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  1. vagisil4eva says

    Oooh, people that live in public housing! Who are they? What is this unique species? Let us observe them in their unique habitat!

    What, is this a wannabe PR piece for NYCHA? Is that what Coro is teaching these days? Seriously for a second or two this looks like it could be a spoof piece on Colbert or something.

  2. vagisil4eva says

    This video comes off as an almost ridiculous parody of what white people think of poor blacks that live in "the projects." I'm almost embarrassed for you for having made this video without incorporating any sensitivity for the cultural and socioeconomic issues that you bring up — "othering" blacks and the disenfranchised does not do much for creating an educational dialogue about race and class in the US.

  3. vagisil4eva says

    You don't account for how the viewer is going to respond to a cliched white girl from a fancy fellowship program going into these areas like and acting like a fucking safari guide. Go back and read some bell hooks or Cornell West before you approach this issue.

  4. KiloByte says

    Hah Cornell West, a true racist socialist. Why don't you just come out and blame it all on whitey, you know you want too.

  5. Shawnee Bey says

    Well fk The name speaks for itself. Housing PROJECT.

  6. Lisa Chandler says

    Public Housing has its benefits and its disadvantages. I can provide testimony to that. The overall system is flawed but has helped many over the years, including myself. However, everything needs paperwork and protocol. So much paper pushing going on and not enough caring and true concern for people.

  7. Mstellitlikeitis48TheTea says

    I live in NYCHA and I pay Electric, I have a separate con ed bill.

  8. ramona2400 ricky says

    Renovate and sell these apts as middle income condos for the working class. The city needs to sell these buildings some of which are in nice areas now. Sell these as co-ops or condos!!! Sell to WORKING people at affordable prices. Get the welfare trash out so hard working people can find a good place to live in NYC> Why would you live in the projects all your life, you can get out. These older resident's are stuck in a time warp it is so sad to see people that have lived here for over 50 years and more, they must of had no ambition to leave. So sad.

  9. Captcha Neon says

    Everyone who has their head up their ass and wants to throw out all Section 8 tenants and yet, those same people would be pissed if all of those people became homeless because then they would flood the streets. Leave these people alone and let them live their lives, taxes won't decrease just because one building evicts their tenants

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