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Conor McGregor allegdly attacks bus filled with UFC fighters


Conor McGregor, the mixed martial arts fighter known for his antics, was charged after a video appeared to show him attacking a bus full of UFC fighters arriving for an upcoming event in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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  1. Blind Tiger says

    Aledgadly? It’s factual dummy

  2. Phillip Eiskalt says

    What happened before? Conor sure did that for a reason. Is this Khabib a Taliban member?

  3. chongvang12 says

    Did he win?

  4. R Sjr says

    Allegedly indeed.

  5. Voice of Reason says

    Definition of white privilege: NO COMMENTS on this video are racist or him being a thug or "didnu nuffin".. if it was a black UFC fighter doing this, like Jon Jones, I can only imagine how many "go back to africa" and n-word comments there would be. But this message won't resonate with you guys because you trump supporters can't even read.

  6. Wesley Avila Solis says

    Connor is the only ufc fighter to beat a bus

  7. James Bry says

    I knew it would come to this. now he can go commit suicide after all his money is gone.

  8. Dee Dish says

    Why the hell is he in hand cuffs? That's stupid!

  9. David Brill says

    A child in a man's body. Too bad that he never learned how to be a decent human being while learning all those martial arts. He will be remembered as a martial arts fool who had trouble controlling his juvenile impulses.

  10. Richard Binder says

    Roid raging. Funny to watch juiced up morons defend him on TV. But because he has money he won't serve jail time. If you really won't to punish him take away his visa and don't let him fight in the U.S.

  11. clarence elliott says

    hes a great fighter but after getting his butt kicked by that black boxers Hollyfield he is trying to prove himself . If they had turned on him he wouldnt ever fight again . Funny article ,punch crazy

  12. Good blessings says

    This b** ass scared to fight Khabib so he acts up so he gets suspended on purporse..

  13. Good blessings says

    Test he's ass for drugs .. he's on something ..


    Report this fucking Irish Houligan and send his ass back home- fucking criminal thug

  15. wicked liquid says

    Fox news get a fucking clue..this had nothing to do with him being stripped. Khabib and 10 of his team surrounded Conors loyal friend and training partner when he was by himself than threatened and smacked him on the back of the head. Then he had to switch hotels because he felt threatened..Conor touched down in NY and was told about the incident and came to fuck khabibs day up. I'm not saying he made the right move….b4 all the pussy boys attack me on here. He shouldn't have involved all these innocent fighters on the bus and fuck their fights/money up..but Conor puts his family and ppl he considers family before money ,fans , career ect. You can't lean on his man and put handa on him and expect nothing. I just wish Conor would have waited to fight him in the cage. Hopefully that will still happen.

  16. Jeff Demas says

    And when Brock comes back after Wrestlemania, he'll be the money draw.

  17. Jason Kenniston says

    This is like two weeks old in internet time.

  18. Russian love says

    Allegedly there's video

  19. الله اكبر says

    Wwe pussy

  20. richie2910 says

    He should be banned from fighting and deported to Ireland.

  21. Aimer Cab says

    I hate these bullshit clips that only have still shots, subtitles and cheesy music!
    Don't entice me with a Connor video and fail to deliver!!
    This is YouTube…video content is paramount…Duh!!!
    Stop wasting my Motha F***ing time!!

  22. The Dude says

    Unstable just like Trump

  23. Mz Missy says

    Wonder will he get the same amount of time as oj

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