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  1. Carlos Castillo says

    They loud asf

  2. Halsted Willoughby says

    Next stop Willoughby…….

  3. Ihate GSW says


  4. Optimal Opinion says

    I felt sorry for old bitch until I realized she's a passive aggressive cunt who tried to have the last say with pepper spray.

  5. Nutty Potato says

    Now that was some real shit on 42nd street

  6. blamm981 says

    i always thought it'd be interesting to visit new york city but then again maybe not

  7. John Coenen says

    Retitled: People in serious need of meds!

  8. fhxs says

    It really isn't really worth it to attack that lady even if her old ass pulled out pepper spray. You just look dumb fighting someone w/ a walker lol

  9. InstaGlam says

    Hahaha this was super funny I can't

  10. soca randy says

    More mad people outside than inside

  11. sscrystal10 says

    The first coloured woman is very pretty!!

  12. BADD1ONE says

    Subways suck. Their the worst in big cities. Seems there's more schizophrenic people per square foot

  13. Nichze says

    This is a regular day in NYC

  14. hippoman982 says

    Get the mother fuck, you motha fucka

  15. Marsel Y says

    crasy lake funny

  16. Marsel Y says

    ah gila amt

  17. Maurice glasshouse says

    Fuckin white people gotta lovem

  18. Animallover 123456 says

    Now I know why I would never live in NYC and why I would never ride a subway!

  19. fukqyou asszhole says

    The last guy has every right to speak his mind, actually the Arabic guy was assaulting him.

  20. Daryl keam says

    Fucking pathetic clickbait

  21. Love to toke says

    Can someone please push annoying blonde lady into the train

  22. Rashad Lewis says

    Who are you mothafuker don't touch me mothetfuker

  23. T Moody says

    Looks like a good place to swing my Case XX knife.

  24. Maurice Peck says

    Worked their 37 years. It was like war every single day. Glad i am retired. Thank you G-D

  25. Jerry Chen says

    3:33 turn your captions on… "Alien hamburger baby"

  26. jonathan meyer says

    what i do if i rode the subway and someone was messing with other people i knock the sh*t out of them

  27. Xiaotong Li says

    The government should arrest these people and send them for treatment, if there is no cure, then they should remain in hospital

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