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  1. MB Porter says

    NYC is a cesspool

  2. Akbarrel Yeshua says{e82c004c77b781166d3222daff6267efbd140a9086da24a1865bd3c57bbaceeb}28Wu-World-Radio{e82c004c77b781166d3222daff6267efbd140a9086da24a1865bd3c57bbaceeb}29-s133913

  3. Brian David says

    Black Women full of Demon's

  4. Bushy Ahm says

    Women has no repect for themselves that language though Men and women are suppose to be poltite and humble The prophets and Jesus never used that language we sould follow their teachings We are gong to be questioned by God how we lived and what we did in this cruel world and yes we need to keep our tounge clean and not to use that filthy languagePlease God help us women ,for women are getting out of control Women dress modest and be kids nd and polite See youselves how you look in the video shame on you all

  5. Daniel Smith says

    2:00 Why didn't he just throw the book at him

  6. Jason Atkins says

    I'm a PaleFace and I'll dropkick your load mouth…Dirty Skank…All Mouth

  7. Daniel Orozco says

    "Bloody f**king loco! Remember my name!" I'll write it down. 😂😂

  8. chekdis1 says

    I do recognize that name Bloody loco, it's bloody fucking stupid.

  9. Raven Soto says

    10:51 IM D E A D XD LMAO

  10. Garry King says

    just a couple of fat, educated black hood rats….

  11. Maverick says

    9:55 bitch she said BLACK friends, NOT n*gga friends😒

  12. Nicoletta Ciccone says

    I would not like to live in N.Y. city even if someone offers to pay my rent. 😨😨😨very scary place…too many witches.

  13. Allan Mcewan says

    Its times like this you need a shambock

  14. Rubino Pride says

    Niggers just want to spoil everything for everyone. plagues

  15. Marge onthat says

    mah niggers! (yer feel me!?)

  16. Frank Spencer says

    What a shithole

  17. Your safe space or mine? says

    Bloody loco…is the future of america guys….ain't you excited?!

  18. Eric Johnson says

    Gotta love NYC ❤️

  19. Bob Duncan says


  20. HATE says

    So much hate. I think im in love <3

  21. Christine M says

    That black girl on the train is very vulgar, talking about slapping him with her blood clot from her pu**y??? What kind of animal even thinks of something like that? Utter trash.

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