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Cost of Living in Shanghai (you won’t even believe it)


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In this video I wanted to take you along with me to show you an average day in my life in Shanghai and tell you about the cost of living in this huge Chinese metropolis. Answering questions like:
Is living in China cheap?
Is Shanghai expensive?
What is the cost of rent in Shanghai?
bills? food? gym? transportation? and much more!

If you have any questions feel free to ask! 🙂

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  1. Weaze Huang says


  2. YONGQI LIU says

    I enjoy your video and also practice English listening by watching them.I can follow your and understand your video clearly. thank you! i hope i can learn more from you.

  3. 避免晚清陷井 says

    From nina's video,know that you are living in paris,it is so boring!!!!!!!

  4. Kimleng Koem says

    May I know that everythings in normal market like shoes, shirt are good quality as big mall?

  5. 沙鑫申 says

    Wow! 470 Yuan for a room is insanely cheap considering the area you’re living at!

  6. Phoenix River says

    You look like a native now)

  7. Grace Feng says

    Informative! Cool Thanks!

  8. Tone E says

    What school is it ?

  9. randomlifts says

    Informative but.

    For sake of the planet. Please make one showing the use of single use disposable plastic.
    Plastic water bottles
    Plastic coffee cups
    Plastic straws

    Long term impact on worldwide use of plastic for everything. Plus environmental cost of online ordering.

  10. Tekhelet75 says

    Most expensive cities in the world might be Tokyo, New York, London, Singapore, one of the Switzerland cities.
    Shanghai is not as expensive as those I mentioned. But within China, Shanghai is more expensive. It is a first tier city. For westerners to holiday in China is dirt cheap due to the foreign exchange (FX) rate. U.S dollars or EURO convert to Yuan, is very affordable for westerners. You must be a student to find life there very expensive? I always tell people, go to China for holiday and feast like a king. If you are American, your dollar will stretch a lot. The Americans holidaying in China book the club suites and whatnot, because of the FX rate. I tell Americans, if they’ve not been to China yet, better go now, before the U.S dollar devalues more in future. 🙂

  11. billco73 says

    prices had doubled

  12. FreeLunch ForChildren says

    Shanghai is So Beautiful . . . Love it there . . .

  13. qi zhan says

    我不会英语 but you are so beautiful!i love you

  14. Wudi1060 says


  15. Lu Gao says

    Shanghai is be the most expensive city in china …. electricity , transport , food , house renting, internet, medical care . none of them is cheap.

  16. Lu Gao says

    rmb 3500 /$470 is impossible for one downtown area.

  17. Kev Liu says

    Cheap in comparison to living in America ,especially going out to eat

  18. Yin Wang says

    你好 不错 加油

  19. S.Y L says

    Are you interested doing a vlog of coffee in shanghai? It doesn’t have to be comprehensive. Just those you grab along your way to classes would be very interesting.

  20. kai law says

    why all your videos were made in winter?

  21. 梁浩 says

    I will move to Shanghai next year and I hope i can visit you later.

  22. Judi珠珠 says

    omg I LOVE shanghai!! but I never knew it was that expensive 😬

  23. 孙元佶 says

    1600RMB? You sure? Wow, how may ACs you got?

  24. Daniel C says

    maybe try online shopping for imported goods next time, might be cheaper than supermarket, that s what many people do these days

  25. NihaoElliot says

    Hey Kaja I love your videos! I am moving to suzhou in a few months so it’s cool to see your perspectives on China. What equipment do you use to film and edit your videos? Have a great day

  26. 张权印 says

    就我的经验 大城市贵的只是住行 吃的跟穿的都差不多 当然港澳台地区会贵很多

  27. cainiaowu says

    Hi, Did you firm this like half a year ago? It is freaking hot right now.

  28. Ningjia Han says

    I took a business trip to Shanghai at the beginning of July. Really really love it!

  29. 上官云 says

    fuck china

  30. silent watcher says

    Very useful info.

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