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Child lead poisoning rates higher in Detroit & NYC than Flint


New data shows kids in Detroit and New York City have higher levels of lead in their blood than their counterparts in Flint, Michigan. Flint has seen major improvements in lead levels since their water crisis, but the issue in the US has not gone away.


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  1. Sherry Spectre says

    And the U.S. still spends ridiculous amounts of money on the military, but U.S. citizens, are being poisoned. Poison = corrupt government. Where is the msm on all of this? Crickets…

  2. Here_We_Go_Again2 says

    Old pipes, old paint …. Nothing new here ….
    Slumlords do not upgrade plumbing in their rental units.
    (Sometimes, they don't even do basic repairs)

  3. Sherry Spectre says

    And the Trump administration, keeps deregulating to make our planet worse. We have been destroying this earth since the dawn of the "industrial age ". We must STOP. Or the earth itself will take care of it. And it won't be pretty. How much proof does it take for people to wake the fuck up? Man has wiped out entire species from our earth. Slaughtered into extinction. There is no doubt, we are the problem.

  4. Henry Jackson says

    Fluoride leeches led, so I've been told, most of the US water supply is fluoridated.

  5. Henry Jackson says

    All these politicians do is pacify the masses.

  6. truthseekers says

    That explains why people are too stupid to move away from such a toxic piece of real estate, it's the water. Duh.

  7. Azzagard says

    It's most likely contaminated with around 50+ other items as well.

  8. cubement says

    Thanks for shining a light on this RT! Keep up the good work!

  9. truthseekers says

    My water is clean, pure, free, abundant with no additives.
    It comes from the sky, where they don't ever spray chem trails and the clouds cross 3000 miles of ocean to reach us.
    Should not have to BUY water, any more than air, on a planet that's surface is made up of mostly water. People are dumb.

  10. Insolent Toddler says

    It's all about money folks, no one is listening.

  11. Justin Norton says

    Funny how the U.S. wants RT to register as a foreign agent, yet none of the U.S. corporate media is reporting on it. And it's not just NY, it's all over the U.S. Over 3,000 places have been verified for lead higher then Flints.

  12. Michael Zimmermann says

    Good. Stupid Americunt slaves deserve no better. You have proven to serve the elite. You willingly fight their wars and die for them. Now you think you deserve clean water.
    You are either free and deserving or a slave and undeserving. You have chosen to be slaves to your elite masters so shut up and suffer.

  13. S B says

    We can't afford to give children clean water because we need 4 new $20b aircraft carriers. But protect the children though! Because their our future! No child left behind. Dying from lead poison, well some things can't be avoided right?

  14. jrfi orn says

    How's the Market going to fix this I wonder….

  15. apotheosis0111 says

    I just have an issue where he says Obama rushed in to Flint's rescue, because he certainly did not. He went to Flint when Political pressure got high, did a publicity stunt, then left taking MSM with him to report Flint was all better. Flint still does not have clean water & there are no signs it will be fixed any time soon

  16. EA says

    Most old citys have lead pipes. here in Canada, Winnipeg , Brandon, Quebec City, etc… all have VERY HIGH LEVELS of LEAD

  17. Yasha El says

    This is done because the SS agents in the system know that led remains in melanated people systems far longer and with more deviation to the body than it does in europeans! This is purposely done, and not an acceptable!

  18. tom conti says

    it's o.k., they will be tomorrow's americunt soldiers, brain dead cunts.

  19. victrola13 says

    Attempts to privatize government in Michigan has proven a disaster.

  20. bhu nji says

    They got all the money already budgeted for Israel. No money for people at home.

  21. Joe Biden says

    That's why your child has autism not the vaccine ooooooo….NOT!

  22. flofancy1 says

    I dunno be careful what you wish for you might get it and everything that goes with it. That does include every inconvenience that has to be dealt with like hours if not days where you can't have any use of any water. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation don't lie about it.

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