clemezia ) " don't take any chance 2 shots each in the head "

  26. Donald Russell says

    That was beautiful, bet they won't try it again

  27. Daniel Tremblay says

    un vrai de vrai Charles bronson

  28. GRILLBUOY101 says

    sweet oops they didnt think it through

  29. Brian Maus says

    They pulled out their knives in self defense

  30. Anne Corey says

    Good on you Charles thank you for sharing very good video love to watch your video thank,s

  31. Ranger 1776 says

    That's how you prevent crime. Someone tell the dumocrats.

  32. Grant Christensen says

    That first mugger (not Frank Zappa) really does a dramatic roundhouse when shot.  Little hammy.

  33. Patrick Mattice says

    The part where the man and woman get off the subway car, you know she's like "This ain't even our stop!", and her husband says "Move, bitch!"

  34. D aily S ales P itch says

    just thought about the Person of Interest paralell here (great for first 3 seasons) cool.

  35. cell pat says

    "Did anybody see what he looked like?"
    "- He looked like their worst nightmare."

  36. Party Favors says

    They died with with some “Tight as jeans on!” 😂 😂 😂

  37. Eike Weber says

    You are one dumb sonavabitch, bringin' a knife to a gunfight.

  38. Slick Rock says

    Couple of Trayvon Martins.

  39. Eric Lemos says

    Church of Whats Happening Now

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